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Tuesday - November 4, 2014
Rumors of a larger-screen iPad 'Pro' have been floating around since early this year. Most have suggested variations on a supposed 12.9-inch screen size. As soon as they rise, though, they're buried by another news wave. The latest to surface is a report in a Japanese tech blog. The upcoming iPad Pro reportedly will have a 12.2-inch screen and not the more widely rumored 12.9-inch screen. [More...]

Monday - November 3, 2014
It appears the video game industry has found a way to get some fans to pay double for the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare release. First they get to buy the game itself, but if they want all its bells and whistles, they'll need to pay another $50 for Season Pass. Some gamers were ready to revolt when they thought the Zombies mode would require a pass, but that turned out to be false. [More...]

Monday - November 3, 2014
Google is working on a new way to explore whether an individual is vulnerable to a particular disease before it strikes -- and it could be about as simple as swallowing a nanoparticle-coated pill. Such a pill could lead to the discovery and development of therapies for a variety of illnesses and conditions, said Senior Scientific exec Edward Flynn. "The medical implications are enormous." [More...]

Monday - November 3, 2014
When CEOs' personal lives come into focus, it's often because they are doing something wrong -- like insider trading or having a company-paid mistress. However, CEOs occasionally make news for doing something right -- like stepping up to fight cancer or injustice, or getting clean water and medicine to developing countries. By promoting greater tolerance, Tim Cook is doing something positive. [More...]

Friday - October 31, 2014
Microsoft's Kinect is the latest tool to aid paranormal investigators' efforts to observe and engage with ghosts. All that can be said with some degree of certainty is that something strange may appear on the screen while a Kinect is in use -- something not physically present. Ghost hunters want to believe it's a spiritual entity. Skeptics can't explain it -- but they're sure it's a lot of hooey. [More...]

Friday - October 31, 2014
Fitbit's devices are essentially useless to anyone who doesn't mind carting a new iPhone 6 around. For everyone else, there's an Apple smartwatch on the horizon and plenty of others on the market. That said, I suspect I'd be far more likely to wear a Fitbit than an Apple Watch. They look fine, but not terribly exciting. That'll be a problem for Fitbit in the months ahead. [More...]

Thursday - October 30, 2014
Fitness bands are coming out of the woodwork, but Microsoft's entry into this crowded market may have an edge. The Microsoft Band -- part fitness monitor, part smartwatch -- is cross-platform. "The big weakness we have in healthcare is integrating data into hospital systems," said Frost & Sullivan's Greg Caressi. Bringing all the information into one platform is a big deal. [More...]

Thursday - October 30, 2014
Apple Pay and CurrentC will help train consumers to pay with their smartphones. That seems convenient. If I can reduce the size of my wallet, I'm all for that. The problem is, Apple and other merchants want our iPhones and smartphones to communicate with them -- to recognize who we are when we come near. Remember Apple's iBeacon? The premise is to help guide you -- but there's a dark side. [More...]

Wednesday - October 29, 2014
HP wants to ease computer users out of their flat two-dimensional digital world through a new product ecosystem dubbed "Blended Reality." The central idea seems to be to empower people to interact with images in ways that aren't so reliant on keyboard and mouse clicks, while bringing more dimensionality into the experience. The upshot could be more interesting products created by small shops. [More...]

Wednesday - October 29, 2014
Most people, most of the time, are near electrical outlets on reliable energy grids. For these people, Ampy is more about motivation than convenience. If you're aware of your motion and can associate exercise or movement with a positive benefit, you might be more likely to bike to work or go for a run. For backpackers, hikers, or people who live off the grid, Ampy shows promise. [More...]

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