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Re: Tech Sector Layoffs: Not What You Think
Posted by Jaime Vega on 2001-03-19 13:23:48
In reply to ECT News
Some of these companies haven't learned from experience. There should be other ways to save money,jobs and the economy.
Job sharing?
Reduce hours Monday through Thursday?
Reduce overtime.
Reduce expense reports.
Reduce workers Comp.
Ask employees to chip in and brainstorm for new ideas.
Hi tech execs-you'll be hiring some workers this year-some of your ex-employees may not return-they may be working in another industry using the skills you taught them.
Or you'll be training some new people-in other words you'll be starting over and paying recruiter's vacations and their kids college tuition.

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Re: Tech Sector Layoffs: Not What You Think  ECT News  2001-03-14 22:05:08
Re: Tech Sector Layoffs: Not What You Think  Jaime Vega  2001-03-19 13:23:48
Re: Tech Sector Layoffs: Not What You Think  jack  2001-03-28 20:18:03
Ultimately, Wall Street is responsible  Just Me  2001-03-14 22:09:54
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