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Friday - November 7, 2014
No doubt about it, Apple's entry into a market sparks attention -- and even real buying activity -- for competing products like Google Wallet, ironically giving them a chance to thrive. Once everyone knows about a certain feature, the non-Apple users start wondering if their devices can do the same things that Apple devices can do. Is this jealousy? Or is it just a sudden awareness? [More...]

Thursday - November 6, 2014
"If you take all the health and fitness trackers out there, they do an awesome job of telling you about your past -- steps taken, calories burned, that sort of thing," said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas. "These are all important things, but very few do a good job of saying, 'based on what we know about you, here's what we prescribe for you to do.' Jawbone is one of those very few." [More...]

Thursday - November 6, 2014
Russian cyberspies -- unlike their Chinese counterparts -- have a reputation for stealth, so it's unusual when two digital espionage operations linked to the Kremlin come to light in a week. FireEye early last week released a report detailing how hackers working for the Russian government have been using sophisticated techniques over a seven-year period to penetrate computer systems. [More...]

Wednesday - November 5, 2014
American voters don't mind being manipulated as long as it's the good old in-your-face bias certain media outlets peddle. Nor do they mind corporations' obscene expenditures on political ads designed to sway their opinions. However, Facebook's behind-the-scenes string-pulling does get their collective goat, suggested tech analyst Rob Enderle. "It's the secrecy that annoys people." [More...]

Wednesday - November 5, 2014
Facebook recently announced that it was providing access directly over the Tor network. Its purpose was to let users access Facebook without losing the cryptographic protections provided by the Tor cloud. Facebook is providing an SSL certificate which cites its onion address. It will add onion address support for its mobile site later. The Tor link will work only in Tor-enabled browsers. [More...]

Tuesday - November 4, 2014
The PC market has been lagging, but super-powered niche gaming machines have held their own, despite relatively steep price tags. HP debuted the Omen to take advantage of that market opportunity. It's a balance between hitting a gaming performance that people will expect, a form factor that is attractive and works, and ... a price point that won't turn gamers away," said IHS analyst Craig Stice. [More...]

Tuesday - November 4, 2014
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo
With the investigation of the SpaceShipTwo disaster under way, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson has promised that the company will resolve the problem, if possible, and ensure that the dream of commercial space travel lives on. That conditional statement has triggered speculation that Branson perhaps might have to abandon the project, into which he has sunk about half a billion dollars. [More...]

Tuesday - November 4, 2014
Rumors of a larger-screen iPad 'Pro' have been floating around since early this year. Most have suggested variations on a supposed 12.9-inch screen size. As soon as they rise, though, they're buried by another news wave. The latest to surface is a report in a Japanese tech blog. The upcoming iPad Pro reportedly will have a 12.2-inch screen and not the more widely rumored 12.9-inch screen. [More...]

Monday - November 3, 2014
It appears the video game industry has found a way to get some fans to pay double for the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare release. First they get to buy the game itself, but if they want all its bells and whistles, they'll need to pay another $50 for Season Pass. Some gamers were ready to revolt when they thought the Zombies mode would require a pass, but that turned out to be false. [More...]

Monday - November 3, 2014
Google is working on a new way to explore whether an individual is vulnerable to a particular disease before it strikes -- and it could be about as simple as swallowing a nanoparticle-coated pill. Such a pill could lead to the discovery and development of therapies for a variety of illnesses and conditions, said Senior Scientific exec Edward Flynn. "The medical implications are enormous." [More...]

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