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Rob Enderle
Apple and Oracle - Are We Suckers or What?
09/29/14 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1614 Words

Yet with Apple, which had nearly gone under when Jobs wasn't running the company, the identical thing happened, and most didn't even seem to notice the change -- and that was after we saw something almost identical go very badly at Microsoft. ...

Peter Suciu
Minecraft May Help Microsoft Build Its Mobile Strategy
09/15/14 11:23 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 854 Words

Although it's subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory review, the deal is expected to be finalized by the end of this year. Microsoft will pay US$2.5 billion for Mojang and gain full control of the iconic Minecraft franchise. Most of the Mojang...

Katherine Noyes
Microsoft's New Mobile Keyboard Swings 3 OS Ways
09/16/14 2:55 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 643 Words

... on Tuesday unveiled a new, cross-platform mobile keyboard that's designed to work not just with Windows devices but also with those running Android and iOS. "People frequently find they have a mixture of operating system platforms, resulting in them having to carry different accessories for each device," explained Microsoft ...

Erika Morphy
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Tears Down Sales, Marketing Walls
09/16/14 11:28 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 509 Words

... on Tuesday unveiled Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, along with updates to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. All will be generally available in the fourth quarter of this year. This release will focus on knitting together the sales and marketing...

Richard Adhikari
Microsoft Shines Spotlight on a Trio of New Lumias
09/04/14 2:13 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 635 Words

The Lumia 830 comes preloaded with Notification Center, Live Tiles, Microsoft Office, Cortana, 15 GB of storage space on Microsoft OneDrive, and the Lumia Denim update. Denim brings Live Folders, Apps Corner, an updated Glance screen, and more-secure networking to Windows 8.1...

Rob Enderle
Rise of the Smartwatch
09/15/14 6:57 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1250 Words

Apple: Validating Trends Others Started
One of the interesting things about watching Microsoft and Apple compete is that it isn't innovation that drives success but execution. In the 1980s, Apple out-innovated Microsoft, but Microsoft massively out-executed Apple and wiped the...

Katherine Noyes
HP's 'Chromebook Killer' Delivers a Jolt of Sticker Shock
09/09/14 7:16 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 733 Words

It comes with 100 GB of space on Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service for two years, included at no additional cost for a limited time.

The Stream is slated to ship on Sept. 24.

A $100 Jump

Peter Suciu
BlackBerry's Chen Touts Passport's Square Deal
09/23/14 12:31 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 734 Words

The Passport may not be a reaction to those devices, but it could be a way to fend off another rival -- namely, Microsoft.

"Today it is tempting to write about Apple as BlackBerry's rival, but Apple isn't competing in the...

Richard Adhikari
Botnet Twists the Knife in iCloud Security
09/10/14 7:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 611 Words

"Kelihos" is the name of a botnet discovered in 2010 and given that name by Microsoft. Kaspersky called it "Hlux."

Waledac first was reported in 2008 by Eset.

In April 2009, Eset reported the emergence of Win32/Conficker. Infected PCs...

Katherine Noyes
Dropbox Pro Pricing Takes a Nosedive
09/02/14 10:36 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 607 Words

There's no doubt the company is facing growing competition in the cloud-storage arena, however, from players including the likes of Google , Amazon, Apple, Box and Microsoft.

Price cuts have become a frequent occurrence across the board. Earlier this year,...

Katherine Noyes
Pants on Fire, Schmidt Tells Climate Change Denier ALEC
09/23/14 3:29 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 598 Words

Microsoft dropped its membership in the organization last month, citing conflicts with its corporate values .

'I Challenge Anyone'
At the heart of Google's decision is "an ongoing pressure campaign from organizations critical of ALEC," Meierling asserted. Yet "I...

John K. Higgins
DoD and Tech Firms Face Daunting Health-IT Challenge
09/22/14 5:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 1080 Words

Abstracts should be sent to and submitted in Microsoft Word or a compatible format. Selected submitters will be chosen, based upon the extended abstracts submitted, to give a presentation at the...

Jack M. Germain
Opera Sings for Linux Users, With Just a Few Sour Notes
09/18/14 7:05 PM PT | LinuxInsider | 1273 Words

Misdirected Add-Ons The Opera extensions are cataloged on an apps page built around colorful tiles, much like Microsoft's Windows Store. Unlike both Windows and Firefox, though, the extensions listings in Opera are mostly artsy rather than very informative.

The Opera extensions...

Richard Adhikari
Amazon Gets All Fired Up
09/18/14 4:11 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 766 Words

The Fire HDX 8.9 comes preloaded with WPS Office, which lets users create, edit and view Microsoft Office documents. It's fully compatible with Office and integrates with Amazon's Cloud Drive.

Taking on iOS and Android?
It might seem Amazon...

Erika Morphy
FCC Chews on the Mobile Net Neutrality Question
09/17/14 1:37 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 709 Words

"Companies like Microsoft and Google and others all note that it is a 'mobile first,' world where most Americans these days most frequently access the Internet via a mobile device and not the desktop. In fact, everyone in Silicon Valley is developing...

Peter Suciu
Destiny Teams Race to Vault of Glass Finish Line
09/16/14 9:40 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 846 Words

The game could be the first true killer app for Sony's PlayStation 4, as well as for Microsoft's Xbox One. It offers high definition graphics, real-time dynamic lighting and a "matching" feature for multiplayer adventures.

"It is a beautiful game...

Katherine Noyes
Is It Time to Cleave Linux in Two?
09/15/14 2:58 PM PT | LinuxInsider | 1147 Words

As for comparisons with Windows, "the only reason Microsoft has server vs. desktop is so they can charge extra for different feature sets," he noted. "The Linux world does not license that way, so there is really no advantage to a split."...

Richard Adhikari
Feds Wielded Baseball Bat to Win Yahoo's NSA Cooperation
09/12/14 3:23 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 613 Words

Watching You Watching Me
Documents released by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden in 2013 revealed that Yahoo, Google , Microsoft and Facebook were among the companies that had participated in the NSA's PRISM program, sparking public outrage.

The other three...

John K. Higgins
DoD Ramps Up Security as It Drifts Toward Cloud
09/12/14 5:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 1197 Words

"Assessments of FedRAMP-compliant offerings from providers such as HP , Lockheed Martin , AT&T, Akamai, Microsoft and Oracle -- along with a cloud solution offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture -- are under way. We continue to work closely with the...

Rob Enderle
Celebrities Are Fools to Use Apple Products
09/08/14 6:55 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1280 Words

I've noticed that my credit union and Microsoft have moved aggressively to dual factor authentication, but you could still get caught up -- as I did -- if someone can figure out your challenge questions and call in with both a password...

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