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Network Security Roundup for July 23, 2003

By Stephanie Losi E-Commerce Times ECT News Network
Jul 23, 2003 8:15 AM PT

Stay on top of the fast-moving world of network security with ECT News Network's daily roundup of breaking news.

Network Security Roundup for July 23, 2003

E-Commerce Times: Security Threats That Can't Be Stopped
23-Jul-03 07:41 ET

Story Highlights:
"While enterprises face all kinds of security risks, including vulnerabilities that must be patched and viruses that bombard corporate firewalls, the threats that strike the most fear into the hearts of chief security officers and their employees are the ones nobody has thought of yet."

Full Story on E-Commerce Times

MSNBC: Look-Alike E-Mail Scams on the Rise
22-Jul-03 15:01 ET

Story Highlights:
"It may look like an e-mail from eBay, or PayPal, or EarthLink. It may sound like a simple request: Fill in a form because the firm wants to update your personal information. But such e-mails are often cleverly disguised scams from computer criminals trying to steal your credit card number and other financial data."

Full Story on MSNBC

PCWorld: Wells Fargo Customers Hit with E-Mail Scam
23-Jul-03 09:15 ET

Story Highlights:
"Some customers of Wells Fargo Bank Monday found themselves the target of an e-mail fraud attempt. One customer contacted the bank after receiving a suspicious-looking e-mail from 'Wells Fargo Accounting' regarding a new account application. Wells Fargo responded Tuesday, saying the e-mail was a hoax."

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TechWeb: Security Bugs Are Here To Stay
23-Jul-03 05:47 ET

Story Highlights:
"Last week was not a good one for IT security. No sooner had Microsoft come clean about a buffer overflow vulnerability in Windows Server 2003, than Cisco had to fess up to an Internet Protocol version 4 packet problem on some of its routers."

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CBSNews: Cybercafes Pose Security Problems
22-Jul-03 10:47 ET

Story Highlights:
"For more than a year, unbeknownst to people who used Internet terminals at Kinko's stores in New York, Juju Jiang was recording what they typed, paying particular attention to their passwords."

Full Story on CBSNews

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