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MySQL Launches Open Source Collaboration Site

By ECT News Staff LinuxInsider ECT News Network
Apr 28, 2006 5:00 AM PT

Open source database developer MySQL has introduced MySQL Forge, a Web site and community directory designed to encourage MySQL users and developers to communicate, collaborate, and share MySQL code and applications.

MySQL Launches Open Source Collaboration Site

MySQL also announced new support for Ubuntu, a version of the Linux operating system that is gaining popularity among open source developers.

"Both MySQL and Ubuntu benefit from extensive open source community development and usage," said Ubuntu project founder Mark Shuttleworth in a keynote address Thursday at the MySQL Users Conference 2006.

"The new partnership and technology support between MySQL and Ubuntu will make it much easier for our joint communities and customers to build and use everything from Web 2.0 applications to large, business-critical software on the Ubuntu-MySQL platform," he added.

Hub for MySQL Collaboration

The goal of the MySQL Forge Web site is to become a focal point for all MySQL-related community contributions and communication.

Community members can contribute by adding articles and tutorials to the MySQL Forge Wiki, posting and maintaining projects in the Project Directory, and by providing sample code snippets in the Snippet Repository.

"The foundation of the open source development model is the rapid creation and sharing of different solutions within an open, collaborative environment," said Kaj Arno, MySQL AB's vice president of community relations.

"Built for the community and grown by the community, we anticipate that MySQL Forge will become a significant resource for MySQL-related development," Arno continued, "providing value to developers and building a stronger network between developers and users."

Support for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the fastest-growing Linux distribution and has been widely adopted within the open source development community, according to MySQL. Based on Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu uses free software to provide a modern, yet stable operating system for the average user, the software developer said.

Starting June 1, MySQL binaries and source code for Ubuntu will be available for download directly from the MySQL Developer Zone and bundled with Ubuntu.

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