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Re: Comcast's Bandwidth-Throttling Experiment: Wave of the Future?
Posted by: Erika Morphy 2008-06-10 12:31:41
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Comcast has launched a trial this month in parts of Pennsylvania and Virginia to see how well its new approach to bandwidth management works. If the pilot is successful, the ISP's customers nationwide may find themselves consuming bandwidth under new business rules. Essentially, Comcast is reducing the bandwidth and speed available to customers downloading large amounts of data during peak usage times. The point is to reallocate bandwidth to ensure maximum efficiency. Comcast says users will hardly notice the change.

COMCAST blocks Gnutella in Pennsylvania
Posted by: supperclub 2008-06-26 06:39:36 In reply to: Erika Morphy

I am located in PA and subscribe to Comcast. Access to Gnutella has been effectively blocked!

I can certainly notice the change.


better this than Time Warner's solution
Posted by: bears85 2008-06-16 14:39:23 In reply to: Erika Morphy
I'd rather have behavior based shaping rather than metering. At least you don't have to worry about going over and then being charged. The article's right in that most people won't even notice. This same technique is being used by some commercial shaping products at businesses, schools, etc. It actually sounds a lot what NetEqualizer ( does and most people are OK with it (well, not heavy downloaders, but that's the point).
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