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Spam Still Packs a Punch
Wednesday - October 15, 2014
The days of in-boxes flooded with spam messages on an assortment of sordid subjects are a faint memory to most email users, but what spam has lost in volume it's gained in power. More than two-thirds of some 200 IT decision makers in companies with five to 1,000 employees said a spam incident in the last year had severely disrupted their business operations -- or halted them entirely. [More...]

Tuesday - October 14, 2014
If you want to give a lot of people access to your home without handing out a lot of keys, then a system like the August Smart Lock could be helpful. For ordinary, everyday use, though, the advantages are less clear. "I view it as an expensive toy," said tech analyst Jim McGregor. The only benefit is "the convenience of being able to open the deadbolt with your cellphone rather than a key." [More...]

Tuesday - October 14, 2014
Lenovo last week announced five new models in its Yoga product line, some running Windows and the others Android. Three are tablets -- the Tablet 2 Pro and the Tablet 2 running Android, and the Tablet 2 running Windows. The others are the Yoga 3 Pro and the Thinkpad Yoga 14 laptops. The Tablet 2 comes in 8- and 10-inch models, running Android or Windows. The Tablet 2 Pro runs Android. [More...]

Tuesday - October 14, 2014
Samsung on Sunday announced that it has resolved issues hindering the commercialization of 802.11ad standard 60-GHz WiFi technology. The company's solution maintains maximum speed by eliminating co-channel interference regardless of the number of devices on the network, using what it claims is the world's first method that allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously to a network. [More...]

Monday - October 13, 2014
If you're looking for an extravaganza on the scale of last month's new iPhone unveiling, chances are you won't find it at Apple's "Way Too Long" event to be held Thursday at its Cupertino headquarters. "This will be a very low-key event," said Gartner analyst Van L. Baker. The consensus is that Apple will be refreshing its tablet and PC lines, and releasing the prime-time version of OS X Yosemite. [More...]

Monday - October 13, 2014
DARPA is developing a fast, nimble vehicle loaded with high-tech capabilities, suggesting the U.S. military is moving away from heavily armored ground vehicles like Humvees. One of the problems is that Humvees don't really offer effective protection against IEDs, noted tech analyst Jim McGregor. The GXV-T program will use revolutionary technologies to provide a layered approach to protection. [More...]

Monday - October 13, 2014
IBM is massively increasing its commitment to Watson, which was evident at last week's IBM Think Forum. IBM recognizes that if it can get a product that thinks first, then it can again take absolute control over the technology market, and every other company will be chasing it again. It is making some impressive headway, and the firm that succeeds at this will change the world. [More...]

Friday - October 10, 2014
Elon Musk ended the suspense over his hint that Tesla would soon be introducing the "D." It's not a completely self-driving car, as some had expected. It's actually three new versions of the Model S. The "D" stands for "dual," as in two motors. The new model sports all-wheel-drive, some autopilot capabilities, faster acceleration, greater range and higher top speeds. [More...]

Friday - October 10, 2014
The least-goofy gadget I've been ogling this week is the Pronto Fast-Charge Battery. It might be a bit of overkill, with nine charges, but hey -- if you've got a smartphone that's more than 6 months old and you actually enjoy using it, the extra juice could come in handy. Of my goofier choices, the Romocart looks like the most fun and the Minipresso the most useful. The RE (pictured above) is the most redundant. [More...]

Friday - October 10, 2014
Unless you're Samsung or Apple, gaining visibility in the smartphone market is becoming an increasingly onerous task, but HTC this week appeared up to the challenge. Its Desire Eye has a 13-megapixel front-facing camera for high-quality selfies. When you're not gazing into a lens to snap your own mug, you can shoot stills and videos without looking at the camera at all, with HTC's new RE. [More...]

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