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Chip Shipments Keep on Trucking Despite Apple/Samsung Verdict
August 27, 2012
Today in international tech news: Even after its $1 billion loss to Apple on Friday, Samsung will likely continue to supply key parts to for the iPad and iPhone. Also: More bad new for French telecom Orange, and Foxconn makes good on its promise to increase pay and decrease overtime -- the latter of which might actually drive away some workers.
ARM Reaches Out With Muscular 2nd-Gen GPUs
August 7, 2012
Mobile processor manufacturer ARM on Monday announced the second generation of its Mali T-600 family of graphics processor units, based on ARM's Midgard architecture. The new chips represent the second generation of Mali-T600 processors; the first was announced in November. "The graphics demands in smartphones, tablets and DTVs continue to accelerate," said Steve Steele, senior product manager at ARM.
Qualcomm Offers Devs Fastest, Priciest Android Tablet
July 26, 2012
Devs can now get their hands on the fastest, priciest tablet so far that runs the Android OS. Based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, the Mobile Development Platform/Tablet can be pre-ordered from Bsquare for $1,300. It is the first MDP in a tablet form factor, and the first to feature the quad-core APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro. The tablet runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
Dancing at the Edge of Technological Possibility
July 17, 2012
Overall, the deal between Intel and ASML is pretty straightforward: Intel agreed to commit about $1.0B to ASML R&D programs to accelerate deployment of new technologies for 450mm microprocessor wafers and extreme ultraviolet lithography by as much as two years.
Intel Pumps $4.1B Into Dutch Chip Tool Builder
July 10, 2012
Today in international news: Intel invests billions in a Dutch semiconductor equipment maker; Kickstarter heads to the UK; NBC Universal unveils its Olympic streaming package for subscribers only; and the extradition hearing for Megaupload's Kim Dotcom will have to wait.
Qualcomm Aims to Build a Patent Fortress
June 29, 2012
Qualcomm has taken the unusual step of restructuring its organization in order to better protect its patent portfolio. There are other reasons for the move as well, the company said Thursday, including the ability to more quickly deliver products to customers. However, it emphasized the patent protection element in particular.
Torvalds Drops F-Bomb on Nvidia
June 25, 2012
It's not often the "F-word" figures prominently in any major debate here in the Recently, however, it was catapulted into a starring role when it was uttered by none other than Linus Torvalds himself during a talk at the Aalto Centre for Entrepreneurship in Finland earlier this month. The topic was Nvidia, to be precise -- specifically, its longstanding lackluster approach to Linux.
HP Bets on Atom for Low-Power Server Moonshot
June 20, 2012
HP announced on Monday that it will use an Intel Atom chip code-named "Centerton" in the first production server in its Project Moonshot program. This server is code-named "Gemini." Moonshot is aimed at creating servers with low power requirements that will cut data-center energy and space requirements, as well as costs.
AMD Flexes ARM to Enhance Hardware Security
June 13, 2012
AMD on Wednesday announced it will develop a platform security processor based on the ARM Cortex-A5 processor. The company has entered a strategic partnership with ARM that will let it use ARM's TrustZone technology. AMD plans to provide development platforms with TrustZone security features on select APUs in 2013 and expand that to more products later.
Intel's New Xeon CPUs: The Next Stage in the x86 Revolution
May 22, 2012
The x86 data center revolution has been a tale of industry standard upward mobility pressuring and displacing traditional systems. In essence, continually evolving x86-based systems and complementary technologies -- particularly virtualization, memory and I/O -- have provided hardware vendors the means to develop systems capable of challenging and beating traditional enterprise server platforms.
In Search of the Next World-Changing Tech Company
May 21, 2012
With Facebook now public, the search is on for that next big-idea company that can excite the market. Coincidently, Nvidia has its Emerging Companies Summit about this time of year, where it has a series of sessions that allow each firm the opportunity to present what makes them unique and powerful. Since I sat on one of the panels tasked with asking the hard questions of these firms on stage, I got a unique view of each of the presenters.
HP Declares New 'Sleekbooks' Notebook Category
May 9, 2012
The laptop world is reeling under the threat of tablets, and vendors are attempting to shore it up with their various takes on the Ultrabook concept. On Tuesday, HP added a new item to the mix with the announcement of a new line of notebooks it refers to as "Sleekbooks."
Nvidia Levels Up With New Gaming Graphics Card
May 4, 2012
A new video card from Nvidia or competitor AMD isn't usually all that newsworthy, but when the latest card arrives with eight Graphics Processing Clusters, and a total of 4 GB of GDDR5 video memory that runs at 6.008 GHz over two 256-bit memory, that is enough for hard-core enthusiasts to take pause. For everyone else, the release of a video card that carries a price point just under $1,000 will certainly draw attention.
Samsung Puts Its New Exynos Chip on the Table
April 26, 2012
In a move that would be akin to unveiling an automobile's new engine in advance of an auto show, Samsung on Thursday introduced its new 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 Quad processor for smartphone and tablet devices. While the company did not say which devices would first use the processor -- which is based on the ARM Cortex A9 chip -- it announced that it would power the "next Galaxy" device.
Following Intel's Ivy Bridge Road
April 25, 2012
The tech industry loves the concept of new innovation to the point where product launches all too often call to mind infatuated elders showing off photos of their latest grandkids. But practicality tends to drive the manufacturing side of the IT business, with consistency trumping innovation. As a result, products arrive at market on time, retailers and their customers don't get grumpy, vendors hit their sales targets, and shareholders are happy campers.
