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Coaxing Long-Term Leads to the Finish Line

"Half of the marketing money you spend is wasted -- trouble is you don't know which half," said William Lever of Lever Bros. in 1885. With due respect to Mr. Lever, we know a significant portion of the wasted half is made up of opportunities qualified in an initial lead qualification initiative -- b...


10 Ways to Magnify Lead-Generation Results

If you knew you could apply a number of best-in-class lead generation processes proven to close five times more deals than average processes, would you do it? Seems like a no brainer, doesn't it? But in reality, many companies continue to implement lead generation processes that can be considered av...


How to Get Out of Lead Purgatory

Best-in-class sales organizations that leverage B2B teleprospecting stand out. How? They consistently achieve 90 percent of their sales team quota; they experience at least a 10 percent year-over-year increase in average revenue per sales rep; and they gain an average 7 percent year-over-year improv...


Why That Mountain of Leads Is a Molehill of Sales

In the struggle to grow revenues in tighter markets, most companies are pushing their marketing departments to provide greater market coverage and deliver more sales opportunities. Yet statistics reveal that an astonishing 79 percent of leads generated by corporate marketing departments are never co...

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