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Tuesday - November 11, 2014
As thoughtful as mobile phone makers are when they design their products, there are always punters who want something that isn't there and are willing to hack a device to get it. In the Android world such a hack is called "rooting" a phone; in the iOS world, it's called "jailbreaking." Regardless of what it's called, it can turn a phone into a can of worms for retailers. [More...]

Monday - November 10, 2014
Elon Musk may send a lot of small satellites into orbit to help bring a truly global Internet to fruition. Others -- notably Google and Facebook -- have their own ambitious plans for achieving worldwide connectivity. However, "Musk tends to get things done," noted tech analyst Rob Enderle, and the result could be "vastly better and more affordable worldwide communications." [More...]

Monday - November 10, 2014
Microsoft on Monday announced that it had begun rolling out its Xbox One November Systems Update, which will be its final major update for the console for 2014. The improvements will deliver new ways for owners to watch TV, personalize the game system, and interact with the Xbox Live gaming community, as well as provide new integration with Xbox One Store and Microsoft's SmartGlass platform. [More...]

Monday - November 10, 2014
Texting while driving is dangerous. We know that intuitively; we know it because the statistics say so; we know it because we have seen any number of public service announcements warning of its hazards. A whopping 98 percent of respondents in a recent survey of people who text at least once a day acknowledged the danger of texting while driving -- yet most admitted to doing it anyway. [More...]

Monday - November 10, 2014
I was at Dell World last week, and it is kind of amazing how far the company has come since it went private. Interestingly, much of the big tent content was less about Dell's technology and more about how technology was being used to change the world. This was kind of a scary event in some cases, because we are far from ready for some of the changes. [More...]

Saturday - November 8, 2014
OnBeep says its Onyx wearable is modeled after the Star Trek Communicator. Great -- it will go well with all my Starfleet uniforms. I wouldn't be likely to wear it with anything else. It's not simply visually ghastly -- it's functionally useless too. It's basically an awkward attempt to revive push-to-talk communications, particularly in the enterprise sector. [More...]

Friday - November 7, 2014
Betty Crocker might be horrified to see "food" squirting out of a machine in gooey tubes, but tastes are changing. Foodini is "certainly an interesting and exciting product," said tech attorney Bryan Vogel. "This is the first product I've seen that is capable of printing a wide range of food prints. It could spawn a whole host of food prints for professional kitchens and, eventually, the home." [More...]

Friday - November 7, 2014
Palo Alto Networks on Wednesday reported that more than 400 apps infected with a malicious program it calls "WireLurker" have been downloaded 356,104 times by Chinese Mac owners from Maiyadi, an online app store unaffiliated with Apple. The malware does no harm to the Macs it infects but when the computer connects via USB to an iOS device -- an iPhone or iPad -- it delivers its malicious payload. [More...]

Friday - November 7, 2014
No doubt about it, Apple's entry into a market sparks attention -- and even real buying activity -- for competing products like Google Wallet, ironically giving them a chance to thrive. Once everyone knows about a certain feature, the non-Apple users start wondering if their devices can do the same things that Apple devices can do. Is this jealousy? Or is it just a sudden awareness? [More...]

Thursday - November 6, 2014
"If you take all the health and fitness trackers out there, they do an awesome job of telling you about your past -- steps taken, calories burned, that sort of thing," said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas. "These are all important things, but very few do a good job of saying, 'based on what we know about you, here's what we prescribe for you to do.' Jawbone is one of those very few." [More...]

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