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Perl: Jewel in the Rough or Scourge of IT?
March 28, 2013
It seems scarcely a day can go by without someone declaring some technology or another "dead." Take the netbook, for example. People have been saying for years it's dead; today, however, we have the Chromebook phenomenon. The command line is another popular target, of course, but few can compete with the Linux desktop itself, the death of which has been trumpeted so many times now that Linux Girl has lost count.
Linux Devs Take Win 8 Secure Boot Complaint to EC
March 27, 2013
Microsoft is once again being challenged in Europe over alleged anti-competitive practices. A group representing Linux developers in Spain has filed a complaint with the European Commission charging that Microsoft's desktop operating system, Windows 8, supports technology that makes it difficult for users to place other operating systems on their computers.
Nvidia Delivers Workstation Graphics Experience to the Network
March 20, 2013
Nvidia on Wednesday debuted its GRID Visual Computing Appliance, a device that lets businesses deliver ultra-fast GPU performance to any Windows, Linux or Mac client on their network. The GRID VCA is a GPU-based system that allows complex applications, sending graphics output to the network and enabling it to be displayed on a client machine.
Philips Wants Devs' Bright Ideas for Its Web-Connected Light Bulbs
March 11, 2013
Dutch electronics giant Philips, which launched its Hue Web-connected LED home lighting system in October, released a development kit Monday in the hopes of integrating official applications -- and more possible home uses -- for its technology. Developers can use the API as they choose, and can keep all their earnings from commercializing products.
Open Source's Deep Dive Into the Enterprise
March 06, 2013
Server provisioning and configuration management and automation are the latest examples of where the tech industry is being driven, largely by open source software. The leading open source server and IT infrastructure automation frameworks, Opscode Chef and Puppet Labs' Puppet, sit on the leading edge of significant trends under way in enterprise IT.
Hackathon's Goal: A Smartphone Game That Scores Points for Cancer Research
March 02, 2013
A UK-based charity is sponsoring a weekend hackathon, but those invited won't be using their coding talents to advance any business causes. The 40 programmers, gamers, graphic designers and other specialists will spend the time designing a smartphone game that can let average users help with cancer research.
'Sophisticated' Hack Trapped Apple, Facebook, Says Dev Forum
February 21, 2013
The owner of the iPhoneDevSDK website involved in a major Java hacking incident has given his side of the story, saying a single compromised administrator account was the cause of internal computers at Apple and Facebook being infected after their users visited the site.
Why Free Apps Turn Me Off
February 21, 2013
Of the 300 million-plus people using iOS 6 in one form or another -- and millions more using iOS 5 -- I get the feeling I'm a dying breed. Why? I generally dislike and distrust free apps. I can blame some of this on the overwhelming influence of games, kids, and the psychology of the masses.
Google Adds Cross-Platform Notifications Brick to Chromium Build
February 01, 2013
Google appears to have taken a step toward integrating Android's Google Now notification feature into Chrome. French programmer Francis Beaufort revealed Thursday that he spotted a new notification center in the latest Windows Chromium build that includes rich templated notifications.
Facebook's Relationship With Developers: It's Even More Complicated
January 31, 2013
Facebook dropped a bombshell on its developer community last week with the rollout of a clarified platform policy -- one that de-friends certain apps. The new policy spells out which types of apps can use its data. Namely, developers must show "reciprocity"; their apps must let users post content to Facebook if they want to use the vast social network's friend-finding features.
Google Open Source Program Manager Chris DiBona: Best of Both Worlds
January 29, 2013
In 1996, two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, created a unique search engine called "BackRub" that ran on the school's server. After one year, BackRub's bandwidth outgrew the university's needs. Its creators rebranded BackRub into Google, a respelled reference to "googol." It is a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.
Mozilla Lures Devs to Firefox OS With Shiny New Toys
January 23, 2013
The Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday announced that smartphones running its Firefox OS will be available to developers in February. The preview phones are being produced in collaboration with Geeksphone and Telefonica. The idea is to entice devs to create apps for the Firefox OS. "These devices have not been designed for consumers," said Mozilla spokesperson Diane Zuniga.
Ouya Comes Out of the Gate Running
December 29, 2012
The gaming revolution has begun. Ouya, a startup that launched with the outsized goal of challenging the big three gaming platforms of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, reported on Friday that it had shipped 1,200 consoles to developers. The Android-based product is a deceptively simple-looking cube the size of a coffee mug, which is meant to hook up to a television set.
Report: Mobile Game Devs Need Out-of-Band Marketing
November 14, 2012
App developers, and especially developers of mobile games, are familiar with the cutthroat world of the app store. To get attention, developers must deploy marketing campaigns. However, it's essential for developers to do more than just app store promotions to drive mobile game downloads, concludes a report released Tuesday by Inside Network.
Google to Developers: You Have the Con
October 16, 2012
Google on Monday made its new Android developer console available to devs everywhere on Google Play. The console was announced at Google I/O in July, and devs were invited to test out a beta version. "The developer tools and portal are key areas of enablement for any application platform," said Al Hilwa, program director for applications development software at IDC.
Box Embed Tools Tear Down Content Walls
October 09, 2012
Box on Tuesday unveiled Box Embed, a new HTML5-based framework, at its Boxworks 2012 conference in San Francisco. This lets users embed Box's various features -- uploads, search, comments, sharing and file edits -- easily in their website, forum or blog. The company also announced that 10 enterprise software partners, including Oracle, SugarCRM, NetSuite and Zendesk, will use Box Embed in their apps.
Heins Stokes BlackBerry Embers
September 26, 2012
RIM Chief Executive Thorsten Heins on Monday told a crowd of developers that BlackBerry was still very much a player in the mobile world. He made the somewhat startling pronouncement that the company's subscriber base had risen to 80 million from 78 million over the most recent quarter, despite the lack of new products or major initiatives.
Analyst: Flame Devs Used FOSS to Help Them Hide
September 17, 2012
The developers of the now-notorious Flame malware used command and control servers running the 64-bit version of Debian and the OpenVz virtualization technology in their work. They wrote most of the server code in PHP, researchers at Kaspersky Lab and Symantec have found during continuing investigations into the malware.
Island Dispute Prompts Violence Against Japan's Tech Titans
September 17, 2012
Japanese electronics company Panasonic halted some of its operations in China after protesters -- apparently upset about Japan's claim to disputed islands -- attacked a pair of Panasonic factories. Protests also forced Japanese electronics company Canon to close three of its four Chinese plants.
Theft of Apple UDIDs Mitigated by News the FBI Didn't Have Them
September 11, 2012
The case of the stolen database of Apple device identifiers is getting more intriguing by the day, with an entirely new player -- an app development company called "BlueToad" -- joining the cast of characters. BlueToad execs told reporters that the Apple UDIDs were stolen from it in a cyberattack launched two weeks ago.

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