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Healthcare Data Has to Be Both Secure and Right
December 17, 2012
Lake Health, a regional healthcare system in northeast Ohio, has been examining its information-security practices with a maturing approach. It is shifting from deploying security technologies to becoming more of a comprehensive risk-reduction practice provider internally for its own consumers. This has caused Lake Health to look at the quality of its data.
Study: Smartphone Dieters Shed More Pounds
December 11, 2012
People anticipating weight gain over the holiday season can look toward mobile technology to help them shed those extra pounds. Patients in weight loss treatment programs lost more weight when they coupled nutritional coaching and exercise with prompts from mobile apps, reported Northwestern University researchers.
Bringing Healthcare Home From the Hospital
December 01, 2012
As the dust settles on the 2012 election, one conclusion remains as inevitable now as before: The healthcare industry is in line for major changes, especially over the next two years. Industry and consumer factors are pushing the transformation to a patient-centered approach in care delivery, which will open new opportunities in connected-home technologies.
Basis Watches Every Move You Make
November 29, 2012
The Basis wearable fitness monitor -- announced back in January at the 2012 International CES -- has finally shipped. Already sold out for the holidays, according to the website, the Basis can be reserved for $199. The device enters a market with notable competition from Jawbone, LarkLife and Nike.
A Luke Skywalker-Type Arm's Just the Start for Revolutionary Polymer
November 15, 2012
Researchers at Stanford University have created a new flexible skin-like material that has the ability to heal itself, which could pave the way for a new generation of prosthetics. Further development could also lead to regeneration of organs and limitless other possibilities. Led by Zhenan Bao, Ph.D., the research team created a self-healing polymer that is touch-sensitive and self-healing.
FCC Draws mHealth Road Map, Part 2
November 02, 2012
The U.S. government's efforts to advance health technology include work taking place at two obvious agencies: the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, an unlikely player in the healthcare arena has emerged -- the Federal Communications Commission, which finds itself at the center of the mobile health, or mHealth, sector.
FCC Draws mHealth Road Map, Part 1
October 30, 2012
Smartphones can perform all kinds of neat tasks, such as instantly directing owners to the nearest sushi bar, or providing inning-by-inning updates of the World Series. Beyond these eye-catching consumer conveniences, the potential for more substantive uses for mobile telecom is enormous. One such area is healthcare, including a wide range of services.
Foursquare's New Ad Layer Ropes In More Brand-Friendly Users
July 26, 2012
Foursquare is following up on a feature it introduced last week that layers on new ad functionality for brands seeking to target local customers. Unveiled last week, "Local Updates" lets users keep up with places they like in their Friends tab. Now the social service has rolled out "Promoted Updates" in the Explore tab.
Virtual Organism Reveals Secrets of Cellular Processes
July 24, 2012
Bioengineering researchers at Stanford University have created a computational model of an entire organism, according to a report published in Cell. This model lets them predict cellular behaviors that haven't been observed, as well as new biological processes and parameters. The organism modeled is Mycoplasma genitalium, or M. genitalium, the smallest known genome that can constitute a cell.
Sensor-Equipped Gloves May Give Voice to Sign Language
July 12, 2012
Making use of sleek black gloves, sophisticated sensors, a microcontroller and a smartphone, students from the Ukraine have created a device that translates sign language into speech. Called "Enable Talk," the system won first place in the software design category at Microsoft's 10th annual Imagine Cup, held this year in Sydney, Australia.
Encryption on the Go, Part 2
June 06, 2012
The growing consumerization of IT is turning into a security nightmare for many IT departments, but it's perhaps hitting the healthcare industry worst. "BYOD is an emerging issue in healthcare, as staff bring their latest and greatest devices and ask to use them in their work," said Christina Thielst, vice president at Tower Strategies.
