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Giving Movies a New Life in the Cloud

With every passing week, reports on box-office receipts come with the same anxiety as industry watchers, film companies, content owners and theater managers assess if the current year will meet or exceed the previous one. Successes like "The Hunger Games" are tempered by disappointments like "John C...


The Changing What, When, Where and How of Video

New technologies are changing the way we watch video. DVRs, VoD, and online video are freeing us from the broadcast schedules that previously dictated when we could watch programming. The latter two, combined with an ever-growing number of channels, are dramatically increasing what we can watch. The...


Europe’s Mercurial Online Video Habits

Roughly 50 million households in Western Europe have adopted broadband services over the past three years. Regulatory reforms in the UK and France in particular have helped boost penetration by creating strongly competitive markets. As a result, a large and growing number of households can now view...


The Rise of Home Networking in Europe

At the end of 2004, it appeared the home networking phenomenon was bypassing Europe. Penetration rates were far behind North America and Asia, and only a few households were interested in a home network. Broadband adoption was likewise lackluster. In many of Europe's leading markets, just one-fifth ...


Web 2.0: Democracy or Anarchy?

In his new book, "The Cult of the Amateur," Andrew Keen publicly and pugnaciously says many of the things people were quietly thinking about Web 2.0. He refers to bloggers as a "pajama army" wreaking cultural havoc from their parents' basements. By penning his polemical book, Keen has brought to the...


Beware of the Pirates!

In 1998, Napster took college campuses by storm and quickly ushered in an era where anyone could download any song they wanted without paying for it. The record labels were caught off guard and spent years debating the best way to respond. A flurry of lawsuits directed against consumers generated pl...


Living in Digital Hell

I'm an early adopter. I don't just analyze technology from the safety of my own cubicle; I bring it into my home and live with it. I find that by doing so, I gain a perspective that would otherwise be lost. About a year ago, I disconnected my traditional landline phone and signed up for VoIP service...


MySpace Is a Natural Monopoly

Economics teaches that the market for some goods and services are "natural" monopolies. Take telephone service, for example. A telephone service is only really valuable if any person with a phone can be connected to any other person with a phone. For this reason, the market will "naturally" coalesce...

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