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EMC Grabs Silver Tail
October 31, 2012
EMC has announced it is acquiring Silver Tail Systems, a provider of real-time Web session intelligence and behavioral analysis. When the acquisition is closed, which is expected in the fourth quarter, Silver Tail will be part of EMC's security division, tasked with extending RSA's enterprise security portfolio.
Hacking by the Books: Barnes & Noble PIN Pads Bugged
October 27, 2012
Barnes & Noble revealed this week that PIN pad devices at 63 of its stores nationwide were hacked, putting some of its customers at risk. The company discovered the hacking in September, and for the past month, the FBI has been investigating the case. Fewer than 1 percent of Barnes & Noble PIN pads reportedly were affected, but those who were could have had important data stolen.
Compete Swallows Hard to Settle FTC Privacy Charges
October 23, 2012
Compete has agreed to settle FTC charges that it used its Web-tracking software to collect personal data without disclosing the extent of its information-gathering activities, and failed to honor promises it made to protect the personal data it collected. Under the settlement, Compete must obtain consumers' express consent before collecting any data.
Discover Bank Pays Up to Settle Deceptive Marketing Charges
September 25, 2012
Discover Bank is refunding approximately $200 million to more than 3.5 million customers under a joint enforcement action by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Discover will also pay a $14 million civil money penalty, with half going to the U.S. Treasury and half to the CFPB's civil penalty fund.
Latest Foxconn Report Fails to Impress Skeptics
August 23, 2012
Apple and manufacturer Foxconn are making progress in creating safer and fairer working conditions for Foxconn workers, according to a new report from the Fair Labor Association. Earlier this year, labor advocates questioned whether workers were safe and fairly compensated at the Chinese factory, which manufactures many of Apple's electronic goods.
Can the Cloud Shield Google Wallet From Pickpockets?
August 06, 2012
Some folks' answer to wallet security is chaining it to their belts. Google's is to chain it to the cloud. The Search Giant added some security features to its Google Wallet product last week intended to make it safer for consumers to use. For example, credit card information no longer resides in the Google Wallet mobile app.
A New Day for ID Management
July 23, 2012
Let's examine the relationship between controlled digital identities in cyber risk management. Our panel will explore how the technical and legal support of ID management best practices have been advancing rapidly. And we'll see how individuals and organizations can better protect themselves through better understanding and managing of their online identities.
Scam Detector Can't Work Magic but It Can Make You Smarter
July 20, 2012
"My esteemed colleague, it is with much reverence that I am humbly, yet secretly, contacting you to tell you of great fortune that has come my way. My most honorable relative has kindly left me, in his will, eighty gold bars. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I have to regretfully sell on the gold to a trusted overseas beneficiary..." and so on.
Banks and Travelers: What Sends Customers Packing
July 05, 2012
Travel always seems to elicit great customer service stories -- that is, great stories from my perspective as a person who writes about CRM; not great as in "my experience while traveling was wonderful, stress-free and restored my faith in humanity." As fodder for columns, they're great. They're object lessons in how to sabotage customer relationships.
Facebook's Find Friends Feature Tiptoes In, Tiptoes Out
June 26, 2012
Facebook rolled out a new mobile social discovery tool recently, only to deactivate it hours later and pull it from its iOS and Android apps. The service, which Facebook called "Find Friends Nearby," was designed to help Facebook users find other users who were in the same vicinity.
Beyond Hassle: Switching Banks Can Cost You
June 01, 2012
Consumers face a number of hurdles if they want to switch banks -- which they increasingly do, as their banks continue to raise fees, raise minimum balances, and create entirely new charges. Some bank policies are, in fact, designed to make it challenging -- and expensive -- for customers to walk away, found a study by Consumers Union.
Appointment of Consumer Protection Head Ignites Political Furor
January 05, 2012
President Barack Obama named Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau via a recess appointment on Wednesday. It was a controversial move for the president, prompting Senate Republicans to accuse him of making a power grab and abusing executive authority. Indeed, Republican resistance to confirming the former Ohio attorney general for the post prompted the recess appointment.
FTC: Mobile Apps Privacy Protection Not Just for Kids
September 17, 2011
Providers of apps for mobile devices are just as responsible as other electronic commerce vendors in terms of protecting the privacy of customers. In a recent enforcement action, the Federal Trade Commission signaled that mobile apps fall within the agency's jurisdiction, and that it will not hesitate to investigate potential privacy violations associated with mobile apps.

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