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Re: Companies Get Creative To Avoid Layoffs
Posted by: Stephanie Armour 2001-09-07 11:54:55
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When it comes to saving money, a number of employers are trying increasingly
creative approaches aimed at averting layoffs.

Forget about traditional methods such as hiring freezes and reduced travel budgets. For
example, some firms that have workers but not enough work are sharing their hires with
other companies in need of staff.

Re: Companies Get Creative To Avoid Layoffs
Posted by: Mao Van 2001-09-17 23:41:14 In reply to: Stephanie Armour
These are certainly difficult times for Americans and those of the world. We need to keep
America STRONG and UNITED as one people. To uplift fallen spirits, to strengthen weakened
hearts, to give relief to the many that's seeking refuge. The very very last thing, in fact,
let it not be an alternative, is to let hard working individuals go. Be creative. Be compassionate. Be loving.

Thank you to all those companies taking the lead in this difficult time.

Sincerely, M.T.V.

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