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Kris Holt
Amazon Fire Phone Wins Respect, if Not Raves
07/23/14 12:40 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 793 Words

While the Fire Phone is an Android device, Amazon blocks certain Google Play apps, particularly Google's own suite of applications, such as Maps and YouTube .

Fire With Amazon Maps

In terms of design, reviewers found the Fire Phone a straightforwardly...

Kris Holt
YouTube Adds More Tools to Creators' Belts
07/01/14 6:47 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 808 Words

... YouTube last week announced the addition of new bells and whistles for videographers, apparently to encourage them to create more high-quality content. Among the new tools is a creator studio smartphone app for viewing analytics and managing channels, among other things. An...

Kris Holt
Google's in the Mood for Songza
07/02/14 1:40 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 589 Words

It also plans to look at ways of taking the Songza experience to YouTube and other Google services.

'Music Sharing'
"I would argue this is more about music sharing than streaming and about improving the competitive position in music in...

Jack M. Germain
KaOS Calms Down KDE
07/15/14 6:34 PM PT | LinuxInsider | 1274 Words

Other media tools include a YouTube viewer, a tool to test any attached video-capturing devices, Kmix volume mixer and FFmpeg.

Also prepackaged are the default download accelerator KGet 2.12.1, KDE Telepathy 0.7.1 (an instant messenger) and the Bluedevil Bluetooth connection manager.


Denis Pombriant
Can I Get My Reputation Back?
07/09/14 7:27 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 1025 Words

The series , "Internet Ethics: Views from Silicon Valley," consists of short videos on the school's YouTube channel by ethicists and leaders of major software companies with relevant positions.

The leaders in the technology space pointed out reasons for not taking down...

Kris Holt
Yahoo Saves Greendale in 'Community' Rescue
07/02/14 12:54 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1088 Words

"Yahoo is very far behind in this race, but I don't think they're trying to compete with Netflix so much as YouTube . Yahoo's model appears to be ad-supported," Scoblete said.

"Yahoo occupies a pretty different space, because they're free," Dixon...

Rachelle Dragani
Google Gives Orkut Users Eviction Notice
07/01/14 3:30 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 535 Words

Shifting Focus
Google's announcement of the shutdown came with the promise that it will be putting more energy and focus into Google+, YouTube and Blogger, its social platforms that have gained more traction than Orkut in recent years.


John P. Mello Jr.
To Pay or Not to Pay - That's the Ransomware Question
06/24/14 11:20 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1316 Words

UK Office for Security and Counter Terrorism is forced by a legal mandate to reveal secret government policy used to justify mass surveillance of every Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google user in the United Kingdom. June 17. Avast releases Ransomware Removal software that...

Erika Morphy
Wheels Greased for Summer Yahoo-Tube Debut
05/28/14 4:47 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 609 Words

... is in advanced talks with video producers to launch its own online video channel this year, a product meant to rival Google's YouTube , according to Ad Age , which cited unnamed sources briefed on the company's plans. The news has intrigued...

David Vranicar
Russian Rocket, Satellite Don't Quite Make It
05/19/14 10:05 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 536 Words

Google Launches Thai YouTube
Google has launched YouTube.co.th , the Thai version of YouTube .

The launch is a nod to YouTube's popularity in Thailand, where people watch a reported 1 million hours of YouTube per day. There are...

David Vranicar
Sony, China Strike PlayStation Deal
05/27/14 10:53 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 530 Words

Talks Between Indie Labels, YouTube on Skids
Talks between YouTube and the Worldwide Independent Network, which represents indie music labels, have broken down over licensing terms for the site's upcoming streaming music subscription service.

WIN claims that YouTube is...

Christopher J. Bucholtz
Break the Language Barrier by Learning Your Customers' Native Tongues
06/19/14 5:00 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 647 Words

This week, I saw an example of just such a linguistic mismatch in the news. YouTube plans to remove videos from musical artists on independent labels until those labels agree to new terms.

This is in advance of a new music...

Katherine Noyes
Iranian Court Wants a Word With Zuckerberg
05/28/14 6:46 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 594 Words

Social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all have been banned in Iran, for example, even as high-ranking government officials -- including Rouhani , Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei -- have continued to use them.


David Vranicar
Chinese Media: Cisco Is Playing on US Cyberspy Team
05/28/14 10:23 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 483 Words

Facebook is already banned in the country, as are Twitter and YouTube .

[Sources: ISNA , AP , Reuters , Mashable ]

China Looks to Clean Up Messaging Apps
Chinese authorities launched a campaign to clean up instant messaging...

Rachelle Dragani
Pinterest Tacks On New Marketing Tool
05/22/14 11:11 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 588 Words

"What's important here is that Pinterest is part of a movement to a more visual Web," he told the E-Commerce Times. "Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube and others are capitalizing on the move away from a text-based Web in...

David Vranicar
Iran Releases Fans Detained Over Music Video
05/22/14 10:23 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 530 Words

The original video received more than 250 million views on YouTube , and spawned numerous alternate versions.

It is not clear if all of the people arrested for making the Tehran-based video have been released or if they later will be...

Erika Morphy
On Pins and Needles Over Pinterest
05/19/14 5:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 620 Words

Retail Conversion Stats
Pinterest was the leader in social media in terms of retail conversions, delivering more traffic to retail sites than Reddit , YouTube and Twitter combined, according to a study Adobe Digital Index released last fall.


Richard Adhikari
For Safe, Private Mobile Browsing, Huddle Under F-Secure's Freedome
05/15/14 5:58 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 802 Words

I turned the tablet on for brief periods of time to access email, browse the Web and watch YouTube videos, sometimes several times a day, and sometimes after an interval of a few days, to make sure I drove the app mad.

Richard Adhikari
Snowden's Beloved Tails OS Reaches v1.0 Milestone
05/01/14 2:29 PM PT | LinuxInsider | 604 Words

It's not possible to connect to FTP servers; Tails fails to connect to certain WiFi networks; accessing YouTube videos requires a bit of work; and Tails has very limited support on Macs.

Tails also has problems with some hardware, including the...

Richard Adhikari
Google+ Daddy Vic Gundotra Bails
04/25/14 5:57 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 667 Words

"I know [Gundotra] didn't like the forced integration of Google+ into Gmail and YouTube and other products," said Ronald Gruia, director of emerging telecoms at Frost & Sullivan .

That integration, announced in January, sparked complaints not just from privacy groups,...

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