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Wednesday - August 13, 2014
The inventors of Apple's Siri personal assistant have launched an independent effort that could make their first offspring look kind of dumb. Billed as "the global brain," Viv aims to provide an intelligent interface to everything. "They are trying to abstract Siri's [natural-language processing] interface so you could apply it into other applications and domains," said Tempo AI CEO Raj Singh. [More...]

Tuesday - August 12, 2014
A grassroots group calling itself "I Am The Cavalry" has published an open letter to the automotive industry offering its services in ensuring security and safety. "Modern vehicles are computers on wheels and are increasingly connected and controlled by software and embedded devices," the letter reads. New technology "introduces new classes of accidents and adversaries," the group pointed out. [More...]

Tuesday - August 12, 2014
News that a Russian gang has stockpiled more than a billion purloined user name and password combinations has revved up the Internet's reputation as a post industrial Wild, Wild West. Just how much havoc will be raised by the gang remains to be seen. The data thieves so far appear content to use their ill-gotten trove for spamming, according to Hold Security, which discovered the credential cache. [More...]

Tuesday - August 12, 2014
Acer Chromebook 13
The overwhelming majority of Chromebooks use Intel processors, but Acer has chosen Nvidia's Tegra K1 chip instead. That "suggests that it sees an opportunity to broaden its portfolio -- touch that lower end of the notebook market and see where it can gain some advantages," said ABI Research analyst Jeffrey Orr. ABI predicts Chromebook sales of 3.3 million worldwide this year. [More...]

Monday - August 11, 2014
SETI got lucky when forest fires spared its Allen Array last week. Perhaps it will get lucky again in its hunt for alien life. The upcoming James Webb Space Telescope potentially could detect pollutants in the atmospheres of Earth-sized planets orbiting white dwarf stars. In this artist's conception, the atmosphere of an Earth-like planet displays a brownish haze of pollution. [More...]

Monday - August 11, 2014
Intel on Monday introduced its Broadwell processor platform to the world, and it is an impressive piece of technology. Stepping outside of its normal two-step process of first releasing the processor and then updating the platform, Intel is doing both this cycle, and the end result is a massive step forward in terms of size and power efficiency Intel is stepping solidly into ARM turf. [More...]

Monday - August 11, 2014
Current approaches to Java application protection place security at the application or the network layer, both of which are problematic. The first approach has proven to be too complex, too time consuming and too risky -- in other words, "too hot." Meanwhile, network level security that consists of perimeter devices lacks the intelligence to know what's going on inside the application. [More...]

Friday - August 8, 2014
IBM has announced the latest version of its neurosynaptic processor -- that is, a processor whose workings are inspired by the human brain. It has 5.4 billion transistors and an on-chip network of 4,096 neurosynaptic cores. IBM claims it is the first neurosynaptic chip to achieve 1 million programmable neurons, 256 million programmable synapses, and 46 billion synaptic operations per second. [More...]

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