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Google the Big Evil
Posted by DannoBonano on 2010-06-11 13:29:21
In reply to Katherine Noyes
Apple absolutely should be able to protect data from competitors. Just like Ford doesn't have to hand over data to GM. No other company would stand for it. Just because Google CHOSE to compete (well, copy) with Apple in terms of mobile OS, browser, OS, TV etc. doesn't mean the should get the keys to the kingdom. I used to love Google. Now, not so much. Did you know that YouTube Flash Video tries to take control of your computer's video cam and mic? Make sure you have not given Flash permission to do so. Right click a Flash component on a webpage and click settings. Make sure you have it set to 'deny' and you click the "remember" box.

Funny how Adobe and Google have screwed Apple and now Adobe's $3.5B acquisition of Macromedia Flash and Google's acquisition of AdMob now seem like an excessive waste of money?

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Re: Google Hot Under the Collar Over Apple's Revised iOS Dev Terms  Katherine Noyes  2010-06-10 22:27:49
Business ethics marketing Oxymorons  theuncle  2010-06-11 16:50:29
Google the Big Evil  DannoBonano  2010-06-11 13:29:21
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