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Doesn't add up
Posted by JesseCherry on 2008-07-17 10:58:43
In reply to Walaika Haskins
Really, it doesn't matter who wins E3, but by no way did Microsoft come with a bevy of innovation. The conference wasn't bad, about on par with Sony. Most of the games that Microsoft showed are games that are coming out this year that we already knew about, plus most were 3rd party titles showing up on the PS3. The new interface and avatars for the Xbox live brought nothing new to the table. Yes, the game show idea is something new and exciting, but the rest of the redesign changed nothing, just the way to navigate. Mike, when you dismiss Sony for just reconfirming what we know try to make sure that same point doesn't apply to the company you are touting as the winner.

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Re: Analyst: Xbox 360 Best of Show at E3  Walaika Haskins  2008-07-17 10:47:55
shill  melackspace  2008-07-17 17:09:07
Actually....  scrybe74  2008-07-17 15:52:30
Microsoft Xbox 360... Yawn!  RudyCharisma  2008-07-17 13:58:42
wow  Erocker  2008-07-17 13:33:56
Microsoft Really  ferrari20092  2008-07-17 13:03:24
Doesn't add up  JesseCherry  2008-07-17 10:58:43
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