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Small Enterprise Internet Superman
Posted by jllyman on 2009-01-23 14:32:49
In reply to Erika Morphy
Small Enterprise Internet Superman - MyLymanBlogspot

What was it that attracted every young person’s attention? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s Superman! Layoffs, loss of retirement funds, working capital shortage…Small Enterprise Internet Superman!

Many former retirees, persons who lost savings, and small to medium enterprises are scratching for ways to create income and working capital. Most persons are familiar with Ebay and other such auction sites, where inventory or collectibles could be showcased for good dollars. Now, with so many searching for good prices and lots of inventory competing the prices are competing to drive down value. Houses once placed on Real Estate sites for decent dollars, are all being devalued.

The value for small enterprise competition comes with branding and the operation of low cost internet sites that permit branding and the uniqueness of goods and services. What was once too costly, to complicated and not worth one’s while is now at small enterprise fingertips! Portals where networking can achieve uniqueness of branding, ecommerce capability and more allow those once less inclined to cut out the middleman of Ebay and others.

Now, it Layoffs, loss of retirement funds, working capital shortage…it’s Small Enterprise Internet Superman!

Small Enterprise philanthropers like Group are there at your fingertips! Now offering for small to medium and large enterprises a true business Portal built from the ground up, extranet or internet capable.

Small Enterprises and Entrepreneurs can host and boast their brands. Group offers Programmers top notch in their fields and who specifically work with Small Enterprises and larger. Gone are the limited prior options of Ebay branding or massive host transitions eating thousands of dollars to get going.

Putting blog intelligence to work and small enterprise models in play, start your enterprise in confidence with the Group beside, empowering enterpreneurs and small enterprises create your business and help you take it to the next level.

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Re: The Corporate Bargain Hunters' Quest for a Business Model  Erika Morphy  2009-01-23 14:29:20
Small Enterprise Internet Superman  jllyman  2009-01-23 14:32:49
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