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Re: How Strong Are Wii's Legs?
Posted by Epidemic on 2008-01-20 11:02:45
In reply to Erika Morphy
These articles have been running since the Wii came out, none of the so called experts thought that the Wii would sell so well but it's into its second year and is still the best selling console.
If it's the case that current software sales are an indication of a consoles lifespan then PS3 must be doomed as it has much lower software sales than Wii. Even its exclusives are not selling well with PS3 owners buying more movies than games.
2008 has big games coming for the Wii with SSBB, Mario Kart and Wii-Fit. There will be plenty of people playing those for sure.

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Re: How Strong Are Wii's Legs?  Erika Morphy  2008-01-18 15:49:06
Re: How Strong Are Wii's Legs?  Epidemic  2008-01-20 11:02:45
Re: How Strong Are Wii's Legs?  chris_barnes  2008-01-19 11:27:04
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