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All Things Appy: 5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Research
January 04, 2013
Before we became used to the slew of apps cluttering up our smarthones, desktop browser environments like Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox created "add-ons" and "extensions" -- the precursors of apps. For all intents and purposes, Firefox add-ons are app-like helpers, and using them is a good way to streamline your browser without having to perform a cumbersome favorites or bookmarks browse.
Yahoo's Email Rescue May Come Just in the Nick of Time
December 13, 2012
Yahoo has given its email service a major makeover, both for its desktop and mobile products. The changes include a streamlined and less cluttered interface that is easier to navigate. The new version of Yahoo! Mail is also faster for users to open and read messages. The changes have been long in coming and may have arrived just in time for Yahoo.
AOL's Alto Aims to Tidy Up Email Clutter
October 19, 2012
AOL is rolling out a cloud-based service, Alto, designed to help email users de-clutter their messy in-boxes. AOL, which offered one of the first email clients adopted by the mainstream, isn't trying to draw customers away from popular services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Instead, it is offering an application that focuses on organization by design.
Rockmelt for iPad Lets Pictures Do the Browsing
October 12, 2012
Rockmelt brought social browsing to the desktop in 2010 with an innovative Web browser, and now it hopes to do the same for the iPad with a new browser introduced on Thursday. Unlike traditional browsers, Rockmelt for iPad presents a user with two columns of floating tiles containing information that the user may be interested in based on past browsing. It chooses what to display based on an analysis of a user's Internet activity, social networking interactions, manual choices and other factors.
Box Embed Tools Tear Down Content Walls
October 09, 2012
Box on Tuesday unveiled Box Embed, a new HTML5-based framework, at its Boxworks 2012 conference in San Francisco. This lets users embed Box's various features -- uploads, search, comments, sharing and file edits -- easily in their website, forum or blog. The company also announced that 10 enterprise software partners, including Oracle, SugarCRM, NetSuite and Zendesk, will use Box Embed in their apps.
PayPal Blocks Argentine Peso-to-Dollar Conversions
September 18, 2012
Online payment service PayPal will prevent users in Argentina from making domestic transfers. PayPal users in Argentina will only be able to send and receive "international payments" starting on Oct. 9. The move is apparently linked to the Argentine government's 2011 decision to restrict the purchase of U.S. dollars, a move implemented either to prevent tax evasion and money laundering, or to prop up the value of the peso, depending on whom you ask.
Firefox 15 Goes on a Memory Diet
August 29, 2012
Better management of memory and updates highlight the latest release of the Mozilla Foundation's Web browser, Firefox 15. Firefox's development team has steadily improved the browser's memory management over recent months, but with this release of the program, it's targeting a major contributor to the software's piggish memory ways: add-on applications.
Kana Goes Modular With New Express Application
August 27, 2012
Kana Software is pushing into the mid-market space with a new offering called "Kana Express." It is a multi-channel Web customer service application divided into four modules, all of which can be deployed separately or used as a whole suite.
Goko Shows Its Hand
August 16, 2012
Startup game company Goko emerged from its 2011 stealth launch on Thursday, officially unveiling its HTML5-based lineup. The company -- which released its software development kits to independent developers interested in publishing and monetizing games for the HTML5 platform -- has held its cards closely but is now revealing its hand.
Apple Tunes Out YouTube
August 07, 2012
Soon iPhone users won't see the YouTube app on their handsets and will have to go to the YouTube website from the Safari browser. Apple won't be including the app in iOS 6, as its licensing deal with YouTube is now ending. The video-sharing social networking service is now owned by Google, of course, and this could be Apple's latest move to reduce the presence of its rival.
Court Docs Reveal Details of Kim Dotcom's Rough-and-Tumble Arrest
August 07, 2012
Today in international tech news: Details emerge from the Megaupload case. Also: A British supermarket chain is launching a virtual store in a London airport that will allow customers to purchase items via smartphone and have them delivered on the day they return; Chinese banks are a little behind when it comes to supporting new Web browsers; BBC's ambitious Olympics coverage is proving a hit.
Microsoft Ices Hotmail, Warms Up
August 01, 2012
Microsoft on Tuesday released a preview of its latest webmail client, Built from the ground up, has a strong social component, with links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. A link to Skype is coming soon. Office Web apps -- Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote -- are included with, which will position it directly against Google Docs.
Google Gives Talk Users Something to Squawk About
July 26, 2012
The Google Talk chat application went down some time on Wednesday night, provoking many users to anger. Some said they had switched temporarily to Skype or Twitter. Google posted updates regularly on its App Status website, and began restoring service on a rolling basis. The problem apparently also affected the Google+ Hangouts service.
Google Takes Street View to the Bottom of the World
July 18, 2012
Google offers Street View-esque images of Antarctica; a man wearing computer-assisted glasses is assaulted at a Paris McDonald's; the WTO rules on China's e-commerce market; a French court decision could mean Google has to censor file-sharing-related results from autocomplete; Microsoft apologizes to the EC, though it could still face huge fines.
Chrome Bookmarks and Tabs Shine Across All iDevices
July 03, 2012
Despite the blood feud going on between Apple and Google, the latter has successfully landed a mobile version of Chrome in the former's iOS App Store. For iPhone and iPad users who are fond of Chrome on the desktop, this could get interesting. Chrome for iOS promises some nice-looking syncing abilities that allow you to automatically make your mobile browsing experience match what you do on your desktop.
Apple Products See the Unpolished Side of Chrome
June 29, 2012
Mac owners have been having more than a few headaches with Google's Chrome browser. Owners of new Macbook Airs have been complaining for several days that their devices have been freezing or crashing when they use the Chrome browser. Google confirmed that the problem is a leak of graphics resources in the Chrome browser related to the drawing of plugins on Mac OS X.
Australian Etailer Puts the Screws on IE7 Users
June 15, 2012
Today in international tech news: An Australian online retailer institutes a tax on people using Internet Explorer 7. Also: A nine-year-old in Scotland who had taken to blogging about her school lunches is muzzled -- and then unmuzzled -- by school authorities, maligned manufacturer Foxconn experiences yet another suicide in China, and the UK rejects Julian Assange's request to reopen his extradition appeal.
Google Maps Travels Off-Road, Into the Sky, and Into the Pocket
June 07, 2012
Google unveiled new features to its mapping technology Wednesday, including an offline mobile version of Google Maps and 3D enhancements to Google Earth. The announcement comes just before Apple is expected to drop Google Maps from its built-in mapping application on the iOS platform and pursue advanced mapping development on its own.
Firefox 13 Tweaks Tabs, Home Pages, Speed and Security
June 06, 2012
Mozilla released Firefox 13 Wednesday, which it says is a speedier, safer version of the open source web browser. The newly launched Firefox also boasts a new home page and tab page layout similar to those of competing browsers such as Google's Chrome. Before the upgrade, when Firefox users clicked to open a new tab, they saw simply a blank page.
Customers See Red as QuickBooks Online Flounders
June 01, 2012
Many customers of Intuit's QuickBooks Online are reporting problems with accessing the service for reasons that remain unclear. "I had a problem when I was uploading data from the desktop to QuickBooks Online," Claudia Bolding, owner of accounting software and bookkeeping services company Detailed Office Services, told TechNewsWorld. "It took me three days," she added.

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