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Monday - August 4, 2014
There are a lot of things going on at the moment. Israel is tactically defending itself against Hamas -- winning the battles but losing the war, because the Israeli government can't see the big picture. The U.S. is still blaming Snowden for leaks, even though Russia clearly is able to pull damaging information pretty much anytime it wants without Snowden's help. [More...]

Friday - August 1, 2014
News that two Carnegie-Mellon CERT researchers have developed an inexpensive way to breach the Tor network has the project, privacy advocates, and probably criminals who use the network equally concerned. The Tor Project posted has advised relays to upgrade to Tor 0.2.r.23e or to close the protocol vulnerability used by the researchers. [More...]

Friday - August 1, 2014
USB flash drives could be at risk of a pernicious attack on their firmware. Over the past two decades, USB devices, aka "thumb drives," have proliferated all over the world, because USB has proven to be a versatile standard. That versatility, though, also makes USB devices vulnerable to what could be a very nasty firmware attack, noted Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell of Secure Research Labs. [More...]

Friday - August 1, 2014
I try hard to ignore the really dumb things people say when they talk out their backsides about tech, and I personally know how hard it is to come up with excellent tech focused opinions -- as opposed to rehashing the day's latest news with an ironic or humorous spin. And here's the "but"... I was absolutely floored by John C. Dvorak's iTime post. [More...]

Thursday - July 31, 2014
Russia wants Apple and SAP to turn over their source code in yet another instance of fallout resulting from leaks about NSA surveillance activities. The suggestion reportedly came last week, when Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov met with executives of the two companies: Peter Nielsen, Apple's general manager in Russia; and Vyacheslav Orekhov, SAP's managing director in Russia. [More...]

Thursday - July 31, 2014
LittleBits "takes the electronics components kits of the past to a new level," said tech analyst Jim McGregor. "With everything integrated into silicon components, no one needs transistors or diodes; they need the critical system-level components. [LittleBits] puts these right into your hands with a cool form factor similar to what most of us are accustomed to." [More...]

Thursday - July 31, 2014
Nokia Lumia 635 Cortana
Cortana may be late to the personal digital assistant party, but she could cause some heads to turn. Based on a popular character in Halo, Cortana already has a fan base. For those who are just meeting her, it could be love at first sight. Cortana seems a bit more personable than Siri, and Microsoft insists she's way more capable. She even has a Chinese alter ego, nicknamed "Xiao Na." [More...]

Wednesday - July 30, 2014
Old tricks that have helped hackers penetrate computers for months or longer worked again last week at Goodwill and Stubhub. Taking a page from the gang that pillaged payment card and personal information from Target last year, hackers clipped payment card information from an undisclosed number of Goodwill Industries International customers. It's believed point-of-sale systems were compromised. [More...]

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