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IBM Makes Siri Wait Outside
May 23, 2012
Enterprises are grappling with the growing trend of employees bringing their own devices for use at work and the security and other issues that gives rise to. However, IBM has implemented a simple solution: Prevent the use of certain apps on employees' mobile devices in the workplace. The company disables Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant, on employees' iPhones.
Intel's New Xeon CPUs: The Next Stage in the x86 Revolution
May 22, 2012
The x86 data center revolution has been a tale of industry standard upward mobility pressuring and displacing traditional systems. In essence, continually evolving x86-based systems and complementary technologies -- particularly virtualization, memory and I/O -- have provided hardware vendors the means to develop systems capable of challenging and beating traditional enterprise server platforms.
NAD Finds Oracle's Pants on Fire
May 12, 2012
It pays to advertise, right? Not necessarily, as Oracle found out when it tangled with IBM recently over advertisements in which Oracle claimed its servers were faster and much less expensive than IBM hardware. Unlike Oracle's headline-grabbing Java copyright and patent infringement suit against Google, Big Blue didn't spend big bucks to take on Oracle in court.
Sandy Bridge Delivers More Processing Horsepower for Integrated Next-Gen Systems
March 13, 2012
Intel's launch of its new Xeon processor E5-2600 product family marked numerous firsts for the company and x86 data centers. The new processors deliver leadership performance, best data center performance per watt, and breakthrough I/O innovation features, according to Intel. Overall, Intel believes E5-2600 processors are not only at the heart of next-generation servers and workstations, but will also power the next generation of storage and communication systems.
Dell's Enterprise Solutions Launch: Business Value Trumps Speeds and Feeds
February 29, 2012
In the run-up to the launch of any of Intel's newest generation Xeon CPUs, most every server vendor and its extended family starts jockeying for position over who has the bragging rights for the fastest, biggest, baddest x86 systems on the planet.
Dell Looks to Shed Its PC Image
February 28, 2012
Dell has unveiled a portfolio of new blade, rack and tower PowerEdge 12th Generation servers. The product line is nothing short of amazing, the company would like you to know. However, please don't focus so much on the underlying technology; rather, consider what it can do for the business line end user. That was CEO Michael Dell's implicit message at the conference at which he unveiled the hardware.
All Hail Debian, King of the Web Server World
January 19, 2012
There's nothing like a popularity contest to elicit a wide array of opinions, but recently an example appeared in the Linux blogosphere that seems to be something of an exception. "Debian is now the most popular Linux distribution on web servers," proclaimed W3Techs in a blog post. For the most part, Linux geeks appeared to be largely in agreement. Could this be a historic first?
Microsoft Rejiggers File System for Windows Server 8
January 17, 2012
Move over, NTFS -- Microsoft has announced a newly engineered file system, ReFS, for Windows Server 8. ReFS, or Resilient File System, builds on NTFS, including many of its features but leaving out others. It will be introduced only as part of Windows Server 8, in line with Microsoft's standard approach for putting out new file systems.
Oracle's Downward Spiral
January 5, 2012
Let's be frank: The main reason Oracle's latest quarterly revenues nosedived was backlash from users fed up with two years of price hikes on products, technical support, maintenance and licensing contracts -- and not because of a correction in the overall server hardware market. Yes, it's true that the latest quarterly financials of other high-technology bellwethers also disappointed.
One Year Later: MS Exchange Practices Most Companies Should Still Shun
January 4, 2012
Over a year ago, we presented a list of the top 10 worst practices that you should avoid if you want to maintain the performance and uptime of your Microsoft Exchange email system. Since then, some things have changed, while others have not. So here's a revised Top 10 List of "Don'ts" to point out which practices still hold true and which do not.
Calxeda's EnergyCore: No Jack to Intel's Beanstalk
November 8, 2011
Last week, Calxeda launched its ARM-based "EnergyCore" Server on a Chip, which the company said consumes as little as 1.5 watts -- the first server CPU to achieve this milestone. This makes EnergyCore ideal for workloads such as Web serving, Big Data applications, scalable analytics such as Apache Hadoop, media streaming, and mid-tier infrastructure such as caching and in-memory scalable databases, the company said.
New 'Server on a Chip' Aims to Lighten Up Cloud Hardware
November 2, 2011
While the image that the high-tech industry has adopted for the source of services delivered over a remote network -- the cloud -- conjures thoughts of airy skies where quasi-magical things happen, the actual cloud is firmly anchored to the ground in data centers bristling with computer servers. As the cloud continues to expand, so does the demand for servers.
Oracle Bets on High End With Sparc T4 Servers
September 27, 2011
Oracle announced its new Sparc T4 server line on Tuesday, stating the new machines outperform IBM Power7 and HP Itanium-based systems. In fact, the Sparc T4-4-based SuperCluster is 2.4 times faster than an all-IBM solution and 5.7 times faster than the HP Superdome 2, Oracle said.
MDM and the Next-Gen Green Data Center
August 17, 2011
Does "green data center" refer to having more greenery around your data center site? No, definitely not. It means reducing your carbon footprint by making effective usage of the core center of your organization -- your "information assets." Being green requires an end-to-end, integrated view of the data center.
