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Tuesday - November 18, 2014
The Republican Party and at least two outside political-spending groups reportedly used anonymous Twitter accounts to share internal polling data in the months leading up to this year's midterm elections. One of the accounts was named after the fictional West Wing character Bruno Gianelli, who attempted to fund campaigns with possibly unethical cash. [More...]

Tuesday - November 18, 2014
The next time you see a Cessna plane in the sky over your neighborhood, you should know that it might be spying on you. "The issue at hand is that the DoJ is collecting data in bulk without warrants, and without the reasonable suspicion that the people whose data they are collecting have engaged in any criminal activity," said FreedomWorks spokesperson Jackie Bodnar. [More...]

Monday - November 17, 2014
The sticker price will be hefty, refueling stations will be sparse, and the jury is out as to how much it might help the environment, but Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell auto, Mirai, is the wave of the future, the company said. In fact, "Mirai" means "future" in Japanese. "It is another attempt by Toyota to weave a blanket to cover alternatives to fossil fuels," said's Justin Cupler. [More...]

Monday - November 17, 2014
There was an announcement last week that I think is far bigger than folks realize: Nvidia announced a free Netflix-like streaming gaming service for its Shield products. I think this is a precursor to an event that is similar to what cable did to TVs years ago, and that it will change not only how we use these devices, but also what we use them for. [More...]

Saturday - November 15, 2014
It's disconcerting to think there'd be a piece of machinery in my home connected to the cloud and listening to everything. Amazon's Echo is a novelty, and I don't see it replacing a smartphone or tablet as the go-to provider of information and entertainment. Yet I fear it's a harbinger of near-term lifestyle changes as people simply open their doors and invite the NSA even deeper into their homes. [More...]

Friday - November 14, 2014
Microsoft wants to remove as many barriers as possible to using Skype by making it available online -- no software download required. That could be attractive to employees who don't have the freedom to download applications on their work computers, or to people using computers in Internet cafes or hotels. However, it doesn't do anything for mobile device users, noted tech analyst Jim McGregor. [More...]

Friday - November 14, 2014
Remember the opening scene in Star Wars? The Imperial Star Destroyer's sheer size was enough to take the audience's breath away. That appears to be the effect Google's Nexus 6 is having on reviewers. The consensus is that it's a great phone -- but it's so... big. "Using the Nexus 6 is absolutely awkward until, strangely, it's not," wrote reviewer Dieter Bohn for The Verge. [More...]

Friday - November 14, 2014
A sense of privacy is connected to a sense of freedom, which is connected to the American spirit. If you mess with privacy, you start messing with a fundamental element of American spirit. The argument, "If you have nothing to hide, why do you care if anyone looks and watches?" doesn't hold up. Most of us sort of know that an erosion of privacy also eats away at the Americans we are inside. [More...]

Thursday - November 13, 2014
NVIDIA Tablet SHIELD Controller
Nvidia's long-anticipated Grid streaming gaming service will be available to Shield device users in North America for free, starting Nov. 18. After seven months, it likely will become a fee-based service. It's almost like an extended beta period, said IDC analyst Lewis Ward. "Let's deliver a solid experience for those who already own it, and let's give some incentive for others to buy one." [More...]

Thursday - November 13, 2014
Despite the publicity about Edward Snowden's controversial leaks, only 43 percent of 607 English-speaking adults surveyed in January had heard a lot about government surveillance efforts, and another 44 percent had heard a little, according to the Pew Research Internet Project. However, 80 percent of the respondents registered concern about government surveillance of communications. [More...]

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