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How to Turn an Old Android Phone Into a Webcam
June 20, 2013
Many of us are now at the point where we're trading in old smartphones for new. The big question is often, what to do with the old one? Possible solutions include leaving it in a drawer; trading it in; downloading maps and creating a dedicated in-car GPS navigator; or turning it into a free webcam. We'll look at some more solutions in the future, but for now, the last of these is a nice option.
Netflix, DreamWorks Team in Huge Original Content Deal
June 17, 2013
Video streaming service Netflix on Monday announced a new, multiyear partnership with DreamWorks Animation whereby it will bring many of the studio's beloved characters to the TV market via a branded collection of shows. Marking the largest deal for original first-run content in Netflix's history, the partnership will include more than 300 hours of new programming.
Tech-Hungry 'Crazy Ants'? Not So Fast
June 17, 2013
To read some reports in the tech press lately, one might think there's an electronics-hungry menace from South America on a march of conquest through the Southeastern United States and Texas, leaving a trail of destroyed smartphones and other precious devices in its wake. It's known as the "crazy ant," and recent reports of its arrival derive from an article published in April.
Up, Up and Away: Google Balloons to Beam Internet Access
June 17, 2013
Regardless of how this turns out, at least they nailed the name. Google is launching about 30 superpressure balloons that will beam Internet access back to the ground. With equal parts brevity and self-deprecation, the effort has been dubbed "Project Loon." Taking flight from New Zealand, the balloons will sail around the world on a controlled path.
It Was a Mad, Mad Gaming World at This Year's E3
June 15, 2013
Another Electronic Entertainment Expo video game show has come to a close, and more than ever, the battle lines were drawn as Microsoft and Sony both unveiled new systems. Sony may have gotten the upper hand by announcing that its PlayStation 4 will be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One and free of restrictions on the buying and selling of used games, but a lot can happen in the next few months.
From the Inevitable Files: Lawmakers Scrutinize Snowden-China Connections
June 14, 2013
Well, this was bound to happen. U.S. lawmakers said Thursday that the House Intelligence Committee -- the same House Intelligence Committee that trashed Chinese telecommunications companies last year -- will conduct a "thorough scrub" of connections between China and Eric Snowden. Snowden -- a "traitor," according to Committee chairman Mike Rogers, R.-Mich. -- is now believed to be in Hong Kong.
No Patents on Human Genes, Supreme Court Rules
June 13, 2013
In a decision that could make it more affordable for women to be screened for breast cancer, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Thursday that human genes cannot be patented. The court's rationale is that human genes occur in nature, making them unpatentable. Complementary DNA, on the other hand -- a synthetic DNA that's also used in genetic testing -- can be patented, the court ruled.
Nintendo Pushes Games at E3 in Bid to Revive Wii U
June 11, 2013
Nintendo took a low-key stance at E3 this year, opting for a more intimate presentation than the competition. Still struggling with less-than-expected demand for the Wii U system it launched last fall, Nintendo stressed that this year would be about the games. To encourage fans to reconnect with the Wii U, Nintendo called in some help from its core brands.
Sony PS4 Undercuts Xbox One on Price, Fully Supports Used Games
June 11, 2013
Sony took its best shot at stealing Microsoft's thunder on Monday evening at E3 by announcing that its upcoming PlayStation 4 will arrive this holiday season for $399. That's $100 less than the price Microsoft announced earlier in the day for its competing Xbox One, and the reaction was meet by thunderous applause that shook the Los Angeles Sports Arena.
Microsoft Targets Hard-Core Gamers with 13 New Xbox One Titles
June 10, 2013
Against the backdrop of the Electronic Entertainment Expo video game conference and show in Los Angeles this week, Microsoft unveiled 13 new games for its upcoming Xbox One video game console. "It was a lot to process," said video game industry consultant N'Gai Croal of the company's nearly 90-minute presentation. "It is still early, but this looks like a strong line-up."
