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Monday - September 8, 2014
The giant TiVo Mega DVR with its great big price tag is likely to appeal to an extremely tiny market. "The average person watches 160 hours of TV a month," said TDG analyst Joel Espelien. "You do the math. Five thousand hours doesn't make a lot of sense. We already have a service for people who want thousands of hours of content available on demand. It's called 'Netflix.'" [More...]

Monday - September 8, 2014
"Celebrities are stupid" seems to be the message Apple delivered last week as it attempted to recover from the release of an impressive number of nude pictures of celebrities on the Web. Fans of BlackBerry, which used to be the preferred platform for celebrities, had a field day over this. Apple has the most loyal customer base, but without Jobs, it seems clear it has no clue how to protect it. [More...]

Friday - September 5, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
When a flagship Samsung smartphone catches the eye of a sworn iPhone guy like me, you know it must have something going for it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (pictured here) and its quirky Galaxy Note Edge sibling got me to sit up a little straighter. They're faster, smoother, cleaner, sturdier, and around 20 other positive adjectives meaning better than the Note 3. Not that I'm going to switch. [More...]

Friday - September 5, 2014
Apple CEO Tim Cook has attempted to dampen the media firestorm over the hacking of celebrities' iCloud accounts, which resulted in the theft and publication online of private nude photos. However, the measures the company plans to take to strengthen iCloud security are tepid, and Cook seemed to reinforce the company's earlier implication that the violated users were themselves to blame. [More...]

Friday - September 5, 2014
It's not telepathy, but an innovative method of communication from one brain to another may be the next best thing. "This experiment may be seen as a first step in the direction of developing technologies capable of eventually revolutionizing human communication, enabling deeper, richer, faster inter-human and human-machine communication," said study coauthor Giulio Ruffini. [More...]

Friday - September 5, 2014
Google this week announced a hardware initiative to design and build new quantum information processors based on superconducting electronics. The effort is related to the launch last year of its Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab. Physicist John Martinis, winner of the 2014 Fritz London Memorial Prize, leads a group of UCSB scientists who will collaborate with the Google team. [More...]

Thursday - September 4, 2014
Microsoft just introduced three new Lumia phones but it's bungling their marketing, according to tech analyst Ramon Llamas. The Lumia 830, positioned as a mid-range flagship, looks more like a high-end phone, he said, while the Nokia 730 and 735, which Microsoft is touting as ideal for selfies, have much more interesting features than their cameras -- such as Nokia's Here map service and music. [More...]

Thursday - September 4, 2014
Pharmaceutical giant AbbVie on Wednesday announced it was teaming up with Google-funded Calico, the life sciences initiative aimed at helping patients deal with diseases and other negative effects associated with aging. Under the terms of the partnership, both AbbVie and Calico will invest up to $250 million in the project, with the possibility of another $500 million each. [More...]

Thursday - September 4, 2014
The entire freaking tech industry is falling down on the job, and Apple, my favorite company in the world, is stumbling around too. What's worse is that it doesn't seem to care. Apple is the most profitable consumer tech company in the world, with billions of dollars in the bank. Yet the company can't seem to be bothered to imagine how easily iCloud user accounts could be compromised. [More...]

Wednesday - September 3, 2014
Samsung is not just getting into gaming -- it's getting into mobile virtual reality gaming, Oculus Rift style. "This transformation of VR into a new platform is exactly what Facebook was looking for when it acquired Oculus earlier this year," said tech analyst Eric Smith. The Oculus Rift is still in beta, so when the Gear VR comes out later this year, there's bound to be some salivating. [More...]

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