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How to Choose an Enterprise Server Linux Distro
October 30, 2013
Discuss the merits of the many competing desktop Linux distributions out there, and you could fill several hours with heated debate. Turn the conversation to enterprise server distros, however, and the room can become quiet very quickly. The fact is, those on the hunt for the best or easiest or cheapest enterprise Linux distro have far fewer choices.
Mavericks Can Be Fountain of Youth for Old Macs
October 29, 2013
As someone with a reluctance to upgrade his hardware as often as Apple would appreciate, two aspects of OS X 10.9 Mavericks immediately caught my attention: its memory management and its battery-life enhancements. Mavericks makes a number of changes in power management that improve battery life substantially -- even on my old 2009 13-inch MacBook Air.
Apple Starts Serving Free Beer
October 28, 2013
Well we've had a few weeks of fun here in the Linux blogosphere dissecting Linux poll results, but last week brought those inwardly focused musings to an abrupt end. The cause? Yet another news flash from the outside world. The conversation was in full swing down at the blogosphere's Punchy Penguin when a turtleneck-clad stranger burst through the saloon's swinging doors.
Linux Lite Is Heavy on Features and Usability
October 24, 2013
In a computing world distracted by distro overload, Linux Lite is a lightweight Linux OS that has no trouble handling a heavy workload. Long gone are the days when it took hours to install and set up Linux on a computer, but most Linux distros still need a bit of configuration to adjust the massive desktop options to your liking.
iPhone Teaches Mac a Thing or Two
October 24, 2013
The Mac came first, but the iPhone and iPad are what rocketed Apple to the top of the consumer technology mountain. The thing is, while the iPhone is a great phone, the head-scratching success of Apple's mobile device sales is only partially due to the hardware and OS itself. Apple's success is all about how well Apple creates, connects and distributes its entire hardware and software ecosystem.
Powerful Nokia Tablet Focuses on Photo Skills
October 23, 2013
Nokia has announced its first Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520, along with two phablets with 6-inch screens. The 2520 is "designed for people who like to take photos on their smartphones and edit them on tablets," noted tech analyst Rob Enderle. The phablets "can be used as pretty decent readers, so they're a good alternative to having to carry both a phone and a tablet."
Apple Plays the Free Card
October 23, 2013
Apple threw down the gauntlet to the PC industry and aimed some veiled barbs at rival Microsoft at a Tuesday launch event to refresh its software and hardware lines. Apple announced new editions of its iWork and iLife suites, which will come free with any new iPad, iPhone or Mac. Further, all of its customers can upgrade to OS X Mavericks, the latest version of OS X, for free.
LG Goes Chrome-Crazy at Trademark Office
October 21, 2013
LG last week filed for trademarks on three names that contain the word "Chrome," sparking widespread speculation that the company is planning to launch an array of devices that run Google's Linux-based Chrome OS. "ChromeOne," "ChromeDesk" and "ChromeStation" were the names LG snapped up, and for all three LG listed the device class as "laptop computers; computers, convertible computers; tablet computers."
Dozens and Dozens of Distros: Is It Too Much of a Good Thing?
October 21, 2013
Well it was another relatively quiet week here in the Linux blogosphere, despite the arrival of a certain Saucy Salamander in town. Linux Girl and the other regulars down at the blogosphere's Punchy Penguin Saloon had braced themselves for the worst as the Big Day approached, but the launch festivities appeared to be relatively subdued this time around.
Patent Win Could Give Apple a Courtroom Midas Touch
October 18, 2013
Apple appears to have been handed a potent weapon it can use as it battles in courtrooms around the world to assert its patent rights. Specifically, in a recent re-examination of a key multitouch patent held by Apple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last month upheld all 20 claims included in the patent, according to a filing spotted on Thursday.
Windows 8.1 Could Get Some Love
October 17, 2013
Microsoft on Thursday began rolling out Windows 8.1 worldwide. This latest update to its flagship OS has improved multitasking, improved search, a redesigned Windows Store, and new and updated apps. The Start button, which users have been clamoring for since Windows 8 was released, has been restored.
Microsoft to Give Phablets a Chance
October 15, 2013
Microsoft on Monday announced its third update to Windows Phone 8. It will support bigger, higher-resolution screens, paving the way for WinPho 8 devices with 5- and 6-inch 1080p HD touchscreens that will have six Live Tiles across instead of four. There will also be a host of new features. Simultaneously, Microsoft has launched the Windows Phone Preview for developers.
Which Distro Is Best for Beginners?
October 14, 2013
Well it was a relatively quiet week here in the Linux blogosphere, where all the code is strong and the UIs good-looking. Yes, we had the good news about Tor and its NSA resistance, and yes, the Unu three-way gaming device and the Lenovo Android laptop both generated some excitement of their own. Truth be told, though, Linux fans have been overloaded with good news lately.
BlackBerry Cofounders Consider Making a Bid
October 11, 2013
BlackBerry cofounders Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin are considering buying the beleaguered company themselves, according to a filing made this week with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is one of the many pending possibilities for the company, which has decided to go private in order to salvage its brand and operations. Lazaridis and Fregin already own 8 percent of BlackBerry.
All Things Appy: Top 5 Windows 8 Art Tools
October 11, 2013
The touchscreens prevalent on vast numbers of laptops awaiting your hard-earned dollars in consumer electronics stores accommodate highly suitable new tools for creating art. The tactile nature of the screen, as opposed to the awkward mouse, makes sweeping strokes and other gestures a lot easier. This week's All Things Appy takes a look at five must-have, free Windows 8 art apps.
Chromium OS Vanilla Is a Plain-Jane Browser-Based Distro
October 10, 2013
The Chromium OS Vanilla Build by Hexxeh is a no-frills approach to trying out the concept of a browser-based Linux operating system without buying a branded Google Chromebook. It boots from a USB drive on any compatible computer. Unlike CR OS, Chromium OS boots into the Chrome browser environment. It does not have a full Linux desktop under it to run other Linux applications.
HP Seeks Chromebook Sweet Spot With $279 Device
October 08, 2013
Google and HP on Tuesday unveiled the latest addition to the Chromebook family: the HP Chromebook 11. Like its earlier counterparts, this Chromebook weighs next to nothing -- roughly 2 pounds -- and runs Google's Linux-based Chrome OS operating system. This new one, however -- priced at $279 -- comes with some high-end touches and enough power to stake out new ground in the low-cost mobile computing space.
Intel's Quarky Arduino Adventure
October 07, 2013
With all the cornucopia of Valve-related announcements for gamers over the past few weeks, it may be difficult to imagine that the Linux world could have any more good news in store. That supremely encouraging gaming news, surely, was enough to last us a few good months here in the Linux blogosphere. Well think again! Our friends at Intel have been busy at work with the interests of a different set of users in mind.
Windows and Android Sitting in HTC, K-I-S-S-I-N-G?
October 05, 2013
Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system may become an option on HTC's Android-based smartphones, Bloomberg reported. Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft's operating systems unit, made the request to HTC last month, according to unnamed sources, and will meet with senior HTC executives in Taiwan later this month to discuss the idea. Further, Microsoft may be trying to line up new OEMs.
Dell Whisks the Wraps Off New Tablets, Laptops
October 03, 2013
Dell on Wednesday released new tablets and updates to its XPS line of laptops for geeks, less than three weeks after founder Michael Dell won a long and bitter battle to take the company private again. The company launched two Windows 8.1 tablets and two Android tablets under the revived "Venue" name. It also unveiled the XPS 11, XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops.

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