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Apple Sheds Maps Humiliation and Gets the Last Laugh
November 14, 2013
Apple angered millions of iPhone users -- and baffled millions more -- when it ditched the generally functional built-in Google-based Maps app in favor of its own. That was last year, when it introduced iOS 6. Howls of anger rocketed across the Web, and fanboys of other platforms -- including some Apple enthusiasts -- started tracking Apple Maps fails.
Thunderbird Lets You Fly Through Your Email
November 12, 2013
Mail clients have lost their luster in recent times. Between social media fulfilling the messaging needs of many people and webmail's growing popularity, desktop email apps are beginning to look passť. Still, email clients have their adherents. I count myself among them. I like the idea of having all my email on my computer, not in someone's cloud where someone I don't know might peruse it.
igHome Offers Cozy Abode for iGoogle Orphans
November 5, 2013
Google birthed its personal portal software, iGoogle, during simpler Internet times. Online applications were few. Clamshell handsets were all the rage. Combining "social" and "media" was an oxymoron. The portal wars began. Online titans like Yahoo, Microsoft and Google vied for eyeballs and the mantle of most visited Internet destination. Personal portals emerged from that competition.
IE Gets Top Props for Thwarting Socially Engineered Malware
November 4, 2013
By duping an Internet innocent into making just one errant click, an online bandit can inflict a world of hurt. Socially engineered malware attacks attempt to deceive a user into downloading malicious software, typically through a link to an infected website. The best protections against those attacks are built into Microsoft's Internet Explorer, according to NSS Labs.
Firefox's Lightbeam Brings Web Trackers Out of the Dark
October 25, 2013
Mozilla has released a tool to show which companies are monitoring your online browsing activity in its mission to make the Web more transparent. Lightbeam, available as a free Firefox browser extension, shows which third-party companies are tracking your browsing activity, and how they are connected. Those third parties often represent brands that want to share your data or display targeted ads.
The Unhealthy State of Healthcare.gov
October 25, 2013
Finger-pointing has erupted among contractors responsible for the Obama administration's troubled Healthcare.gov website. CGI Federal, the subsidiary of Canadian firm CGI that was the lead contractor for the project, blamed another contractor, as well as the United States federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which it said directed and supervised its work.
Consumers Urged to Wait for Healthcare Website to Heal Itself
October 23, 2013
The only upside for the Obama administration in the troubled launch of the health insurance marketplace is that it is still early days for the program. On Oct. 1, the government rolled out its vehicle for providing health insurance to persons currently without coverage. The rollout featured the launch of HealthCare.gov -- a website where consumers can purchase a policy online.
With Pogue Hire, Yahoo May Be Putting Content Horse Before Ad Cart
October 22, 2013
Yahoo on Monday announced the hire of New York Times tech columnist David Pogue to lead "a major expansion of consumer tech coverage." He will publish columns, blog posts, video stories and more, starting later this year, the company said. Pogue and his team "have much bigger plans, too, for all kinds of online and real-world creations," he said.
Google Maps Learns to Multitask
October 10, 2013
Google Maps has become the default source of directions for many users, but one feature it has notoriously lacked is the ability to provide directions to multiple destinations. On Wednesday, however, the company announced that it is now rolling out the feature at last. "One of your most requested features -- directions for multiple destinations -- will begin rolling out today," said Google's Florian Goerisch.
The Hidden Price of Free Webmail
October 4, 2013
No one expects a free lunch. So when people use a free webmail service, many assume they will be bombarded with advertising. Why? Obviously, because the webmail services make money by commercializing the content of the webmail! Actually when you sign up for free webmail, and click "I Accept," contractually you are acknowledging that you have read, and agree to, the ToS and Privacy Policies.
Ford Picks Up Livio on Road to Connected Car Standardization
September 28, 2013
Ford has announced the acquisition of Livio Connect, a 5-year-old Michigan company that wields influence in the car connectivity field out of proportion to its size. That's partly because Livio's technology is used by some major players and partly because Livio's Keys marketplace is a B2B exchange where automakers can execute and manage business deals with partners.
Mail for Yahoo: The Joy of Local Email Without the Client
September 25, 2013
Since Marissa Mayer took the helm of Yahoo, one of her top priorities has been to keep Yahoo Mail relevant to people's digital lifestyles. Yahoo has always been on the bleeding edge when comes to webmail interfaces -- steadily bringing desktop features to its online offering. What it needs is something to attract eyeballs and subsequently, new accounts to the service.
Heavy Attacks Expected as Microsoft Scrambles to Fix IE Flaw
September 18, 2013
Microsoft revealed Tuesday it was investigating a previously unknown security flaw affecting all versions of its IE Web browser. Hackers have attempted to exploit the vulnerability in targeted attacks on users of versions 8 and 9, it reported in a security advisory. "The vulnerability may corrupt memory in a way that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code," the advisory says.
Box Unboxes Note-Taking App Beta
September 16, 2013
Cloud storage provider Box has unveiled a private beta of Box Notes, a real-time content creation and collaboration feature, as an add-on to its existing services. Box Notes is designed to let business teams capture and share ideas on the fly. "Box has gotten a reputation as being the most secure enterprise file-sharing service," said Gerry Purdy, principal analyst at MobileTrax.
Web App Firewalls Blunt Attacks
September 16, 2013
Web applications have become attractive targets for hackers because they allow bad actors to maximize the reach of their mischief with a minimum of effort. That's what originally attracted the Internet underworld to programs like Windows and Adobe Acrobat, and it's what continues to attract them to Java. A vulnerability in one of those programs can be exploited in millions of machines.
