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Network Security Roundup for July 25, 2003

By Stephanie Losi E-Commerce Times ECT News Network
Jul 25, 2003 7:56 AM PT

Stay on top of the fast-moving world of network security with ECT News Network's daily roundup of breaking news.

Network Security Roundup for July 25, 2003

ComputerWorld: Oracle Warns of Security Flaws
24-Jul-03 23:00 ET

Story Highlights:
"Oracle Corp. warned today of two serious security vulnerabilities in its E-Business Suite product. If left unattended, the software vulnerabilities could enable an attacker to run malicious code on an E-Business Suite server or view product configuration information."

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IDG.net: Microsoft's Charney Tells Congress Vulnerabilities Are a Fact of Life
24-Jul-03 11:41 ET

Story Highlights:
"Microsoft Corp.'s chief security strategist, Scott Charney, today told members of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee that a robust security response capability and effective risk management are critical because software vulnerabilities will continue to be unavoidable regardless of the type of operating system used."

Full Story on IDG.net

The Register: The Hackers Who Broke Windows
25-Jul-03 07:48 ET

Story Highlights:
"The Last Stage of Delirium, the hacking group that laid open nearly every version of the Windows operating system last week, could use a little sleep, writes Deborah Radcliff of SecurityFocus. Since going public with the RPC buffer overflow bug that some are describing as the worst Windows security hole in history, the group has been caught in a media frenzy."

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CNN: Study: E-Voting Flaws Risk Ballot Fraud
25-Jul-03 10:01 ET

Story Highlights:
"An electronic voting system used in some states as an alternative to the troublesome punch-card ballots is highly vulnerable to fraud, computer security experts warned in a study released Thursday."

Full Story on CNN

The Register: Alcatel Beefs Up Router Security with Tripwire
25-Jul-03 14:14 ET

Story Highlights:
"Alcatel and Tripwire this week announced a strategic alliance to provide greater network protection. This shows just how far a layered approach needs to go, if all the attack angles are to be covered."

Full Story on The Register

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