Rx for Medical Students: Take One Tablet
May 23, 2012
The educational e-book market has grown fiercer in the last few years, raising the question of where the end game will leave educational institutions in their attempts to reduce student churn, increase productivity and radically reduce costs. As the battling e-textbook giants try to cut exclusive deals and limit competitors' supplies of e-content, educators are wondering if their choices of learning material will be choked as a result.
Paralyzed Woman Takes Sip of Joe Using Mind-Powered Robo Arm
May 17, 2012
Researchers have developed a robotic arm that has enabled a paralyzed woman to drink a cup of coffee -- by directly controlling it with her mind. The development has raised the question of whether this approach could perhaps restore some mobility to similarly affected people in the future.
mHealth Looks Rosy at CTIA
May 09, 2012
The future of the mHealth space is, in a word, "growth," which is exemplified at this week's International CTIA Wireless 2012 trade show. Several companies are presenting their wares in the Wireless Health Pavilion, with innovations that allow consumers to monitor health remotely, track daily habits, manage health records, track inventory, and support physical wellness.
Brain-Scanning Bot Maps Minds at Warp Speed
May 09, 2012
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech have automated the process of finding and recording information from cells in living brains. "Autopatching makes recording the electrical and circuit properties [of cells] straightforward and effortless for the operator," said Craig Forest, one of the members of the research team.
Facebook's Organ Donor Assist Likely to Play Well on the Street
May 01, 2012
The numbers reflecting the state of organ donation in the U.S. paint a mostly grim picture. There are 114,183 people waiting for an organ -- 18 of whom will die each day, according to DHHS. However, Facebook just added another number to the mix: 900 million -- its user base. In a new initiative, Facebook is encouraging its users to share their organ donor status.
'X-Ray Vision' Tech Could Work With Cellphone Cameras
April 19, 2012
X-ray vision won't just be limited to comic book superheroes in the future. A team at the University of Texas at Dallas led by Kenneth O, Ph.D., professor of electrical engineering, has made new scientific advances that could make it possible for cameras to see through solid walls. The researchers have designed a chip that could make it possible for the camera on a mobile device to see through walls, wood, plastic, paper -- and even into the human body.
Keeping a Lid on It: New Motorcycle Helmet Technologies
March 13, 2012
It's extremely important to wear helmets when riding motorcycles, according to Jackie Gillan, president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, but that's not just her personal opinion -- it's based on clear facts about what happens in the case of a crash. "We know from research that every time a state repeals its motorcycle helmet laws, there's an immediate jump in deaths and brain injuries from motorcycle crashes," Gillan said.
Halo Report Illuminates Angel Investor Trends
March 08, 2012
Now is a good time to be a startup looking for funding, suggests the Halo Report, which provides data and identifies trends affecting early stage entrepreneurs and investors. Angel Resource Institute, Silicon Valley Bank and CB Insights collaborated in the development of the report. Most notable among its findings: The median round size for angel group investments grew to $700,000, an increase of 40 percent over 2010.
Online Medical Resources: The Doctor Is Always In
February 29, 2012
Online medical resources are improving healthcare, access to information and communication between patients and physicians. Patients -- and even doctors -- who want more information about a health topic are more likely to turn to the Web than any other source, and that trend is only increasing.
Avaya Gives Sneak Peak of Upcoming Healthcare Apps
February 21, 2012
Avaya has provided a sneak preview of several healthcare IT-based mobile applications it will be rolling out later this year. These include Avaya Mobile Activity Assistant, Avaya Flare Communicator for iPad, and other collaborative service offerings in telehealth and social media. Healthcare is one of Avaya's chief verticals, said Sanjeev Gupta, general manager of Avaya's Healthcare Solutions group.
New Social Network for Caregivers Bucks 'User as Product' Model
February 16, 2012
Former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz is offering caregivers a social networking service designed to be free of confusing privacy policies and invasive advertising. Social networking is far older than Facebook, MySpace or even Friendster, according to Schwartz, CareZone founder and CEO. Family is actually the world's oldest social network.

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