Google, Gmail and the Persistent Privacy Pickle
August 20, 2013
Most of us have a hard enough time keeping track of the security implications of the services we've signed up for, but recently an assertion was made that should send chills down the spine of virtually anyone who ever uses the Web. Namely, Google can scan and use the electronic communications not just of its own customers, but also those of anyone who sends emails or messages to business partners that do.
Google Asks Search Users to Speak Up
August 15, 2013
Google is making a major push into voice search with the rollout of several new capabilities, the company announced on Wednesday. Specifically, over the coming days and weeks, English-speaking users with voice search on desktops, tablets and smartphones will be able to ask Google such common queries as, "is my flight on time?" and get answers instantly in Google Search.
Russia to Host Snowden Family Reunion
August 12, 2013
Lon Snowden, the father of famed leaker Edward Snowden, and the family's lawyer have obtained visas to travel to Russia, where Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum as the U.S. seeks to extradite him on federal charges. Speaking on ABC News' This Week, the senior Snowden and the lawyer did not divulge many details of the trip.
Amazon Greenlights HTML5 Web Apps
August 8, 2013
Amazon on Wednesday launched support for HTML5 Web apps in its Mobile App Distribution Program. Developers can now submit URLs for their HTML5 apps to Amazon and leverage the company's In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript. Amazon "is working towards closing the gap between the capabilities of Web apps running on its platform and those of native apps," remarked tech analyst Al Hilwa.
Mozilla, BlackBerry Team Up on Peach Fuzzing
August 1, 2013
Politics may make for strange bedfellows, but there's no comparison to the match-ups that occur in the business world. Consider this: Mozilla, which has been flexing its muscles of late and pushing into the smartphone business and foreign markets, has teamed up with the flailing and failing BlackBerry, which is hemorrhaging market share, to conduct research on bugs in browsers.
SmugMug Gives Its Artists a New Palette
August 1, 2013
For the first time in more than a decade, SmugMug has given itself a major facelift. The new look for the image watering hole comes a scant two months after Flickr, another picture Web oasis, overhauled its Web presence -- a move that received mixed reviews. Through its redesign, SmugMug aims to give the site a cleaner and more modern look. It's also pledging better cross-platform performance.
Flipboard Tests the Web Waters in Read-Only Form
July 24, 2013
After launching as a mobile-only app for tablets and smartphones, Flipboard has landed on the desktop. Originally designed for the iPad when it launched back in 2010, Flipboard lets users create their own digital magazines from stories in the news. It used to be, however, that the only people who could view and browse those creations were other Flipboard users on mobile devices.
Facebook's Latest Mobile Strategy: Dumbphones
July 23, 2013
In a nod to developing nations like India and Brazil, Facebook will unveil plans for "Facebook for Every Phone," which is designed to make Facebook accessible on technologically humble feature phones. Facebook, which already boasts more than 1.1 billion users, now wants to target the 100 million people worldwide who access the site on feature phones.
New Databoard Lures Marketers Into Google's Web
July 10, 2013
Anyone who's ever made a presentation with data knows that making data presentable isn't always easy. That's part of the rationale behind Google Databoard, which was announced on Tuesday. "We created the Databoard tool to help marketers explore, interact with and share some of Google's recent research in a more immersive way," said Google's Adam Grunewald.
Dropbox Enlists Devs to Make It Ubiquitous
July 10, 2013
At Dropbox's DBX developer conference, the company on Tuesday announced a suite of new tools designed to make it easier for developers to bring its file-syncing technology to new devices and platforms. "We want to be sure that stuff is always available, no matter if you're on your laptop at work, a tablet on a plane or a smartphone on the bus," wrote founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.
All Things Appy: Top 5 Humor Apps for Firefox
July 10, 2013
The desktop environment can sometimes be the spot where you need a bit of humor the most. During a hard day pounding away at the contraption, a little light relief may be in order. In today's All Things Appy, we take a look at the top five must-have free humor add-ons for your Firefox browser. Our top choice, Stitcher Radio, lets you listen to comedy radio shows on demand.
Laying Down the Virtual Law in Second Life
July 6, 2013
Millions of people have created avatars that live in Internet virtual worlds. Those virtual worlds include Second Life and Maple Story, as well as video games. Although these virtual worlds and games are used regularly by individuals around the world, few consider the ownership and other legal rights associated with their virtual activities. There has been some interesting litigation.
RSS Rises From Google Reader's Ashes
July 1, 2013
Procrastinators may have been surprised Monday when they tried to catch up on their news feeds by using their old dependable Google Reader only to find out it was gone. That's right -- Google has shut down its RSS aggregator for good. It's too late to save your Reader data, but you can still go through the laborious task of reconstructing your news feeds from scratch in a Reader alternative.
Firefox 22: Look Ma, No Plug-ins!
June 26, 2013
Firefox 22, launched by the Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday, supports voice calling, video chat and peer-to-peer file sharing through the browser without plug-ins, thanks to full support for the WebRTC application programming interface. Firefox and Google Chrome support WebRTC, but currently Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari browser do not.
All Things Appy: 5 Best Chrome Apps for the Work Day
June 26, 2013
There's no shortage of apps out there for relaxation and entertainment, but sometimes, it's just time to get some work done. This week, All Things Appy is looking at the top five free, must-have work-day apps in the Chrome Web environment. Some of the best are Google products, as you might expect -- Chrome is a Google product, after all, and that's reflected here.
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