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Is Google the New Consumer Cop? Surely it canít do much.
Posted by skyrayz on 2010-12-03 17:49:55
In reply to Rob Spiegel
But in this world of 24x7 media, I think Google can do little.

By taking such a step, Google has displayed pro-consumer attitude and an example of good citizenship. But Google can at best remove their websites from ranking on page one. How does it ensure they are not seen on Page One through other portals?

Taking a leaf out of one of the most popular promotional tools being used by Bollywood today is promotions fuelled by controversies. Every blockbuster has got some negative publicity behind its success. And this fire is being fuelled by hordes of Ď24x7 Breaking Newsí channels, their Online Avataars and Social Networks.

So even if Google removes bad merchant websites from its Page One Rankings, can Google remove news channels with top rankings carry the negative publicity?

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Re: Google's Algorithmic Fix Sends Bad Merchants to the Boonies  Rob Spiegel  2010-12-02 11:30:25
Is Google the New Consumer Cop? Surely it canít do much.  skyrayz  2010-12-03 17:49:55
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