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Peak Oil's REAL impact on customer service
Posted by Edwin_Drake on 2011-07-09 13:12:37
In reply to Denis Pombriant
Peak Oil is actually the end of Life As We Know It. So worrying about the quality of one's customer service in the face of a full blown, civilization destroying Apocalypse seems a tad bit short-sighted to me.

Please consider the following two quotes from two men who are each individually probably smarter than you and me put together.

As Sir Richard Branson (the CEO of Virgin Airlines) said of Peak Oil: "This is an emergency far worse than World War I and World War II put together." *

And in the same vein, self-made billionaire Richard Rainwater said of Peak Oil: "This is the first scenario I've seen where I question the survivability of mankind." **


* Interview with Sir Richard Branson from the CNN investigative report on Peak Oil called “We Were Warned: Out of Gas,” broadcast June, 2007.

** Exclusive interview of Richard Rainwater in “Fortune” magazine, December 26, 2005, in an article entitled “The Rainwater Prophecy.”

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Re: Peak Oil and the Front Office  Denis Pombriant  2011-07-06 13:31:29
Peak Oil's REAL impact on customer service  Edwin_Drake  2011-07-09 13:12:37
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