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Totally agree with you
Posted by alienelvis on 2010-11-17 13:32:18
In reply to Mike Pearson
Just signed up for HuluPlus. Then an hour later, cancelled. BE WARNED. I found a referral code so that it became "2 weeks free." After I cancelled I found that they are still charging me $4 and change for an entire month. So there is nothing FREE about it. This is misleading and deceitful. it is a total ripoff.

All I wanted was streaming on Roku for my current season shows. Hell's Kitchen, for instance. Well, they don't offer most all of the current popular shows. They don't have the same content that is FREE on the website even! I browsed through their content, and it is all old and worthless. It is over 100 old movies that no one cares about and crappy old TV shows that no one cares about. At least I can catch up on HAPPY TOWN. I should have known better.

Hulu PLUS does not mean normal Hulu content PLUS more, it means "different content." It should have been called Hulu Different. Or Hulu Ripoff. Or Hulu Minus would have been more accurate. MINUS the good content. MINUS my money.

Good job, Hulu, you just scammed $4 and change off of me. I feel like an idiot for being excited about your service.

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Re: Hulu Plus Goes Into Prime Time  Mike Pearson  2010-11-17 13:28:27
Totally agree with you  alienelvis  2010-11-17 13:32:18
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