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The Dawning of the Predictive Business Era
October 07, 2013
A momentous shift in business strategy is taking place. Big Data, cloud computing and mobility, in tandem, are having an enormous impact on how businesses must act -- and react -- across their markets. The agility goal of real-time responses is no longer good enough. What's apparent across more business ecosystems is that businesses must extend their ability to react well into the future.
Facebook to TV Nets: Take Our Data - Please!
October 03, 2013
Facebook reportedly will begin providing TV broadcasters with data about the chatter their shows are inspiring on the site. Facebook is in fierce competition with Twitter to become the primary destination for second-screen users to post their reactions and engage with others while watching TV series, sporting events, and special-occasion broadcasts like the Emmys.
Feds Get Serious About Email Preservation
October 02, 2013
In a paperless society, office file cabinets may become an endangered species. However, the need to store documents will remain. The U.S. government is struggling to develop efficient means to retain billions of electronic messages. NARA is playing a central role through its new Capstone program, which uses a system for the transfer of designated emails from an agency to a NARA archive.
Oracle Plays Catch-Up With In-Memory Database Capabilities
September 24, 2013
Oracle on Monday announced an in-memory option for Oracle Database 12c that will accelerate analytics, data warehousing, reporting, and online transaction processing for Oracle in-memory applications that "deliver extreme performance on Oracle Engineered Systems," according to the company. "This is a story about Oracle being a bit late to the game," said Infostructure Associates' Wayne Kernochan.
Federal Networks Can't Handle Planned IT Upgrades
September 18, 2013
Ambitious plans to improve federal information technology systems could easily founder on the shoals of deficient networks. Government agencies currently are striving to meet the challenges associated with initiatives in five major areas: cloud technology; Big Data management; cybersecurity requirements; data center consolidation; and, increasingly, mobile IT.
Treasure Data's Hiro Yoshikawa: Taking the Open Road With Big Data
September 10, 2013
Businesses and government agencies are in a race to gather, quantify and clarify an ever-increasing stream of data. Housing the bits and pieces of their digital treasures can be just as much of a problem as deciding whether to trust traditional relational platforms or adopt more flexible databases designed to handle unstructured data.
Uncle Sam Wants Your Facebook Data
August 28, 2013
Facebook on Monday released transparency reports of government requests for its users' data. Privacy groups hailed the move as a positive step forward -- rare praise for the company, which has had a checkered relationship with those groups over the years. Facebook's Global Government Requests Report shows that the United States, by far, was the biggest peeper.
Nexenta's Lockareff and Powell: Software-Only Storage for Everyone
August 27, 2013
In the cloud storage competition for customers, a battle is raging over innovative software-only storage systems and wannabe innovators still hawking yesteryear's legacy hardware solutions. Dollars and performance are the battlefield stakes. Nexenta, an open source provider of software-defined storage solutions, is waging the fight with its flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor.
Brazil Proposes Laws to Outlaw Foreign Data Storage
August 21, 2013
Brazil has proposed new laws that would force e-businesses selling to Brazil-based consumers to store personal data about said customers on local servers. Google and Facebook have raised objections to the plan, saying that such requirements would, in the words of Facebook Brazil, "entail huge costs and inefficiencies in online business in the country."
Tokutek's John Partridge: Open Source Is Vested in Big Data
August 20, 2013
Ask Tokutek CEO John Partridge what makes open source such a snug fit for the database industry and for Big Data, and he'll tell you it is the decision-making by engineers that use open source. "For people who for whatever reason really need to access the latest technology, most purchasing decisions today are made by very capable engineers," Partridge said.
A Twist of Timelime Makes Time Tracking More Fun
August 20, 2013
Let's face it. No one likes keeping track of time spent working. If you're a professional like an attorney, you may be able to pass the task off to someone else. Most of us, though, have to go through the grind of keeping tabs on our work hours ourselves. Some of that grind can be reduced -- maybe even become more enjoyable -- with Timelime.
Getting to Yes: How to Embrace Consumer Clouds Without Losing Control
August 17, 2013
Business is increasingly taking place outside the boundaries of corporate data centers with data being moved to public clouds at an accelerating rate. Collaboration with outside partners, consultants and clients is becoming the norm. It even has a name: "open collaboration." Employees who have embraced the cloud are turning to low-end "consumer grade" file-sharing services for business activities.