Reeling Video Surveillance Into the Digital Age
June 15, 2011
Fans of "Law and Order," "CSI" and other popular crime shows have seen their fair share of video surveillance tricks -- but have you ever stopped to compare Hollywood surveillance footage to what you see on the 11 o'clock news? In the real world, still images or video from bank or convenient store robberies are often grainy with greenish hues -- terrible image quality for anyone looking for forensic evidence or identification.
Microsoft Surprises With Stellar Server Security Marks
April 20, 2011
Don't look now, but Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 R2 tied with IBM's perennially bullet-proof AIX v7. Both were rated by corporate users as the most secure among 18 major server operating system distributions. Nine out of 10 of the 468 respondents to a recent ITIC survey rated the security of Windows Server 2008 R2 and IBM's AIX v7 as "Excellent" or "Very Good."
Dell's Next-Gen Data Center Strategy Is a Winner
April 19, 2011
Dell's announcement of new solutions and investments around its Virtual Era data center strategy provided clear insights into the company's future plans and direction. The new solutions include the following: vStart; Email and File Archive; and Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions. Dell also plans to invest $1 billion during the current fiscal year on cloud-based solutions, services and delivery options.
Megatrends in the Cloud
April 18, 2011
HP made a series of announcements April 12 on application transformation. In advance of the news, BriefingsDirect met with an HP application transformation expert to dig into some new research and to better understand HP's response to the fast-moving trends supporting the rationale for application transformation.
Facebook Opens Door to New Data Center, Invites the World In
April 8, 2011
Facebook launched the Open Compute Project Thursday in a move that might reshape the IT hardware industry. The project offers for public use tech specs and data about the custom-engineered technology developed for Facebook's first dedicated data center in Prineville, Ore. That technology has increased the energy efficiency in the data center by 38 percent while slashing costs by 24 percent, Facebook claims.
Oracle's Itanium Slug Leaves Intel Bruised, HP Battered
March 24, 2011
Oracle threw a punch that left HP's knees wobbling with the announcement that it's going to stop developing software to run on Intel's Itanium processor family. Intel's future roadmap focuses on x86 processors, Oracle explained. Intel promptly reiterated its support for the Itanium processor.
Datacenter Evolution at the High and Low Ends
March 8, 2011
Last week saw a pair of announcements that could profoundly affect the way that companies plan, deploy and manage their datacenter infrastructures. On the scale-up side of the house, CA announced that it has installed a new integrated IBM zEnterprise mainframe and BladeCenter Extension system. In the world of scale-out servers, SeaMicro announced the immediate availability of the new SM10000-64.
Tackling the VM I/O Blender Problem
February 8, 2011
Server virtualization technology offers lots of benefits for administrators looking to consolidate to make more efficient use of resources, improve management, and save on power, cooling and floorspace. However, deploying server virtualization technology may lead to a few surprises.
Storage: The Achilles' Heel of Data Center Virtualization
January 11, 2011
Virtual machines have dramatically transformed the way IT organizations approach the computing architecture. Server virtualization has quickly revealed that beyond greater efficiency, its true benefits are in building an agile data center where resources can be started and stopped as necessary, files are transferred more easily, and disaster recovery and failover are simpler and more reliable.
Google Search Appliance Looks Skyward
October 18, 2010
Google has added new cloud capabilities to its rack-mounted Google Search Appliance. As of Monday, a new feature, Cloud Connect, lets users of Google Search Appliance 6.8 search content both within an enterprise's firewalls as well as content from Twitter, blogs and industry websites through Google Site Search. Users can also find experts and coworkers related to a search query using the new version of GSA.
The Data Center Retirement Plan
September 25, 2010
An often-overlooked aspect of data center transformation is what to do with the older assets as newer systems come online. Much of the retiring IT equipment can possess sensitive data, may be sources of significant economic return, or need at least need to be recycled according to various regulations.
If Client Virtualization Is What You Want, Better Watch Your Back End
September 18, 2010
We've all heard about client virtualization or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) over the past few years, and there are some really great technologies for delivering a PC client experience as a service. But today's business and economic drivers need to go beyond just good technology. There also needs to be a clear rationale for change -- both business and economic.
10 MS Exchange Practices Most Companies Should Shun
September 13, 2010
Deploying, managing and maintaining the high availability of the Microsoft Exchange 2010 email platform in enterprise environments is no small feat. Given the increased complexity of this new Microsoft platform, there are numerous key decisions to be made as the precursor to keeping Exchange running smoothly.
VMware Buys Parts for Its 'Virtual Giant'
August 31, 2010
VMware on Tuesday announced two purchases aimed at furthering its vision of the future of IT. One is Integrien, which offers software that -performs real=time application and infrastructure performance analysis. The other is TriCipher, which offers secure access management and enterprise identity federation for Software as a Service applications.
Canonical's (Possibly) Excellent Adventure
June 17, 2010
Canonical's Ubuntu may have that special je ne sais quoi when it comes to the desktop, but will enterprise users be similarly enchanted by its new commercial support? That's the question of the moment, as Linux bloggers ponder the company's recent foray into Red Hat territory with its new Advantage enterprise service.
Apple Lets Mini Be All That It Can Be
June 15, 2010
Apple has updated its Mac mini with a redesign and under-the-hood computing overhaul. The most significant enhancements include an HDMI output -- used to connect the Mac mini to an HDTV -- and an SD card slot that allows transfer of photos and videos from a digital camera. Apple has also upgraded the mini's graphics and computing firepower.
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