Intel Aims to Bridge GPU Gap
April 23, 2012
Intel's highly anticipated Ivy Bridge chips, which offer the promise of significant improvements in speed and power usage along with support for USB 3.0, were officially launched on Monday. The first wave of these new chips, which offer a smaller package compared to Intel's current Sandy Bridge chips, will include 13 quad core processors. These new chips are the first to use Intel's new 22-nanometer manufacturing process and feature its new tri-gate technology.
Samsung to Build $7B Plant in China
April 2, 2012
South Korea-based Samsung Electronics announced Monday that it would spend $7 billion to build a NAND memory chip plan in China. The plant, which will mark Samsung's biggest-ever overseas investment in chip production, is reportedly going to be built in the central-China city of Xian. Before Monday's announcement, analysts had anticipated the plant would cost about half of the $7 billion price tag.
How to Overclock a CPU: Getting Started
March 29, 2012
Overclocking a CPU sounds seductive, right? Adjust a few settings on your phone or tablet, and the device goes faster. Games play without laborious, stuttering, forced slow-motion effects, and everything loads quicker. Well, like everything in life, these adjustments involve a tradeoff. Just as there are risks in taking your car out for a rural run and heavy-footing it, there are implications for a CPU speedup.
Nvidia's New GPUs Could Be Real Game Changers
March 22, 2012
Nvidia has launched the first graphic processing units based on its next-generation Kepler graphics architecture, which offers the promise to deliver superior gaming performance, according to the company. One of the key components of video games on the PC is, of course, the graphics, and as long as there have been games, there have been attempts to take video performance to the next level.
Nvidia's Excellent Linux Adventure
March 15, 2012
Well, spring appears to be springing early here in the Linux blogosphere's Northern reaches, so summer can't be far behind. Sunny personalities and flower lovers across the land are surely rejoicing, but for Linux Girl, it's one more reason to hit the blogosphere's Broken Windows Lounge early. Penguins and heat do not go together, after all.
Internet of Things Close, Thanks to ARM's Reach
March 13, 2012
Chipmaker ARM has announced a tiny product with huge implications. The company unveiled its ARM Cortex M0+, a 1mm microchip it says can push the edge of the Internet beyond your laptop or PC. Everything is on the drawing board -- from a network-enabled fridge to devices powered by your body's heat.
Sandy Bridge Delivers More Processing Horsepower for Integrated Next-Gen Systems
March 13, 2012
Intel's launch of its new Xeon processor E5-2600 product family marked numerous firsts for the company and x86 data centers. The new processors deliver leadership performance, best data center performance per watt, and breakthrough I/O innovation features, according to Intel. Overall, Intel believes E5-2600 processors are not only at the heart of next-generation servers and workstations, but will also power the next generation of storage and communication systems.
Open Source Coopetition Fueled by LF Growth
March 13, 2012
The Linux Foundation has come a long way since initiated in 2007 as the fusion of the Open Source Development Lab and Free Standards Group. It has gained some significant members and new groups of collaborators -- the latest batch including graphics and microprocessor giant Nvidia. I believe the move was driven primarily by Nvidia's desire to participate, integrate and collaborate on Linux as the open source operating system continues to grow.
Holy Semiconductors! IBM Reveals 1Tbps Holey Optical Chip
March 8, 2012
IBM on Thursday introduced a prototype chip dubbed the "Holey Optochip," a wedding of traditional computer chip technology with the use of optical pathways. Able to transmit 1 terabit of data per second, the prototype chipset could eventually result in faster downloads of information like apps and streaming video.
HTC Touts the Power of One
February 27, 2012
HTC revealed a new line of smartphones at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress Sunday, showcasing handsets designed to emphasize audio and sleek, efficient displays. The line will include three handsets under the collective HTC One series: the One X, One V and One S. All will run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich and will come with 25 GB of cloud storage space courtesy of Dropbox.
AMD: Shift Happens
February 6, 2012
Last week was the coming-out party for AMD's new CEO, and his core message was that the market was undergoing a shift -- and when markets shift, leadership changes. His point was that Intel's leadership was at risk and that AMD was poised to take over that leadership. The nature of this change is massive, and I doubt we -- I mean any of us -- are fully aware of how much is changing.
AMD Aims to Shimmy Into Ultrabook Turf With Ultrathins
January 18, 2012
Thin is all the rage in electronics these days, and nowhere is that more evident than in the notebook computer realm, where Intel has created a deafening buzz with its Ultrabook platform. However, Intel's archrival, AMD, isn't sitting on its silicon when it comes to thin computers.
The Future According to CES
January 16, 2012
One of the things that unfortunately doesn't happen much since Bill Gates stepped down is a quintessential talk on what the future will look like, and I find I miss that. So, to fill my own need for such a talk, this week's column will focus on the interesting products I saw come out at CES and the future they represent.
Google's Nettlesome Search Gambit
January 14, 2012
Google has tuned up its search engine once again, but this time instead of shaving a couple of precious microseconds off its response time, it's decided to adjust some back-end systems in a way that changes the kinds of results people get, depending on who they are.
Intel to Make Mobile Incursion via China
January 11, 2012
Intel has finally leaped into the mobile sector. CEO Paul Otellini announced the company's entry during a keynote address at CES. Otellini revealed major agreements with both Motorola and Lenovo to put Intel inside smartphones. Intel will show up in Lenovo phones in China during the first half of 2012 and in Motorola handsets this year.
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