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cybersecurity professionals

Cybersecurity Pros Uneasy Over Prospect of Quantum Sneak Attack

Four out of five cybersecurity pros are fretting over the potential for a sneak attack by an adversary with a quantum computer that will render the encryption on their data ineffective. Quantum computers can process data much faster than most computers today because they use qubits to crunch data, w...

cloud computing security

Threat of Ransomware Lurks in Amazon S3 Buckets

New research from cloud security firm Ermetic shows that nearly all businesses have identities that, if compromised, would place at least 90 percent of the S3 buckets in their AWS account at risk. Ermetic conducted the study to determine the circumstances that would allow ransomware to make its way ...

SaaS Boom Puts Software Sellers on Road to Recurring Revenue

Nearly 400 top-level corporate executives at software and device firms responded to a Revenera survey revealing the growing importance of SaaS and subscription models for the software industry. The study shows that today's dominant software monetization models are subscription and perpetual licensin...

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Snapdragon 8 Suggests the End of PCs and Smartphones as We Know Them

OK, don't get excited, the death of PCs and smartphones won't happen tomorrow. Nor did Qualcomm overtly declare their demise at the company's annual Snapdragon Tech Summit last week. However, it did announce a level of performance that will eventually make current smartphone and PC designs obsolete.

Lumen metabolism tracking device

Hack Your Metabolism To Improve Health With the Lumen Smart Device

Lumen is an impressive product with even more impressive results. Weight control may be its primary focus; however, anyone who wants to keep tabs on their overall health can gain tremendous personal insight from checking it out. Combined with its iOS or Android app, the process measures metabolism t...

password hacker cybersecurity vulnerabilities

F-Secure Discovers HP Printers Loaded With Security Holes

The Finland-based security consultancy discovered vulnerabilities affecting over 150 different HP multifunction printer products. Attackers can exploit the flaws to seize control of devices, steal information, and further infiltrate networks to inflict other types of damage, according to F-Secure's ...

Report Finds US Workers Lagging in Digital Skills

One-third of U.S. workers lack digital skills, with 13 percent having no digital skills and 18 percent having, at best, limited digital skills, noted a new report by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. In essence, one in six working-age Americans are unable to use email, web sea...

holiday shopping during pandemic

5 Terrific Tech Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Shopping List

It is my tradition to write a piece on tech gift ideas every year, though I wonder how many of you have completed your shopping given the logistics problems that the market is experiencing. A piece of advice: if you find something in stock you want to buy, buy it -- otherwise it may vanish in moment...

credit card phishing scam

Holidays Fuel Surge of Mobile, Online Phishing Scams

'Tis the season to go phishing. Nothing brings out digital bandits like the holidays, and this year is no exception. Proofpoint, an enterprise digital security company, reports its researchers are seeing a massive global increase in holiday-themed mobile phishing attacks, a.k.a. smishing. It noted t...

username password login credentials

Many Consumers Fail To Protect Privacy After Receiving Data Breach Notice

A survey of 1,050 U.S. adult consumers found that 16 percent of the participants in the research took no action after receiving notice of a data breach affecting their accounts. Information from breached accounts can be used for identity fraud or to make employers vulnerable to cyberattacks, includi...


Workplace Report Shows Growing Employer-Employee Attitude Gaps

Research from technology and business solutions firm NTT finds that business leaders are significantly more satisfied with how they have adjusted to new working norms than their employees. The study points to the need for clearer organizational insight into how employees have reevaluated what they n...


Qualcomm and How the Market Is Pivoting From Processor Power to Modem Power

Most of the cameras and sensors rolling out en masse are not mobile. Still, they're not wired, which means Qualcomm's market-leading connectivity technology is becoming more critical than the processors in these devices which increasingly use cloud processing power. Let's talk about this trend and w...

contactless payment from smartphone

The Blockchain Solution for Secure Contactless Payments

The year 2020 forever changed the way we work and perform routine tasks. With the emergence of the deadly coronavirus and the resultant adoption of social distancing, even as the virus approaches its second anniversary, the concept of digital, contactless payments remains prevalent. These payments c...


Bugcrowd Reports Ethical Hackers Prevented $27B in Cybercrime

Over the last year, ethical hackers have prevented more than US$27 billion in cybercrime, according to a report by a leading bug bounty platform. In its annual Inside the Mind of a Hacker report, Bugcrowd maintained that ethical hackers working on its platform were able to prevent those cybercrime l...

industrial robotics

Job Shortages, Pandemic Drive Record-Breaking North American Robot Orders

Industrial robots are hot, with North American orders for the first nine months of 2021 valued at US$1.48 billion, breaking a record set in 2017. While increased sales of robots and use of automation is good news to robot makers and corporations, it could be a mixed bag for workers, according to the...

global warming climate change

Nvidia Launches Earth 2 and Goes to War Against Climate Change

Nvidia is building a focused supercomputer tasked with creating Earth 2, a full-on global 3D metaverse simulation of the Earth to predict climate change more accurately. Let's talk about Earth 2 this week. We'll then close with the product of the week, a new workstation service from HP that potenti...

computer programmer

Computers Use Processes, So Should You

Writing about technology over the years I've produced many guides on how to do cool stuff with your computer. However, without the right foundation, even the most thorough guide can leave room for pesky variables to creep in. This made me realize how important it is to establish what firm footing fo...

Amazon to offer free cybersecurity tools starting in October 2021

SMBs Report Sense of Security Despite Rise in Cyberattacks

Entrepreneurs might well be the latest heroes in cyberwarfare. Despite increasing odds of malicious attacks, SMB owners are forging ahead with a newfound sense of security. Untangle's fourth annual SMB IT Security Report shows that SMBs have adapted to a changing work environment, addressed an influ...

compliance, regulations,standards

Pandemic, Compliance Driving Increased Privacy Spending

The Privacy Governance Report for 2021 produced by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, EY and EY Law discovered through a survey of privacy professionals around the world that privacy spending has increased significantly over 2020, with the average privacy spend amounting to $873...

Microsoft headquarters, Redmond campus

Why Microsoft Again Became the World’s Most Valuable Company

Microsoft on Oct. 29 once again surpassed Apple to take the top spot as the most valuable publicly traded company in the world. This week let's talk about why Microsoft is so well balanced and deserving of the top honors. Then we'll close with the product of the week, the AMD Radeon RX 6600 graphics...

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