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Ballmer Phones In Final CES Keynote
January 10, 2012
Microsoft's Steve Ballmer delivered his final Consumer Electronics Show keynote in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Ballmer talked up Windows 8 and discussed additions to the Xbox platform and new Windows-based Nokia devices. The presentation, which featured "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, kicked off the annual show.
Identity and Access Management: A New, Less Excruciating Approach
January 10, 2012
As essential as open systems and mobile applications are for doing business, they also put significant strain on an organization's security systems and, in particular, the key line of defense: identity and access management systems.
PayPal's Thompson to Fill Yahoo's Leadership Vacuum
January 04, 2012
Yahoo finally gets a leader. The company announced Wednesday the appointment of Scott Thompson as CEO, effective Jan. 9. Thompson was also appointed to the board of directors. Interim CEO Tim Morse will resume his role as chief financial officer. Yahoo fired former CEO Carol Bartz four months ago for failing to turn the company around.
One Year Later: MS Exchange Practices Most Companies Should Still Shun
January 04, 2012
Over a year ago, we presented a list of the top 10 worst practices that you should avoid if you want to maintain the performance and uptime of your Microsoft Exchange email system. Since then, some things have changed, while others have not. So here's a revised Top 10 List of "Don'ts" to point out which practices still hold true and which do not.
How to Orchestrate a Successful CEO Succession
January 03, 2012
Say this about 2011 -- along with any number of natural and unnatural disasters, the year featured more than its fair share of technology industry melodrama from the highly public wrangling between Oracle and HP to the passing of singular characters, including Apple's Steve Jobs. Both of these events also highlighted the importance of a topic mainly of interest to financial analysts and institutional investors: executive succession.
10 Things to Remember When Reaching for the Cloud
January 03, 2012
Cloud computing represents a powerful shift in how your company deploys applications, stores data, implements security and adheres to industry regulations. Cloud architectures can give your company the flexibility to scale resources as the business requires. And you can do so without incurring unnecessary capital expenses.
The 5 KPIs of PMO Proof
December 29, 2011
For many companies, the role of the PMO seems like an enigma. Sure, everyone knows that PMOs exist to streamline project operations so time and money aren't wasted, but what do they actually do? Failure to answer this question has led many companies to question the value of the PMO in the years after its establishment. However, the burden of proof is on the PMO -- not the executives.
Shall We Dance? A Tale of Executives and PMOs
December 28, 2011
"It takes two to tango." Ronald Reagan said this of the contentious relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union in the final stages of the Cold War. Unfortunately, this also applies to executives and project management offices. At times, it seems they are destined to face off against each other, but this should not be the case.
The Scalable, Available Cloud
December 27, 2011
With the evolution and proliferation of cloud computing, as more and more applications are being migrated to the cloud, many organizations are considering moving their database to the cloud as well. Two main concerns on users' minds are database scalability and availability.
The 5 Pillars of Master Data Management
December 21, 2011
In the last three years, corporate views of master data management have rapidly evolved from data-centric confusion to a point where companies now focus on the consumers of master data and the business processes that consume it. In the next two to five years, the companies that use this MDM momentum will gain a strategic advantage.
The Sky-High Expectations Surrounding Mobile Networks
December 19, 2011
We hear about the post-PC era, but rarely does anyone talk about the post-LAN or even the post-WAN era. Yet the major IT trends of the day -- from mobile to cloud to app stores -- are changing the expectations we all have from our blended networks. How are the campus networks of yesterday going to support the Internet-borne applications and media delivery requirements of tomorrow?
The Future Enterprise, Part 6: Why Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong
December 17, 2011
There's a new bit of conventional wisdom regarding the future of computing, and it's gathering momentum in some corners of the business world. Advocates of this particular piece of wisdom argue that the best way to reduce the cost and complexity of corporate computing for the data centers of the future is to adopt a single microprocessor design.
An InfoSec Holiday Survival Guide
December 14, 2011
It's December again, and it's a challenging time for information security organizations. It's challenging because while attacks become more prevalent during the holiday season in the form of spam and targeted malware, organizational security "readiness" paradoxically wanes at exactly the same time.
The Winds of Radical Application Transformation
November 21, 2011
In many ways, the mobile device explosion and the cloud computing ramp-up reinforce and support each other. Cloud services make mobile devices -- like smartphone and tablets -- more productive, while making users better connected to enterprise resources and work processes.
A Real-World Approach to Improving Security in the Cloud
November 14, 2011
Everybody knows that the cloud -- in particular, the security of cloud deployments -- is a huge pain point industry-wide. And as is the case with any new endeavor with such broad-sweeping impact, there's no shortage of well-meaning advice about how to secure it. But I confess to finding much of that advice about cloud security somewhat frustrating.
Virtualization and Cloud Technologies: A Prescription for Healthcare
November 14, 2011
How can virtualized desktops and thin clients help with digital records management and healthcare industry compliance and privacy requirements? Let's find out how Rhode Island-based CharterCARE Health Partners has embraced private cloud and virtual desktop infrastructure to support its distributed, 579-bed community-based health system.
The Essence of Cloud
November 12, 2011
The industry roils with definitions and explanations of cloud. These definitions come from product vendors cloud-washing their products, cloud providers positioning their cloud infrastructure, IT teams attempting to cloud-paint their efforts in virtualization, and even from consultants writing articles like this.
Data Integration in the Cloud - or Not
November 11, 2011
Data integration is critical for companies that need to combine systems and databases after a merger or acquisition, or need to link legacy systems to new business applications. This need is vast throughout commercial and public industries, and the task can be daunting, especially for CIOs and IT managers of small- to medium-sized businesses.
Tempering the Supply Chain With Dynamic Discounting
November 07, 2011
Recent trends are driving savvy companies to improve how they manage their supplier and buying processes using dynamic discounting. Discount management and dynamic discounting can dramatically improve how enterprises procure by better managing the buying process, improving cash management, and gaining an analytic edge on constantly improving processes through cloud-enabled automation.
Ecology and Technology: Jobs in the Green IT Industry
November 02, 2011
Green IT is not one industry. Instead, it refers to a number of interrelated fields that focus on designing, manufacturing, installing, using and recycling computers, data centers, electronics and other parts and pieces of information systems. And because of its broad reach, it means the possibility of many different kinds of jobs.
Desperately Seeking Data Management
October 31, 2011
Why is it still difficult for businesses to get the information they want in a way they can use? It's been a persistent problem for decades. What is the state of data and information management strategies? What's the latest in the framework approach to information and data? How can an information architect make a big difference?
Facebook to Build Massive Arctic Data Fortress
October 27, 2011
Facebook is planning to build a massive new data center in the industrial town of Lulea in Swedish Lapland, about 70 miles from the Arctic Circle. The data center will consist of three buildings, the first of which will cover about 33,000 square yards, Facebook spokesperson Alex Kirschner told TechNewsWorld.
Gates, Palmisano or Branson for President
October 24, 2011
With the U.S. elections ramping up and IBM's 100-year anniversary event in New York focusing like a laser on what makes a good leader, I'm finding it hard not to compare both the incumbent and Republican challengers to the top leaders in technology and find them wanting. I'm starting to wonder if the problem that the U.S. and most democratic countries have is lack of a clear definition of what is needed in a leader.
The Prosumerization of the Enterprise
October 24, 2011
The past several years have ushered in a changing set of expectations from users as they engage with technology and services as both consumers and workers. The sense is that they want to get as much ease of use and productivity from enterprise technology as from their smartphones, social networks, tablets and cloud-based offerings.

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