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Tweetbot 3 Makes Your Twitter Timeline a Thing of Beauty
December 09, 2013
Let's get this clear up front: I am not a Twitter expert. I've used multiple accounts for different purposes; I enjoy following a few personalities; I like searching through Twitter. Until now, I've rarely bothered to tweet or mess with Twitter on my iPhone or iPad, preferring to use the standard browser-based method on my Mac. I know I'm missing out, though.
Hundreds of Counterfeit Sites Seized in Cybersting
December 03, 2013
Nearly 700 websites pushing counterfeit products were seized by American and European authorities, according to Europol. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement teamed with European law enforcement agencies to execute the holiday cybersting. It is surely no coincidence that the seizures coincided with Cyber Monday, the online shopping orgy.
Chinese Chat App Exposes Kids to Prostitutes
November 20, 2013
China's massively popular WeChat messaging app has exposed school students to prostitutes through its "People Nearby" feature, which is sometimes used by prostitutes as a form of, shall we say, mobile advertising. A survey among students, conducted in a handful of major Chinese cities, found that the kids had indeed come across prostitutes' accounts when firing up the People Nearby function.
Microchips May Haunt Tombstone Thieves
November 18, 2013
A private company in South Africa has created "Memorial Alert," a microchip-based technology designed to thwart tombstone robberies. There recently has been a spate of these crimes in Johannesburg. The microchip is inserted into a memorial. When it is disturbed, it will sound an alarm and send a text message to relatives and integrated security companies.
Snapchat Deletes $3B Facebook Bid
November 14, 2013
The furor around popular technology startups shows no sign of letting up. The latest big-money rumor centers on Snapchat, the company behind the eponymous 2-year-old smartphone messaging app that has yet to earn a cent. Facebook reportedly made an all-cash $3 billion offer, but Snapchat turned it down as it was considering a potentially more lucrative deal.
Twitter Leaves Your Timelines Up to You
November 14, 2013
Twitter announced changes to its timeline feature on Tuesday, unveiling a feature that allows users to create custom data streams within TweetDeck. The custom timelines are designed to help users curate a stream of tweets centered around specific hashtags, events, people or any other piece of information a Twitter user deems noteworthy. The timelines are public and on their own page.
How to Refresh a Twitter Feed Automatically
November 14, 2013
One of the great things about Twitter is the ability to keep abreast of what's happening. Whether it's local news, influential tweeters or buddies, you can quickly get a snapshot of what's going on that matters to you. I've written before about how to get breaking news on Twitter, but the approach I discussed there requires the user's intervention.
FB Jockeys for Inside Track in Wireless Industry
November 12, 2013
Facebook has reportedly joined the GSM Association, making plain its heightened interest in mobile and wireless. GSMA is a group made up of mobile operators and other technology companies interested in standardizing and promoting the GSM cellular system. Nearly 800 of the world's mobile operators are members, as are more than 200 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem.
Is LinkedIn Being Sued for Doing Just What It Says It Will Do?
November 08, 2013
A class action asserting that LinkedIn harvests and sells users' email addresses was brought in September 2013. More than a month after the lawsuit was filed, LinkedIn still uses the same approach to collect email addresses and personal information -- that is, it encourages users to "sync your contacts. Stay in touch. Bring your email, contacts, and calendar in one place."
How to Use Social Media Dashboards
November 07, 2013
Social media are becoming an ever-increasing part of marketing. If you've been finding one-user, consumer-oriented clients for Twitter and Facebook cumbersome for your business, it may well be time to move over to a social media management tool like Hootsuite. These kinds of tools allow you to manage more than one social network; schedule posts like messages and tweets; and more.
The Deadly Side of Social Media
November 04, 2013
My perception of social media changed a lot last week. I went from thinking of it as a sometimes helpful annoyance to a deadly hazard run by criminally negligent executives. Nearly getting kicked to death as a result of a Facebook post will do that to a person. What happened was pretty nasty and could have been lethal, so I've spent some time thinking through what I did wrong.
Teen Dropout Rate Spooks Facebook Investors
October 31, 2013
Facebook on Wednesday reported a rise in third-quarter profit and growth in mobile ad revenue. It posted total revenue of $2.02 billion, a 60 percent jump from the $1.26 billion it reported in the year-ago quarter. Advertising accounted for $1.8 billion of that revenue. Facebook now has 1.19 billion active monthly users, an 18 percent jump from the same period a year ago.
Google+ Gets a Makeover
October 31, 2013
Google has introduced a slew of changes that will make it easier to enhance and share digital media on Google+. It unveiled the new features at a Tuesday event in San Francisco, where it also revealed that Google+ now has 540 million active monthly users who upload 1.5 billion photos each week. Several of the Google+ updates are aimed toward helping users work with those photos.
Social Media's Winning Educational Ways
October 30, 2013
Social media is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. When students from the Montclair Kimberley Academy visited Ireland a few years ago, they blogged on Wordpress, posted photos on Flickr, uploaded videos to YouTube, and tweeted. That social media engagement contributed to their education in new and profound ways, said their teacher, William Stites.
Cyberambush on Tunnel Security Blocks Main Israeli Artery
October 28, 2013
Israel last month was hit with a major cyberattack that shut down a key tunnel that forms part of its national road security network. The attack, only being reported now, knocked out key security operations on back-to-back days, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. It reportedly came in the form of a Trojan horse and caused shutdowns on both days.
Instagram Gives Users Sneak Preview of Ads
October 26, 2013
Instagram on Thursday gave users a taste of what its upcoming sponsored photos and videos will look like. Instagram has assured users that the posts will feel natural and not compromise the network's aesthetics. The photos and videos will appear in the same format as an ordinary Instagram post, with a few modifications. The brand name will appear in the top left corner of the photo or video.
LinkedIn Brings Users' Profiles to the In-Box
October 24, 2013
LinkedIn on Wednesday announced three new mobile apps designed to increase users' productivity and mobile reach. First and foremost, LinkedIn Intro is a brand-new mobile app for iPhone Mail that gives users a preview of the credentials of people who send them email from popular email accounts. The app embeds users' LinkedIn profiles into the emails they send so the user sees the sender's image and credentials.
Facebook: Decapitation Vids Are OK if You Oppose Decapitation
October 22, 2013
Facebook has reversed a ban that it implemented earlier this year forbidding the posting of graphic and gruesome content such as videos of decapitations and other atrocities. The company apparently made this about-face some time ago, but it only became widely noticed when the BBC reported on it this week after being alerted by a reader over a page with a clip of a masked man killing a woman.
Facebook Gives Teens a Longer Leash
October 18, 2013
Facebook on Thursday made two seemingly contradictory changes to its settings for teen users. On one hand, it narrowed the audience that can see teens' posts by default; at the same time, however, it made it possible for the first time for teens to open up their posts to the public at large. Until now, the default audience for posts made by kids aged 13 through 17 was "friends of friends."
Facebook to Set Up Shop in Israel's Tech Hub
October 14, 2013
Facebook on Monday announced it was acquiring Onavo, a 3-year-old company that has developed a data compression technology for smartphones, among other things. Israel-based Onavo will give Facebook a foothold in a market known for its advanced tech talent base. While Facebook is clearly interested in global expansion, the driving focus behind this acquisition is most likely Onavo's technologies.

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