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Fujitsu Offers Free E-Commerce Seminar

Fujitsu Software's i-Flow division and DMR Consulting Group are offering a free U.S. seminar series for companies entering the e-commerce market. The series is designed to help large and mid-size companies integrate e-commerce into their existing business, in an effective and profitable way.

E-Commerce Times Expands News Syndication Deal with iSyndicate

The E-Commerce Times today announced that it has expanded its news headline syndication deal with iSyndicate, to include full-text news story distribution, in addition to headline syndication.

Jupiter Reports Holiday Online Shopping Complaints

In a new report, Internet research firm Jupiter Communications indicates that online shoppers were less satisfied with their shopping experience during the holidays than they were six months ago. The Report also found that 44% of US online households shopped online during the November/December holid...

Snap To Offer New Multimedia Online Shopping Service

Web surfers equipped with high-speed Internet connections will be able enjoy new multimedia-based online shopping sites, to be offered through Snap's upcoming portal, named "Cyclone." Snap is an Internet portal from NBC and CNET.

Netscape Boosts E-Commerce Security Features

Netscape Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: NSCP) announced on Monday that it upgraded its directory and security software, which is used for e-commerce transactions. Already, major companies like Lehman Brothers, Compaq, and Bell Atlantic have adopted the new Netscape technology, and many others a...

Nuveen Launches 100% E-Commerce Stock Portfolio

Investors who are interested in e-commerce stocks, but don't know where to begin, have a new option to consider. The John Nuveen Company (NYSE: JNC) now offers an "E-Commerce Sector Portfolio" that consists of 35 stocks. Investors can buy into the defined portfolio for a minimum initial purchase of ...

Time Warner Gets Serious About E-Commerce

Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) announced a new e-commerce strategy on Friday, which will include consolidating its e-commerce infrastructure, and naming Michael Pepe as president of Time Warner E-Commerce. Time Warner is the largest U.S. magazine publisher, and its mega-site, acts as a portal...

Sideware Unveils Real-Time Customer Service Tool for IBM E-Commerce Systems

Canadian software developer Sideware Systems Inc. (VSE:SYD) has announced a new customer service tool that enables online merchants to interact with shoppers in real-time over the Internet. Raises $16 Million for E-Commerce Biz

To fuel ongoing growth and help fend off big-name competitors, Mother Inc. has raised $23 million (US$) since mid-'98, including $16 million that was just raised in a second round of financing.

Oracle Announces $100 Million To Fund E-Commerce Ventures

Software giant Oracle Corp. has formed a venture fund of $100 million (US$) to help companies develop e-commerce products and services, using Oracle8iTM software. This could be a golden opportunity for e-commerce software and service developers who need outside investment and marketing muscle to mov...

Study: 43% of U.S. Business Web Sites Conduct E-Commerce

New York City-based Internet consultancy eMarketer reported on Wednesday that the number of active business Web sites in the United States has grown to 339,658, of which only 43% are engaging in direct e-commerce activities. eMarketer plans to release the full report titled "eCommerce: B2B Report" n...

Sunglass Hut Buys Online Competitor

As part of its e-commerce expansion plan, Sunglass Hut International (Nasdaq:RAYS) has acquired Internet competitor, its sister site Swiss Army, and related wholesale operations for approximately US $4 million.

Disney and Infoseek Launch with 8 Million Users

The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS) and Infoseek Corp. (Nasdaq:SEEK) announced on Tuesday that their new joint venture is ready for prime time on the Internet. The GO Network is another mega-portal that integrates and links to popular sites for e-commerce and online shopping, as well as news and informat...

GeoCities To Turn “GeoCitizens” into E-Commerce Resellers

Internet community mega-site, GeoCities (Nasdaq: GCTY), announced on Wednesday that it will enable its 3.3 million personal Web page owners, known as "GeoCitizens," to earn commissions from products they place for sale on their Web pages.

Yahoo! Earnings Go Through The Roof; Stock Split Announced

After the market closed on Tuesday, Web portal and e-commerce powerhouse, Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO), announced staggering revenues for 1998, of US $203.3 million -- up nearly 300% from the prior year. The company also announced a 2-for-1 common stock split, that will take place on January 22, 1999.

Micro System Unveils New Electronic Wallet Software

Micro System Designs today announced the release of WebFormFillTM, a software program designed to make buying products on the Web easier by automatically filling in user shipping and billing information.

ParaSoft Announces Integrated E-Commerce Tool

ParaSoft, a Monrovia, California-based software developer, announced the launch of Internet Store, an integrated e-commerce solution that ties directly into a Web store's inventory database, and automatically updates online catalog information in real time.

TheTrip.Com and Visa Introduce E-Commerce Rewards Program and Visa U.S.A. have launched a new e-commerce program that rewards travelers with bonus miles each time they purchase airline tickets online. In addition to the obvious benefit for e-commerce buyers, this rewards program highlights a strategic opportunity for e-commerce merchants. Debuts Online Shopping Price Comparisons

ExperTelligence, Inc. (OTC BB: EXGP) has announced the addition of a shopping comparison category to its Internet database search engine site. The 'WebData 4D Shopping' section enables users to locate the e-commerce site offering the most competitive price for specific products, includin...

CBS Sportsline Announces New E-Commerce Reseller Program

CBS Sportsline (Nasdaq: SPLN) will launch a new affiliate program to resell its line of sports-related merchandise online. The program will be named the 'Premier Sports Internet Affiliate Network' and will be developed with LinkShare Corporation, a provider of Internet affiliate program technology.

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