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Normandy May Lead Nokia's Surprise Android Attack
December 11, 2013
Nokia might be planning a shift away from its Windows Phone base in future smartphones -- even as the mobile phone unit of the business heads to Microsoft. The company is working on an Android phone as part of a push into the low-end smartphone market, according to The Verge. Several sources close to Nokia suggested the company is working on the project under the code name "Normandy."
Low-Light-Loving iPhone Photogs Get Ring of Fire
December 11, 2013
The challenge for any fun-loving youngster old enough to party in dark places is that the quality delivered by iPhone cameras just doesn't match up with the memories of the moment: Smiling faces are washed, vague or blurry, and the color tones, it seems, are never what your mind remembers. Of course, depending on the scope of low-light fun, the photo might be the only thing remembered.
Apple Scores Huge China Mobile Deal
December 06, 2013
Apple and China Mobile reportedly have cut a deal that will bring the iPhone to China's largest mobile carrier. The official announcement of China Mobile's iPhone rollout is expected on Dec. 18, when the carrier plans to raise the curtain on its new 4G network. "The reason this deal is important is it adds seven Verizons to Apple's available market," said Carl Howe, research director for the Yankee Group.
AT&T Dials Down Pricing on No-Contract Plans
December 05, 2013
AT&T on Thursday announced new, lower-cost no-contract plans for customers who pay for their own devices. The new Mobile Share Value plans, which will be available beginning Dec. 8, will be open to new and existing wireless customers and will include a no-contract option that allows smartphone customers to save $15 per month by supplying their own device, AT&T said.
Here's Looking at Me, iPhone
December 05, 2013
USPTO just granted Apple a patent for a facial recognition feature that could unlock a mobile device as well as control how it works. That's right, Apple just got a patent so our iPhones can look at us all the time. I just got used to the idea of using my fingerprint to unlock an iPhone 5s, but now my face? I'm vaguely uneasy about the potential for dark uses this sort of technology opens up.
Dual-Screen YotaPhone Goes Back to the Future
December 04, 2013
Yota Devices, based in Russia, aims to shake up the smartphone market with the entry of its YotaPhone. The smartphone, which goes on sale Wednesday, first emerged in Dec. 2012. It was featured at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, and its intriguing form factor earned it several Best of CES awards. Now, the YotaPhone is hitting the market.
Guardian Blasts US, UK 'Intimidation' Over Snowden Leaks
December 04, 2013
Alan Rusbridger, the top editor for The Guardian, told British parliament that government agencies in Britain and the U.S. have tried to "intimidate" the newspaper since it obtained and leaked loads of secret documents from Edward Snowden. American and British government made it clear that the outlet is damaging national security and aiding hostile governments, Rusbridger said.
How to Manage Your Android Device From Your PC
December 04, 2013
Despite the ever-increasing sizes of mobile-device screens -- many smartphones are now close to or even more than 5 inches -- it's still a pokey and fiddly affair to configure them -- or even look at them, for that matter. Stabbing around those minuscule on-screen keyboards can be a tedious affair. However, there are PC-based solutions out there.
Shoot Super Widescreen Films With an iPhone? Seriously?
December 04, 2013
Budget filmmakers, here's one for you: Scott Cahall, a lens designer at Moondog Labs, has invented a 1.33x anamorphic adapter lens for the iPhone 5 and 5s and is offering it through a Kickstarter project. What's anamorphic? An anamorphic lens let you capture expansive panoramic images and film in gorgeous widescreen. It introduces organic lens flares and distortion that add character and depth.
IT at Home: Nexus 5, Mohu Leaf, Toyota RAV4 EV
December 03, 2013
My regular job involves writing and talking almost exclusively about business IT, but every once in a while I like to consider how personal technology impacts my day-to-day life. Three acquisitions have come my way in the past couple of months: the Nexus 5; the Mohu Curve 30; and a 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV. I'll preface this by saying I've been a Google phone user since the original G1 hit the street.
iPhone 5c Lures Android Users to Apple
December 02, 2013
The new iPhone 5c appears to be working as Apple had surely hoped -- that is, it is enticing consumers with a lower price point to make the jump to the Apple brand, according to new smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. In fact, during the three months ending October 2013, almost half of iPhone 5c buyers switched from competitor brands, particularly Samsung and LG.
Samsung Gussies Up Phablet Line With Galaxy Grand 2
November 25, 2013
Samsung has unveiled the latest model in its line of phablets, the Galaxy Grand 2, bearing a string of enhancements over its predecessor. The company's latest device has a 5.25-inch screen with a 16:9 ratio. The TFT screen is 0.25 inches larger than the previous model and has a 1280 x 720 resolution, compared with the 800 x 480 pixels of the Galaxy Grand's WVGA screen.
3D Systems to Build Printing Platform for Custom Moto Phones
November 25, 2013
Motorola is taking the concept of building smartphones to order to the next level through a partnership with 3D Systems, which makes 3D printers and software scanners and builds parts on demand. Under the agreement, 3D Systems will create a continuous, high-speed 3D printing production platform and fulfillment system to support Motorola's Project Ara.
Intel Chief Lays Out the Game Plan
November 25, 2013
In his first meeting with investors since taking the helm, CEO Brian Krzanich presented a road map for the company's future. Intel will make a stronger push into mobile devices, expand its foundry business to build processors for other chip makers, and move into additional new markets. Intel has lagged behind competitors such as Qualcomm in the smartphone and tablet spaces.
Jury Tips Toward Apple With $290M Samsung Penalty
November 22, 2013
Samsung Electronics must pay Apple $290 million in damages for infringing five of its patents, a federal jury in California decided on Thursday. The sum may not make a huge mark -- or even a moderate one -- on Samsung's balance sheet, but the verdict gives Apple one more victory against its rival as the two battle their way through courtrooms around the globe.
Macy's Dips Toes in Brave New Marketing World
November 22, 2013
Blaring bargain news over PA systems may become a thing of the past if a pilot project launched Thursday by Macy's and Shopkick catches on with the brick-and-mortar set. The companies are conducting the experiments in Macy's San Francisco and New York City stores. The pilot feeds deal and discount information to shoppers as they roam through a store.
US Carriers Nix Samsung's Smartphone Kill Switch
November 20, 2013
U.S. wireless carriers have rejected Samsung's proposal to preload theft deterrent software on its phones, said San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón. Samsung wanted to preload Lojack for Android, which could brick phones and thus eliminate their value in the secondary market, "but only if it was made standard on all devices," Gascón continued.
Logitech Outfits iPhone for Gaming Control
November 20, 2013
Logitech on Wednesday introduced its new PowerShell Controller + Battery, a device that's designed to turn users' iPhones into gaming consoles. Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and fifth-generation iPod touch devices running iOS 7, the PowerShell offers analog off-screen controls along with a battery pack for $99.99. It is now available.
How to Protect Your Android Device from Malware
November 20, 2013
If you're in the majority of Android users, your smartphone or tablet isn't protected from malware attacks. In fact, Jupiter Research reckons that a full 80 percent of smartphones are unprotected. Why is that a problem? The answer is that even if your smartphone hasn't been affected so far, it likely will be, and that's because of the vast sums of money motivating criminals.
Apple, Samsung Whip Out Calculators in Patent Penalty Redux
November 15, 2013
Apple and Samsung are in U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh's court again, this time revisiting how much Samsung should pay Apple for violating five of its patents. Apple is seeking $379.8 million; Samsung wants to pay Apple $52.7 million. The proceedings became necessary after Koh set aside a portion of the original $1 billion-plus award because the jury erred in making its calculations.

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