Sorting Out the Big Data Myths
August 14, 2013
Debunking myths around Big Data should be a first step to making better business decisions for improving data analysis and data management capabilities in a company. As the volume and purpose of data and business intelligence has dramatically shifted, older notions and misconceptions -- what amount to myths about data infrastructure -- need to updated and corrected, too.
Arq Saves Your Data for a Rainy Day
August 13, 2013
There are lots of free places and free programs to back up data from your Mac so why would you want to pay $40 for software plus $0.095 a gigabyte monthly for storage? The answer to that question may be a no-brainer for you if you only have a few gigs of data that need backing up. For people with larger demands, though, the answer may not be so obvious.
Coraid's Suda Srinivasan: Public Cloud vs. Private vs. Having It All
August 12, 2013
Cloud storage technologies and Big Data are driving rapid industry growth. Cloud storage developed around three models: Infrastructure as a Service; Platform as a Service; and Software as a Service. Merging with these cloud service models are technologies providing cloud computing space and backup services. Don't forget to factor in options such as public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.
Researchers Solve Knotty Problem in Pursuit of Data Storage Breakthrough
August 10, 2013
Researchers at the University of Hamburg have, for the first time, written and deleted data on single hypothetical particles called "skyrmions." Skyrmions have been reported to exist in thin magnetic films and superconductors, among other things, but this has not been conclusively proven. Their use could solve the problem of coping with the increasing demands for storage on electronic devices.
IBM Creates Software Ecosystem for Thinking Chip
August 09, 2013
IBM on Thursday announced a software ecosystem tailored for what in essence amounts to a computing architecture that works like the human brain. It supports the programming cycle from design through development, debugging and deployment. The software ecosystem is the fourth phase of the Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics, or SyNAPSE, project.
Cloudera's Mike Olson: Hadoop vs. Closed Source Is Not a Fair Fight
August 06, 2013
For many database practitioners, Hadoop is turning the tables on the relational database model. The rise of Big Data is driving what some see as a much-needed change in the platforms that process the massive infusions of aggregated raw data. Take for example, Cloudera founder and Chief Strategy Officer Mike Olson. His open source company harnesses Apache Hadoop-based software and services.
Couchbase's Bob Wiederhold: Riding High on Big Data With NoSQL
July 30, 2013
NoSQL might well be called "the little database engine that could." It is quietly proving it is on track as Big Data transitions to cloud-based data storage and management. NoSQL is increasingly considered a viable alternative to relational databases, but it is still a relatively small category in a growing world of database technologies.
Shutterstock's Chris Fischer: Making the Most of Open Source's 'Huge Tech Edge'
July 23, 2013
Shutterstock has a nearly insatiable appetite for data storage. From its inception, the company -- a global provider of licensed photographs, vectors, illustrations and videos -- refused to pay higher prices just to stuff its storage needs into somebody else's cloud. Instead, the almost 10-year-old operation built its own server farm and created its own cloud software system at home.
Google May Be Spinning Wheels With Drive Encryption Plans
July 18, 2013
Google, which is fighting government requests for data in two courts and demanding greater transparency in the wake of the brouhaha over the NSA's PRISM program, reportedly also is experimenting with encrypting files on Google Drive. Some files may already have been encrypted. In related news, a coalition of privacy advocates and businesses have called on the government for greater transparency.
BitTorrent Sync Could Keep Data Under Wraps
July 18, 2013
BitTorrent, whose P2P software has been widely used by software pirates, hackers and IP thieves -- as well as for legitimate purposes -- on Wednesday released the beta version of BitTorrent Sync. BitTorrent has characterized Sync as a response to the limitations on speed, size and space associated with personal data movement, as well as the challenges to privacy and security.
European Privacy Passions Flare in PRISM's Wake
July 16, 2013
EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding implored member states to get on board with Germany's call for tougher and more unified data protection laws. German chancellor Angela Merkel spent the weekend clamoring for EU-wide regulations that would force more transparency from Internet companies. Merkel complained that companies incorporated in, say, Ireland are subject only to that country's data laws.
iPhone Blamed for Chinese Woman's Electrocution Death
July 15, 2013
Ma Ailun, a 23-year-old woman from northwest China, died after being electrocuted by her iPhone, according to relatives. Ma died while using the device, which was charging at the time, according to reports. Local police confirmed that electrocution was the cause of death, but stopped short of pinning blame on the iPhone. The story has nonetheless gained traction throughout China.

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