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Apple vs. Lenovo: Lenovo's Coming-Out Party

If Apple falls -- and this outcome is anything but certain -- then Lenovo has the greatest likelihood of emerging as the leader in most of the worldwide markets where Apple currently leads. If Apple holds, there is no vendor that currently is structured to take its unique premium place in the market. These firms aren't mutually exclusive, though. Both can win or lose, irrespective of the other.
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Spy Agencies Planned to Corrupt Google Play

The United States and its leading Western allies, known as the "Five Eyes," reportedly planned to hack into smartphones through their links to Google and Samsung's app stores. They wanted to infect apps with spyware and find ways to send misinformation to targets, according to documents released to the media by National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden.
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No - Employers have no business prying into candidates' personal online posts.
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