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Re:, Google Take Baby Steps Toward Integration
Posted by francisc on 2008-03-16 07:21:56
In reply to Louis Columbus
Perfect timing for this. OpenSpan ( has just built an interface to allow, not just salesforce but any legacy application, inclduding CRM to interface and collaborate with any of the Google API's. From any CRM package now, you can pull up related "google" docs for that account, send Gmails, return a list of documents, update Google spreadsheets real-time, send Google Docs as shipping notes. Google API's are inherently hard to decipher and certainly extremely hard to integrate in SAAS, homegrown or customer CRM packages. OpenSpan is a fully GUI, drag and drop integration tool.
So Louis, good timing all around on the article. Google lacked integration for the enterprise, we believe that is changing and it needs to, to help bring Google into the enterprise (integration) world.

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Re:, Google Take Baby Steps Toward Integration  Louis Columbus  2008-03-16 07:13:54
Re:, Google Take Baby Steps Toward Integration  francisc  2008-03-16 07:21:56
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