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Re: Gaming Industry Peddles Murder-Ware to Teens
Posted by: Jon Newton 2004-10-20 08:39:27
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Take-Two Interactive Software, owner of the "Manhunt" video game that was banned in New Zealand and which sparked the adoption of new video/CD purchase and rental rules in Canada, recently announced a partnership with one of the members of the record label cartel that's currently suing p2p users around the world. Take-Two's publisher Rockstar Games and Interscope Records, owned by France's Universal Music Group, have formed a joint venture to release the soundtrack to "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

Re: Gaming Industry Peddles Murder-Ware to Teens
Posted by: tvienti 2004-10-20 08:49:15 In reply to: Jon Newton
Ridiculous. Do we live in an age of censorship and thought control? If playing a murderous, depraved game should be illegal, what about drawing murderous pictures? Or making murderous movies? Or thinking murderous thoughts? Where is the line here?
The problem isn't the games. There will always be inspiration for the "less stable" to tweak out and kill somebody, or otherwise break the law. The gaming industry is just an easy target right now.
I won't even say that the problem is parents, that's been done to death. Part of the problem is enforcement of the age limits. At least around where I am, the age limit is essentially non-existent. What's stopping an underage consumer from purchasing a rated M game online? A checkbox.
That's not to say that only under-age players will snap and murder somebody. But under-age players seems to be the only real demographic these anti-violence pro-censorship evangelists are targetting. If a 35 year old man kills somebody, he's a criminal, or evil, or had some other categorizable motive. If a 15 year old kills somebody, somethings out of whack and there must be an explanation... the parents? the games? the bullies at school?
Crack down on enforcing the Mature rating in video games, and stop debating this irresponsible possibility of banning violence from video games, or we'll all be living in a world of Hello Kitty and pink muffins in a few years. Then when a 15 year old kills somebody we can blame it on music like we did in the old days.

Re: Gaming Industry Peddles Murder-Ware to Teens
Posted by: emmap 2005-01-05 17:18:10 In reply to: tvienti
Yes, we live in a world were some irresponsible must be stopped as they bring to our child the biggest shit ever made : virtual reality violent games featuring mafias, violence, murder and such stuff which became with the advanced technology of today real danger for our futures life. We need to stop this now : video games are now really near the reality and child with their not so subtle minds and all the problems they face for their age have different things to do than adding even more playing such lame games. And don't speak about music as an example : some musics are bad for the spirit like video games are. Music is a language for the soul so bad musics are bad for the health. Bad videos games are filling mind of child with bad pictures, bad scene and they have enough to suffer with their parents shouting and their problem at school. Video games which feature too much violence are the good path for them to believe that the values they learnt are a way of making our way in this life. That's really a shame that such games are sold and are legal. I was playing since the appearance of Wolfenstein 3D and since this game, I have totally stopped such activity as I find it disgusting and bad for my health. I've seen all the mew games running and I fear about their realism and I advise anybody who have copies of them to destroy them right away. Then write to their maker to explain them that what they do are bad.
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