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Canonical Breathes Longer Life Into Two Ubuntu Aging Releases

The prolonged lifecycle of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS turns a new page in Canonical's commitment to enabling enterprise environments, said Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos, product manager at Canonical. By prolonging the operating system lifecycle to 10 years, Canonical is helping organizations to better...

multicultural crowd

Researchers Find Cyberattack Discrepancies Based on Race, Gender

The research by Malwarebytes, Digitunity and the Cybercrime Support Network based on a survey of 5,000 people in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany found that Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color (BIPOC) are more likely to have their identities stolen than White people, 21...

Gitpod Answers Developers’ Call To Run Upstream VS Code in Browser

Gitpod is making a browser-based VS Code developer experience accessible to everyone. This allows developers and teams to run VS Code on cloud-powered servers and access it from any device using only a web browser. The new project was initiated in response to continuing inquiries from developers, ac...

Instagram mobile app

Facebook Pushes Pause on Instagram for Kids

Facebook is putting its plans to launch a version of Instagram for kids on hold. The move comes following a report in the Wall Street Journal that Instagram is harmful to young people and congressional pressure to scrap the project. Although Instagram is putting Kids on hold, Adam Mosseri, the head ...

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft Finally Has Truly Competitive Alternatives to Apple Products

Microsoft last week launched its new Surface line, and elements of it better target Apple's weaknesses than any prior effort. Let's talk about the new Surface PC product that best showcases how Microsoft can compete with Apple. We'll close with the product of the week, the Surface Duo 2, which has ...

ransomware attack

Ransomware Attacks Have Gone Stratospheric: Report

Positive Technologies has released a report that indicates ransomware attacks have reached "stratospheric levels." The report finds ransomware assaults now account for 69 percent of all attacks involving malware. That is among the most disturbing findings. The research also reveals that the volume ...

More Open Source Jobs Remain Vacant With Scarcity of Skilled Linux Talent

Hiring is rebounding in the wake of the pandemic, as organizations look to continue their digital transformation activities. This is evidenced by 50 percent of employers The Linux Foundation surveyed who stated they are increasing hires this year. However, employers must be ready to face a shortage ...

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‘Shadow Code’ Creates Risk for 99% of Websites

Shadow code -- third-party scripts and libraries often added to web applications without security validation -- pose risks to websites and jeopardize compliance with privacy regulations, according to new research conducted by Osterman Research for PerimeterX. Third-party code leaves organizations vu...

Mistrust of Facebook

Will Mistrust Jeopardize the Survival of Facebook?

Trust in sources that we depend on for business and personal decisions is critical. A platform that aggregates opinion and news should be held to the highest standard of trust and honesty. Last week we heard that Facebook's moderating system XCheck gives special privileges to some celebrities and po...

smart home system controls

Domotics Brings Home Sweet Home Automation

Smart home technology is quickly becoming more mainstream than niche. As people monitor and control so many aspects of their lives through apps and smart devices, they expect to do the same with their place of residence. TechNewsWorld spoke with experts in the field of domotics -- or information tec...

iPad Mini Touch ID

New iPad Mini Stars at Apple Refresh Event

The iPad Mini was one of Apple's most important announcements at the new product event, maintained Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. "It uses the same chip that's in the iPhone 13, so they've given it incredible processing power," he told TechNewsWorld. "It's really a significant new u...

executives are concerned about ransomware but unprepared for attacks

Execs Fear Ransomware While Most Unprepared To Fight It

High ranking business executives say ransomware is a major concern to them but their organizations are unprepared to do anything about it. Those were the findings of a poll released Monday by global consulting and advisory services firm Deloitte.

video production

Adobe’s Buy Answers Video Collaboration Needs

Adobe on Aug. 19 announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire cloud-based video collaboration platform The acquisition joins Adobe Creative Cloud's video capabilities with's cloud-first workflow functionality to create an end-to-end video collaboration platform.

future of computing

Lenovo Steps Forward With a Vision To Redefine Personal Computing

Last week at Lenovo Tech World 2021, the company announced a vision for a wearable solution that could not only transform how we work, but where we work. Let's talk about this new wave that Lenovo is driving. Then we'll close with my product of the week, the new ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses.

esports arena

The Esports Evolution: Out of the Basement, Into Arenas

Esports has grown into a major industry that shows no signs of slowing momentum. Indeed, the esports ecosystem is on pace this year to surpass $1 billion in revenue for the first time. We spoke with several esports aficionados to hear what they had to say about the evolution of esports, what's drivi...

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Outdated Linux Versions, Misconfigurations Triggering Cloud Attacks: Report

The "Linux Threat Report 2021 1H" from Trend Micro found that Linux operating systems are heavily targeted for cyberattacks, with nearly 13 million detections in the first half of this year. As organizations expand their footprint in the cloud, correspondingly, they are exposed to the pervasive thre...

TikTok Mobile App

TikTok Tops YouTube in Watch Time Among Android Users

YouTube has taken a backseat to TikTok when it comes to average engagement with Android users, according to a report from a mobile market watcher. During the 11-month period between August 2020 and June 2021, TikTok's Android app has surpassed YouTube in the United States in the average monthly time...

learning management systems for business training and education

E-Learning Platforms: The New Academy for Business Training and Education

Organizations are taking advantage of online learning platforms to provide fast and cost-effective knowledge transfer, to and from anywhere in the world. We spoke with several experts in the field of learning management systems to get a sense for what's happening with e-learning in the business sphe...

Does an MBA degree help ensure success in business?

Do You Need an MBA Degree for a More Prosperous Future?

I recently met a young lady with an education degree who is frustrated that her younger siblings are far more prosperous than she is. She's planning on getting an MBA to pivot her career and hopefully position herself for a more prosperous future. Let's talk about that. Then, I'll close with my prod...

Amazon to offer free cybersecurity tools starting in October 2021

Amazon, AWS Trumpet Free Cybersecurity Initiatives

Beginning in October, which is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Amazon will make available to the public the training materials it's developed in-house to keep its employees and sensitive information safe from cyberattacks. It also offer "qualified" AWS customers a free multifactor authentication devi...

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