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Nintendo age group limited
Posted by jescott418 on 2011-08-01 18:56:40
In reply to Erika Morphy
I think Nintendo's problem is its target age group. Younger target kids lose interest very fast. Its great when they are interested in your product because they get their parents to fork out lots of money for hardware and games. But I think the Wii has peaked long ago, and the Game Boy with 3D is just stupid on a small screen. Not to mention the high price. My wife teaches 4th grade and kids that age already play Xbox360 and Playstation games. Yes, they are adult rated but you know how that goes with parenting these days. Unless Nintendo can relate their products to a much wider audience. They are doomed.

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Re: Nintendo Bails Furiously but the Worst May Be Yet to Come  Erika Morphy  2011-08-01 18:51:13
Nintendo age group limited  jescott418  2011-08-01 18:56:40
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