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Stuxnet Spotted Stateside in Chevron Computers
November 12, 2012
Chevron was infected with the Stuxnet malware in 2010, the company revealed last week, raising concerns about the effectiveness of cyberweapons as a policy tool. Because of Stuxnet's design, it didn't do any damage to Chevron's computers, but the fact that a cyberweapon created to attack Iran's nuclear capability ended up on the systems of an American oil company isn't very reassuring to security experts.
EMC Grabs Silver Tail
October 31, 2012
EMC has announced it is acquiring Silver Tail Systems, a provider of real-time Web session intelligence and behavioral analysis. When the acquisition is closed, which is expected in the fourth quarter, Silver Tail will be part of EMC's security division, tasked with extending RSA's enterprise security portfolio.
It's Not You, Android - It's Your Apps
October 23, 2012
A substantial number of apps available from Google Play had serious flaws in their Secure Sockets Layer implementations and thus were vulnerable to hack attacks, European researchers found. The team downloaded 13,500 popular free apps to study their use of the SSL or Transport Layer Security protocols, with a particular focus on the apps' vulnerabilities against Man-in-the-Middle attacks.
Standing Your Ground Against Cybermuggers
October 23, 2012
Many people know it's a bad idea to open attachments in email received from strangers, but relatively few know they need to take the same precautions when clicking links on social media sites and even VoIP service Skype. In recent weeks, cybercriminals have been targeting individuals through Skype, and the criminals have been picking up their game and increasingly utilizing so-called ransomware.
Bogus Apps Litter Android With Malware
October 22, 2012
Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. As a result, it's also one of the most popular mobile operating systems to be targeted by malware writers. Malware aimed at Google's Android platform increased sixfold during the quarter that ended in September, according to a report released Monday by Trend Micro.
MiniFlame Drops Cyberbombs on High-Value Targets
October 17, 2012
Security researchers have identified a new offshoot of the notorious Flame espionage malware. The malware, called "miniFlame," creates a backdoor in the systems that it infects. That backdoor can then be used by an attacker to gain access an infected machine. The attacker can then write files to the compromised computer, snatch files from it or snap screenshots of its display.
Cyberattack Warning Throws US Banks' Security Into High Gear
September 21, 2012
Citing recent threats of cyberattacks, the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, an industry body set up by the financial services industry, has raised its cyberthreat level from "elevated" to "high." It points to credible intelligence indicating the potential for distributed denial of service and other cyberattacks against financial institutions.
Mobile Tech Gives Malware Makers Much Bigger Playground for Mischief
September 04, 2012
Twitter-controlled mobile botnets and mobile ransomware are a few examples of what's in store for Internet users, according to the second-quarter McAfee Threats Report. In general, mobile tech has emerged as a major vector for hack attacks, with many that might once have been aimed at PCs now focused on other devices.
Speeding Up Your PC, Part 5: Getting Secure
September 01, 2012
One of the most dreaded words for any computer user is "malware." Rogue software and infected files can implant bits of code that log keystrokes, spy on activities, slow down searches and snatch financial information. Users can help protect their PC by installing antivirus software, but even this comes with its own set of issues and is not always foolproof.
Don't Trust That Text
August 20, 2012
A well-known iOS hacker who uses the handle "pod2g" revealed a flaw in Apple's mobile operating system, iOS, that he says can be exploited to alter the "reply to" information in SMS messages. Such a tactic could be used by cybermiscreants to pry sensitive information from the recipient of a message or divert them to a malicious website.
Apple's Television Vision
August 18, 2012
Apple has been sizing up the world of television for a long time now with very hungry eyes. The company almost never reveals its plans out loud, of course, but if you test the PH level of the rumor pool, it's starting to look a lot like it did about six years ago, just before the first iPhone came along.
As Middle Eastern Malware Goes, Shamoon's a Strange Bird
August 17, 2012
Yet another malware attack has emerged in the Middle East. Called "Shamoon," it's hit computers in Saudi Aramco's network, causing a sudden disruption. The specific malware delivered is being referred to as "W32.Disttrack" by Symantec. The attack as a whole was named "Shamoon" after the title of a folder found within the malware executable.
Kaspersky Seeks a Few Beautiful Minds for Gauss Decryption
August 15, 2012
Kaspersky Lab is reaching out for help to crack the security of the Gauss malware, which it discovered recently. It's still not known how people get infected with the malware, Kaspersky Lab said. The purpose of the "Palida Narrow" font Gauss installs hasn't been figured out, either. But the most interesting mystery is the encrypted warhead Gauss carries.
Greater Malware Threats Demand Greater Federal Agency Vigilance
August 15, 2012
Information technology security is an unending challenge for both the private and public sectors. Private sector firms have their own security protocols and commercial motivations to ensure security -- as well as the obligation to meet appropriate government regulations.
The Honan Affair and the Cloud's Dark Lining
August 13, 2012
The attack last week on journalist Mat Honan's iCloud account has the potential to strip the silver lining from the cybernimbus. Honan had his digital life destroyed when hackers, in a convoluted effort to hijack his Twitter account, ended up trashing everything connected to his Apple iCloud account.
Flame Malware Ignites Gauss in Lebanon
August 10, 2012
The fallout from the Flame malware that was identified in May continues. Ongoing research into the malware has led antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab to discover a new malware platform, which it has named "Gauss." This platform has several similarities to Flame, Kaspersky said.
Can the Cloud Shield Google Wallet From Pickpockets?
August 06, 2012
Some folks' answer to wallet security is chaining it to their belts. Google's is to chain it to the cloud. The Search Giant added some security features to its Google Wallet product last week intended to make it safer for consumers to use. For example, credit card information no longer resides in the Google Wallet mobile app.
NSA to Hackers: A Little Help?
July 30, 2012
United States National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander has urged hackers to contribute to securing cyberspace. Speaking at the DEFCON 2012 security conference, Alexander said the hacker community and the U.S. government cybercommunity share some core values. "At DEFCON 20, Gen. Alexander discussed shared challenges and shared responsibilities in cyberspace," NSA spokesperson Vanee Vines said.
Siemens Patch Aims to Thwart Stuxnet Offspring
July 30, 2012
Siemens, which made the industrial controllers targeted by the Stuxnet cyberweapon, announced last week that it was releasing some patches aimed at foiling attacks on its hardware similar to those mounted by the now-famous worm. Previous versions of the controllers used in SCADA systems allowed DLL files to be loaded into the devices without validation.
The Case Of The Android Botnet
July 23, 2012
Microsoft security researcher Terry Zink pulled the pin on a virtual grenade when he aired his belief that he'd discovered a botnet manned by Android zombies. After examining some spam, Zink found suggestions that the junk mail was being generated from Android smartphones with access to Yahoo mail accounts.

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