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Wednesday - September 10, 2014
Hot on the heels of hackers stealing celebrities' nude photos from their iCloud accounts and posting them on the Web comes news that iCloud users are being targeted again. The Kelihos botnet is sending emails purporting to be from Apple, informing targets they have purchased a film through their iTunes account using a PC or other device not previously linked to their Apple ID. [More...]

Tuesday - September 9, 2014
Intel made some waves at its developer gathering in San Francisco on Tuesday in spite of all the focus-pulling from Cupertino. In addition to making its tiny Edison SoC commercially available, Intel announced its MICA bracelet (pictured above), a super-thin Dell tablet with advanced photography capabilities, and its Analytics for Wearables developer program. [More...]

Tuesday - September 9, 2014
Expectations were so high for Apple's Tuesday product launch that it would have been easy to forgive any shade of disappointment -- but Apple made sure that wouldn't be necessary. The company appears to have outdone itself, firing on all cylinders with impressive big phones, a mobile payment system ready for takeoff, and the Watch Apple fans have been salivating for. [More...]

Tuesday - September 9, 2014
HP may have slipped up in July, when a company exec suggested a Windows-based Chromebook challenger would be hitting the market this fall with a price tag under $200. The HP Stream 14 Laptop has plenty of ammunition to take on Chromebooks, but at $300, it's pricing is something of a letdown. It may be that HP has a smaller model on the way to occupy the under-$200 niche. [More...]

Monday - September 8, 2014
Worried about the NSA spying on you? How about online hackers? Truth be told, the greatest threat to your confidential information is a lot closer to you -- namely, your partner. That's what a recent survey of more than 13,000 people in the United States revealed. Avast last week reported its findings. Among them: The majority of women snoop on their men's phones just because they're curious. [More...]

Monday - September 8, 2014
The giant TiVo Mega DVR with its great big price tag is likely to appeal to an extremely tiny market. "The average person watches 160 hours of TV a month," said TDG analyst Joel Espelien. "You do the math. Five thousand hours doesn't make a lot of sense. We already have a service for people who want thousands of hours of content available on demand. It's called 'Netflix.'" [More...]

Monday - September 8, 2014
"Celebrities are stupid" seems to be the message Apple delivered last week as it attempted to recover from the release of an impressive number of nude pictures of celebrities on the Web. Fans of BlackBerry, which used to be the preferred platform for celebrities, had a field day over this. Apple has the most loyal customer base, but without Jobs, it seems clear it has no clue how to protect it. [More...]

Friday - September 5, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
When a flagship Samsung smartphone catches the eye of a sworn iPhone guy like me, you know it must have something going for it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (pictured here) and its quirky Galaxy Note Edge sibling got me to sit up a little straighter. They're faster, smoother, cleaner, sturdier, and around 20 other positive adjectives meaning better than the Note 3. Not that I'm going to switch. [More...]

Friday - September 5, 2014
Apple CEO Tim Cook has attempted to dampen the media firestorm over the hacking of celebrities' iCloud accounts, which resulted in the theft and publication online of private nude photos. However, the measures the company plans to take to strengthen iCloud security are tepid, and Cook seemed to reinforce the company's earlier implication that the violated users were themselves to blame. [More...]

Friday - September 5, 2014
It's not telepathy, but an innovative method of communication from one brain to another may be the next best thing. "This experiment may be seen as a first step in the direction of developing technologies capable of eventually revolutionizing human communication, enabling deeper, richer, faster inter-human and human-machine communication," said study coauthor Giulio Ruffini. [More...]

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