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Re: Internet2 Becomes File-Sharing Target
Posted by: Jay Lyman 2005-04-13 14:26:20
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It is designed to increase network speed, bandwidth, and the ability to share vast amounts of data quickly and easily, but according to copyright owners, the next-generation Internet known as Internet2 has also been facilitating illegal, unlicensed trading of copyrighted music and movie files. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) alleges the widespread downloading of pirated music and movies via the medium and is filing 405 lawsuits against students at 18 different U.S. colleges.

Re: Internet2 Becomes File-Sharing Target
Posted by: farmerbob 2005-04-16 14:29:52 In reply to: Jay Lyman
Greed, greed, greed, greed! I want my share!
Well the Internet2 has to make it's way here first. Then we have to stop this ADLS BS and go back to real SDSL 10MBps (minimum) connections at least to make this all work. But since every one wants their part, it'll be a long time before this happens.
China who has more people with DSL than the US is leaps and bounds ahead and all we can do is dream and the RIAA (cry) demand.
Get over yourselves kids. Technology will prevail over your greed. I know these guys they're scary. I've heard them talk, I've seen them work. Kinda like sons of Bush.
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