Bose Gets Tiny and Tinier With Earbuds and Mini-Speaker
June 06, 2013
The world can be a very loud place, and New York City's Grand Central Terminal served as a perfect backdrop for Bose to demonstrate how it can address and even combat that noise. In the famous station's Vanderbilt Hall, the company this week introduced two new audio products, including its first in-ear noise-canceling headphones and a Bluetooth speaker that fits in the palm of the hand.
Microsoft Could Be Saving Xbox One's Best for E3
May 22, 2013
Microsoft's new Xbox One video game console, announced with fanfare on Tuesday, is certainly a step forward -- but the early reaction has been mixed at best. Much of the massive attention it caught from Twitter users, for example, seems to be anything but positive. There's a perception that Microsoft focused too much on living room entertainment and too little on gaming.
Microsoft Packs Xbox One With Home Entertainment Power
May 21, 2013
Microsoft has officially unveiled the Xbox One, promising it will usher in a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. The One comes a dozen years after the original Xbox video game console debuted, and eight years after its best-selling Xbox 360 proved that Microsoft was a serious contender in the gaming arena. The reveal took place at an event at its Redmond, Wash., campus on Tuesday.
How to Work at Top Performance From Home
May 16, 2013
It's not ink cartridges, printers and faxes anymore. The cloud and smart devices have changed the home office landscape -- for the better. There are now numerous free apps for instant messaging, video conferencing and cheap calls; plus it's easier than ever to keep coworking teams on the same page. Working from home lets businesses reduce real estate costs while boosting worker productivity.
Consumers Warm to Infrared Grilling
May 14, 2013
Like many sailors, Tom Dougherty likes to grill a juicy steak on his boat. And he has found that infrared technology sears his steaks to perfection, even on a small, sailboat-sized grill. "It creates an intense heat that allows you to sear your steaks and chops and holds in the heat," said Dougherty, director of sales and marketing for boat grill manufacturer Magma Products.
Gardening in Waterworld
May 07, 2013
One day, gardener Robert Mainville saw a show about hydroponics on PBS, and it fascinated him. Soon he had set up a hydroponic garden in his own yard -- forsaking his old soil plots -- and within months was harvesting tomatoes, cabbage, kale, and turnips. "It works fantastically," said Mainville, the owner of Cape Fear Hydrogardens. "The production you can get is amazing."
Digging Into Garden Planning Software
April 30, 2013
When Catherine Kasper Place in Fort Wayne, Ind., needed to help refugees plan garden plots for themselves and for the organization's community supported agriculture, it turned to GrowVeg.com's Garden Planner and its affiliated iPad app, Garden Plan Pro. "It's challenging just to manage one garden," said Holly Chaille, Catherine Kasper Place's director. "This is 36 different ones, with 36 different designs."
The Future Is Now With AT&T's New Home Automation Tech
April 26, 2013
AT&T has introduced Digital Life, a home security and automation system that realizes a goal the company set more than a decade ago of creating tools that would allow people to manage lights and security systems remotely. Digital Life will allow homeowners to control appliances, lock and unlock doors, and monitor their homes remotely using a number of mobile apps.
Amazon Box Could Be Another Ecosystem Building Block
April 25, 2013
The world's largest online retailer, Amazon, may soon challenge Apple, Google, Roku and other set-top box makers with a delivery device of its own. While cable and satellite set-top boxes remain among the most popular content delivery hubs in the living room, they have been challenged by other hardware, including game consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, which can stream a variety of content.
Provo Is Next Stop on the Google Fiber Express
April 20, 2013
One week after the announcement that the Google Fiber network would come to Austin, Texas, Provo found out it will be the third city to get the search company's gigabit high-speed service. The Utah city, home to a much-criticized, money-losing fiber optic network, will sell it to Google for $1. The announcement means the company will eventually provide the city with Internet service that is 100 times faster.

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