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Echopass Revs Its Engines for Enterprise Contact Centers
August 26, 2013
Echopass recently unveiled a new enterprise edition of its software for corporations that use the cloud to manage their contact center operations. The offering consists of more than 40 applications and services aimed at centers that support between 500 to 20,000 agents. One early adopter typifies the type of company for which this application was developed, said the company's Rob Farris.
Google Apps Integration Arrives in Zurmo 2.2
August 22, 2013
The makers of the Zurmo CRM platform have released a new version of the technology, a refresh focused on third-party app integrations that allow users to streamline their various Web applications with the Zurmo software. Launched on Tuesday, Zurmo 2.2 comes equipped with Google Apps integration, allowing users to synchronize information between their Google and Zurmo accounts.
BroadVision and SugarCRM Join Hands for Closer Integration
August 16, 2013
SugarCRM and BroadVision have teamed up to integrate their respective products -- SugarCRM's namesake CRM app and BroadVision's Clearvale enterprise social networking platform -- to give users a fuller view of what is happening in the enterprise, the companies announced this week. This is not a full-bore integration between the two products, however.
Nice Systems Gives Customers Face Time With CSRs
August 12, 2013
Nice Systems has introduced a Contact Center Video Recording platform to its Nice Interaction Management suite. While not in great demand yet, this feature surely will draw more interest if customer service and regulatory trends continue on their current trajectory. The feature allows organizations to monitor and track customer service that is provided via video-enabled contact centers.
Zozi: It's All About the Experience
August 08, 2013
Zozi, which connects customers to activity-related adventures or trips -- say sailing lessons or rock-climbing tours -- rolled out a CRM system earlier this year that is an offshoot of an acquisition the startup made at the end of 2012. The name of the CRM system is "Zozi Advance," and it is a build-out from a system the company acquired when it purchased TripFlavor.
Colosa Sweetens SugarCRM With 2 More Spoonfuls of BPM
August 05, 2013
After several months in beta, SugarCRM and Colosa have made generally available a new Sugar module that lets users design business process workflows inside SugarCRM. The application, Colosa's flagship BPM and Workflow Suite called ProcessMaker, was launched into beta in April, but the companies have added two new features and introduced a new pricing model since then, said Colosa CEO Brian Reale.
Experian Steps Up Its Social Engagement Push
July 25, 2013
It can be difficult enough to market to consumers through one channel, but trying to work across channels compounds that difficulty considerably. Enter Experian Marketing Services, which recently upgraded its cross-channel marketing platform with several new features. Experian regularly updates its application, said the company's Jeff Hassemer.
Sage Steps Forward
July 23, 2013
Sage Summit, held in Washington, D.C., this week, was a more upbeat event than it has been over the last two years. During that interval, the company has had the thankless task of telling its customers and partners that it was making big changes. The news was not always welcomed for all the reasons you can imagine. This year, everyone seemed to be breathing a little easier.
Zenmonics Lets Bankers Serve Customers on the Move
July 22, 2013
Zenmonics has announced mobileBanker, a tablet solution that lets bank staff interact with customers on the move. Among its benefits: customer identification and authentication; the ability to serve customers outside the teller line; paperless processing; and more personal service. MobileBanker is built on Zenmonics' highly secure mobileUnited middleware platform.
Cirrus Insight Gives Salesforce Users DIY Flexibility
July 18, 2013
When Cirruspath wanted to update its Cirrus Insight Gmail extension for, it asked clients to draw it a picture. The result is what it calls a complete redesign that integrates lead tracking through seamlessly into Gmail. First and foremost among the features in the new Cirrus Insight upgrade is the ability for users to customize the extension.
New ClearSlide App Paves Sales Reps' Mobile Path to Cloud Content
July 16, 2013
ClearSlide has already released several mobile apps targeting salespeople on the road, and recently it rolled out another key piece of its platform in mobile form. Dubbed "Connect," the new app for iOS devices gives users mobile access to marketing and sales collateral stored in the cloud, such as presentation decks, white papers and videos.
Pipeliner 5.2 Keeps CRM in Sync
July 08, 2013
After making its beta debut back in 2009, Pipeliner CRM software recently graduated to version 5.2, bringing with it the ability to automatically sync data in near real time -- for both Mac and PC computers -- locally or through the cloud. "This is key for salespeople that work globally," said Nikolas Kimla, founder and managing partner of Pipelinersales.
Microsoft Plays Collaboration Catch-Up With Updated Dynamics CRM
July 02, 2013
Microsoft on Tuesday morning unveiled the latest iteration of its Microsoft Dynamics CRM software complete with enhancements including Skype, Yammer and Lync integration as well as extended availability of MarketingPilot. Due for widespread release this fall, the software will also bring long-awaited functionality for iOS and Android smartphones.
HP Targets Salesforce Users With New Document Tool
June 24, 2013
It's no secret that has already inspired virtually countless ancillary products and services, including's ONE Correspond for Salesforce 2.0. Another example launched even more recently, however, is HP Relate, a cloud-based document management product that provides tools for creating interactive documents within the Salesforce environment.
Contact Center Managers Get Some Mobile Mojo
June 18, 2013
Another day, another mobile app release; except in this case, the app is aimed at the contact center supervisor -- not exactly a role that has been inundated with mobile functionality to this point. The application in question is Five9's latest cloud contact software application, which includes mobile functionality. Enhancements to the suite include multichannel capabilities and an iPad app. Smooths Out the Wrinkles in Customer Communication
June 17, 2013
Almost a year after launching its ONE Correspond for Salesforce, rolled out version 2.0. A part of the company's flagship ONE Engagement Platform, ONE Correspond for Salesforce allows users to create communications for customers. Via Salesforce's Chatter, it also has strong collaborative features that give users a way to review, edit and approve documents internally.
Overdraft Protection May Do More Harm Than Good
June 12, 2013
Overdraft costs on consumer checking accounts vary widely across financial institutions and often result in more costs and more involuntary account closures for consumers who opt into such coverage, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported on Tuesday. "Consumers need to be able to anticipate and avoid unnecessary fees on their checking accounts," said CFPB Director Richard Cordray.
SAP Pulls Hybris Into Its Stable
June 11, 2013
SAP acquired Switzerland-based enterprise resource planning company Hybris last week in order to add cloud-based, next-generation e-commerce capabilities to its offerings. Hybris has developed an omnichannel commerce platform that allows businesses to incorporate Web, mobile, call center and store actions in their efforts to track and respond to customer activity.
Bonitasoft Revs Its Execution Engine in Bonita BPM 6
June 07, 2013
It has been a busy three years for Bonitasoft. Since its launch, the company has: 1) commercialized its open source business process management technology, which it created out of the Bonita Project in the mid-2000s; 2) pulled in $28 million in venture funding; and 3) attracted some 600 customers. This week, the company hit a fourth milestone: the release of its first major upgrade.
BigContacts Makes Complex Workflow Building Look Easy
June 03, 2013
BigContacts has unveiled a new iteration of its CRM application. BigContacts 2.0 is a full-featured CRM suite "that is couched in a simple and easy-to-use format," said founder and CEO Bob Walton. That is a point of pride for the company. "We have taken the pillars of what a CRM system needs and made them very robust but in a way that our customers tell us hides the complexity of that robustness."

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