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Tuesday - August 26, 2014
The United States National Security Agency secretly shares the communications data it has amassed over the years with nearly 24 U.S. government agencies using a search engine resembling Google Search, according to documents released by Edward Snowden. That's more than 850 billion records of phone calls, emails, cellphone locations and Internet chats. [More...]

Monday - August 25, 2014
Sony's PlayStation and Sony Entertainment networks were taken down over the weekend by a distributed denial of service attack. The hackers, who call themselves the "Lizard Squad," also forced authorities to divert a plane Sony Entertainment president was on by tweeting that there might be a bomb on board. A hacker with the handle "FamedGod" later claimed responsibility for the DDoS attack. [More...]

Monday - August 25, 2014
The days of gathering on front porch stoops to chat may be long gone, but the Internet is making it easy to reawaken the neighborhood spirit. Nextdoor is a social network for people who live in a defined area to communicate with one another about just about anything. It's even helping neighbors get to know each other face-to-face. Here's to borrowing cups of sugar again. [More...]

Monday - August 25, 2014
We were treated to the customer support call from hell earlier this month when a couple of well-connected bloggers taped their call to Comcast attempting to disconnect from the service and posted it online. Apparently there has been a sequel. The clear lesson -- particularly from the second call -- is that if you talk to Comcast support you need to record the call if you don't want to get screwed. [More...]

Friday - August 22, 2014
Although airport security body scanners leave little to the imagination of the TSA employees who view passengers passing through, they may be blind to artfully concealed weapons. A team of researchers from three universities were able to hide knives, guns, explosives and more from a body scanner TSA used for four years before phasing it out. The scientists bought it on eBay. [More...]

Friday - August 22, 2014
Apple may be forced to postpone the launch of the hotly anticipated "iWatch" or health band, perhaps pushing it back to 2015. It apparently is facing wide-ranging production issues involving components, system design, manufacturing, and integration between hardware and software. Holy macaroni. Of course, it should be noted that Apple has never said that it would deliver anything of the sort. [More...]

Thursday - August 21, 2014
Without the physical Barnes & Noble stores, Nook Media doesn't have a shot -- it all comes back to other bigger and better players in the space. Instead of being an anchor stuck in the mud to the Barnes & Noble boat, the new Nook has the potential to become a paddle to build a richer everywhere experience -- but it seems as if Barnes & Noble is getting ready to toss the paddle overboard, too. [More...]

Thursday - August 21, 2014
In a move influenced by Edward Snowden's revelations about the NSA's email snooping, Yahoo and Google last week announced that they were cooperating on end-to-end encrypting their webmail products. While the open source approach has proven its value over and over again, the idea of opening up the code for security features to anyone with eyeballs still creates anxiety in some circles. [More...]

Thursday - August 21, 2014
Blink home monitor
As if recording motion-triggered HD video weren't enough, Blink also will sense the temperature in your home and send you alerts if you want them. It uses an LED illuminator with low-light video capture capabilities to ensure that you can see what's happening day or night. Plus, there's a built-in microphone so you can hear what's happening. Priced at just $69, Blink is a no-brainer. [More...]

Wednesday - August 20, 2014
Barnes & Noble can't go it alone against Amazon, so it's getting a little help from its friends. Whether it will be enough for the company to get by is another story. Teaming up with Samsung "brings Barnes & Noble the brand equity Samsung has built up, and gives it a lot more credibility on the hardware side," said Gartner analyst Brian Blau, "and it probably saves B&N a lot of money." [More...]

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