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Mistrust of Facebook

Will Mistrust Jeopardize the Survival of Facebook?

Trust in sources that we depend on for business and personal decisions is critical. A platform that aggregates opinion and news should be held to the highest standard of trust and honesty. Last week we heard that Facebook's moderating system XCheck gives special privileges to some celebrities and po...

future of computing

Lenovo Steps Forward With a Vision To Redefine Personal Computing

Last week at Lenovo Tech World 2021, the company announced a vision for a wearable solution that could not only transform how we work, but where we work. Let's talk about this new wave that Lenovo is driving. Then we'll close with my product of the week, the new ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses.

Does an MBA degree help ensure success in business?

Do You Need an MBA Degree for a More Prosperous Future?

I recently met a young lady with an education degree who is frustrated that her younger siblings are far more prosperous than she is. She's planning on getting an MBA to pivot her career and hopefully position herself for a more prosperous future. Let's talk about that. Then, I'll close with my prod...

global warming climate change

Tech Weapons We Need To Combat Global Warming

What if we applied the military's capacity to build "weapons" to save people from natural disasters? Let's talk about some of the inventions that could be used to make us all safer, and switch our focus from harming to helping. We'll close with the product of the week, arguably the coolest Tesla-lik...

virtual reality business collaboration

The Irony of Facebook’s VR Collaboration Debacle

To fix the problem Facebook is trying to solve requires — and this is where the irony comes in — a social network, which Facebook’s collaboration failure showcases it is not.

autonomous vehicles self-driving cars

Autonomous Driving’s Missing Link

Autonomous driving now forms the core of most of the efforts to create autonomous robotics. However, up until now there's been one rarely talked about but critical problem that remains unsolved: What do we do with those things that will share the roads with these self-driving cars and trucks that ar...

virtual reality headset

The Metaverse Comes to Life

Much of what you are going to see at Siggraph this week has to do with creating the Metaverse, which is conceptually very similar to the artificial world that the movie "The Matrix" showcased. This technology will not only have a massive impact on lower-cost and far better movie graphics, but also o...

electric vehicle charging station

When Is the Right Time To Buy vs. Lease an Electric Vehicle?

Let's explore the the state of affairs with electric cars, and key determinants to consider if you have your mind on an EV. Then we'll close with the product of the week -- a new laptop from HP.


Alexa Live and the Future of Ambient Computing

Amazon last week held its Alexa Live 2021 developer conference, which would have been a lot more fun if during the event the Amazon Echo show in my office hadn't gone insane. Let's talk about the promise and some of the problems with the coming wave of ambient computing devices. Then we'll close wi...


Tech Solutions To Beat the Heat

It's been a sweltering summer for those of us on the West Coast of the United States, and keeping power bills down when running air conditioning 24/7 is a challenge. This week, let's highlight technologies you can use to personally respond to the heat problem and deal with a world that is becoming ...


3D Printing and the Rise of Bespoke Products at Scale

Those of us who grew up with Star Trek might remember a device from the series called a replicator. This was a 3D printer of sorts that could create almost anything, ranging from food to weapons, at the touch of a button. Let's talk about our progression to the home-based replicator that could take ...


Oculus Quest 2: Step Into the Untethered Future of VR

The advantage of using a VR rig without a tether is huge because in a complex movement-oriented game you tend to get tangled in the tether. Let's talk about the Oculus Quest 2 this week and the announcement that this class of products is about to embrace 5G for its next generation. We'll close with ...


Windows 11: The Beginning of a New PC Age

Windows 11 shows a massive change in focus from earlier significant releases, which pretty much assures that the Microsoft's mistakes of the past won't be repeated, at least not under the current leadership. It also suggests a path to the next version of Windows -- which for now we'll call Windows 1...


HP Sets Example of How to Prioritize Sustainability

HP this month announced the release of its Sustainable Bond Framework, which will be used to issue bonds to help the company finance projects for a more sustainable future. Let's talk about this move to sustainability. We'll then look at the product of the week -- a mobile workstation which appears ...


Amazon Sidewalk and Why Marketing Expertise Matters

The problem with Amazon Sidewalk isn't the technology. It's the lack of clever marketing which is pervasive in the technology market. Let's explore one of the sustained weaknesses in tech -- the lack of critical marketing acumen. We'll then close with the product of the week, an alternative to the R...


Father’s Day 2021 Gift Guide: It’s the Thought That Counts

Gift guides can be tricky because they are written at a specific point in time -- and time moves on. But what is also often the case is that the gift buyer punts without putting in much personal effort to the endeavor. So this year, rather than highlighting products, let's focus on the process of co...


Microsoft’s Open-Source Pivot Is Creating a Great Place to Work

Microsoft isn't just building for the future. The company is focusing on tools that will allow an ever-broader group of people to program for themselves. At the heart of this plan is Microsoft's pivot to open source; and while there were several benefits of that action highlighted at Microsoft Build...


ARM vs. x86 Battle Royal: Why and How ARM Is Pulling Ahead

ARM and x86 have been doing battle for the last decade. ARM tried to move into the server market and failed; Intel, which carries most of the x86 burden, tried to move on cellphones and failed. The battle for tablets is ongoing with ARM in the lead, and the battle for notebooks continues with Intel ...


Apple Needs This New Hire to Be Heroic

For anyone that still believes that Apple can be more than an incredibly profitable company; but one you can also be proud of for how it treats its people and customers, incoming VP of worldwide communications Stella Low could be the critical remedy for what ails the firm. Let's talk about Apple thi...


Dell Apex Sets High Bar for As-A-Service Offerings

Last week at Dell Technologies World, the most significant announcement was a massive as-a-service offering called Dell Technologies Apex. This promises to return the IT market to its long lost but fondly remembered IBM past. Let's talk about Apex this week. We'll then close with the product of the ...

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